Yoga Booty Challenge Review – Does It Work or Just Hype? (The Truth)

Which women wouldn’t want to have an amazing booty that gets lots of compliments?

This program promise you to get that results. We will examine that right now.


The Yoga Booty Challenge is a 12-week workout program that uses Dynamic Sequencing Yoga to help women, tone and shape their butt and even lose weight. And the best part is that you can do these workouts in the comfort of your own home, no gym membership or yoga studio fees! 

This program was created specifically for women by Zoe Bray-Cotton to help you tone your body (not just your butt!) in only 12 weeks. You can go at your own pace and follow along to improve your fitness level as the workouts gradually become more challenging. 

Speaking of fitness levels, this program was designed to be suitable for women of all fitness levels, from new beginners to advanced. The key is to go at your own pace and take breaks when you need them. This is why the challenge was designed in 15-minute intervals.

The best part is that the 12-week video series is straightforward to follow. You can watch Zoe co through the different exercises and yoga moves and follow along!

This is an online yoga program designed specifically to tighten, lift, and tone your butt. Oh, and it’s also designed exclusively for women which is always a nice feature since our bodies and the way they tone are in no way similar to that of a man’s.

But what is all about?

If you’ve ever tried to tighten, lift, and tone your backside, you likely found a hundred articles and fitness problems instructing you to do an insane number of squats and lunges. We’ve all been there. However, what these programs don’t tell you is that these type of leg exercises build more muscle in your thighs than they do your butt.

As a result, you get thicker thighs (not that that’s a bad thing) but more importantly, you don’t get as thick of a butt as you should be getting for your efforts. So, first things first, Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is not about squats and lunges.

Instead, the workouts are infused with yoga movements designed to target the three major muscles in your booty to give you that shape and lift you’re looking for. Of course, since you are still working out, you do tone the rest of your body with the majority of your efforts going to your backend and you still receive all the benefits that come from working out, such as a boost in energy, fat burning, confidence, and feel-good vibes.

Now the program is designed to be completed throughout a four-week period. Each week is laid out for you in a specific workout video for that specific week. However, the most important thing to know here is that each week builds the foundation for the next to ensure proper progressions.

Oh yeah, that’s another thing a lot of other programs leave out. In order to get the best results for your efforts, you need proper progression – a system that builds off the previous workouts to ensure that you’re constantly pushing your body to the next level to build more muscle and to burn more fat.

So, to put it simply, Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is a four-week progression workout regime designed with specific movements that target the three major muscles in your butt to tighten, lift, and tone your booty. Phew. Say that 5 times fast.

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that the workouts are only 15 minutes long. So, you can combine them with your current regime or simply spend less time working out without jeopardizing your progress. It’s the perfect amount of time for even the busiest of people.

Additionally, the program s entirely online. You simply log into your account, access the videos and follow along on the tech device of your choice. You do receive a physical copy which is always nice but at least this way, you don’t have to wait to get started.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide that you’d rather have a flat bum, run on a treadmill or bust out 100 squats a day for fewer results, then the option is there but you’d be silly to give up this challenge.

Who Is Zoe?

Zoe is the creator of the Yoga Booty Challenge. She is an internationally certified personal trainer, a yoga instructor, and female transformation specialist. She is also the creator of the internationally best selling fitness program for women: Yoga Burn


Every workout included in the four-week program has a three-stage approach to tightening, toning, and lifting your booty.  To help you understand just how this program works and why it’s so effective at providing astonishing results, here’s what each stage is all about:


The first stage of all of the exercises is about prepping the three major muscles in your booty to ensure a safe, enjoyable and progressive workout. It’s like a warmup for your butt, only a little more intense than what you’re likely used to, to make it worth your time.


After the priming stage, the workouts move into the activate stage which is where the true value of the program can be found. This is where you receive the meat of the workouts.


The third stage of the exercises provided is similar to a traditional cooldown, only more intense to ensure toning and burning even well after the workout is complete – up to 48 hours after, to be exact. The movements are all unconventional quick bursts that increase blood flow to your booty to get that metabolic boost that keeps going.

You also receive a bonus video which is The Sexy Flexy Stretching Series. You can use it before or after the exercises, not at all or on its own when you need an extra boost of de-stressing.

What makes this Yoga Burn booty Challenge more effective than other programs?

Unlike other programs, this program mainly contains three phases. These phases are so beautifully designed that it not just makes the whole process of weight loss easier for you, but also help you get better body strength, stamina as well as metabolism. Here are the three phases of Yoga burn booty challenge:

  • Foundational flow: This phase being the first on the list help you form the foundation. Yes, it guides you to start the exercises in the right manner by taking it slow and simple. It does not only help you lose unwanted body weight, but help you gain better body strength as well as flexibility.
  • Transitional flow: The next phase is transitional flow, which introduces you to the new sets of exercises that help you work on your body which includes booty area as well. You will begin to notice the difference in your body as well as body strength in this phase. As it contains interesting mood boosting seconds, you will never get bored of doing these exercises.
  • Mastery flow: This is the final and the last phase of the Yoga Burn booty challenge. The sets of exercises on this set are a bit tougher than those in the first two phases, but promise you great results. The phase mainly teaches you many techniques and exercises to lose weight as well as to boost your mood, stamina and energy levels throughout the day.

Why you should try Yoga Burn Booty Challenge?

This innovative program is undoubtedly the best program available to help women reshape their body. Created and designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, this 12-week program use dynamic sequencing workout to help women lose weight as we said.

The program will guide you get toned, tighter and lean body within just 12 weeks of using this program. In the video series, you will get to watch Zoe Bray-cotton performing all these exercises which will surely help you do them in a right way.

How does this program help you get back in shape?

As the program is designed after years of research, it comes with no side-effects and is safe for use for women of all age groups.

This program doesn’t suggest you to take pills, supplements or any other substance to lose weight. It only suggest you 100% organic and effective method to get a fit body naturally. You don’t need to sweat yourself in a gym for hours and doing all those difficult and time taking exercises.

Another good thing about this program is that you can use it in digital or physical format as per your convenience.

All the exercises mentioned in the program can be easily performed in your home or garden or anywhere you like without using any equipment. Unlike other programs, this program does not ask you repeat the same exercises every day.

This program teaches you different exercises on a regular basis which makes the program even more interesting.

When you move on to 2nd or 3rd week, the level of these exercises gradually becomes tough. This program will also help you boost your metabolism and to enjoy a longer and illness free life.

This extensive training yoga workout will change the way you live your life and will fill your life with great confidence and good health.


Put that all together and you have the potential to get the booty you’ve always wanted, and in as little as four weeks, meaning you’ll have a great booty just in time for mid-summer. Add in the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and this online fitness program is completely risk-free.

Although, you’d be silly to return any fitness regime created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. Get your copy of Yoga Burn Booty Challenge now!

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