Total Money Magnetism Review – Does It Work or Just Hype?

The reason for all negative things in our lives, according to Dr. Steve G. Jones, founder of Total Money Magnetism Program, is simply because our brains are wired to think like a poor, negative man.

A poor man’s brain emanates from a space of scarcity, which thinks that as long as the body is safe, it’s okay if the surrounding circumstances, including the finances, are poor.

If you want to become successful in your life then you have to combine positive thinking with millionaire mindset and action. In short, you have to reprogram your brain to think like a millionaire.

YES!! It is possible to reprogram your brain to think like a millionaire so money will come to you.

What Is Total Money Magnetism?

Total Money Magnetism is a program designed by Dr. Steve G. Jones, a world-renowned hypnosis expert and a self-made millionaire, to help any individual struggling with his finances attract wealth, abundance, and success.

This program is a product of Dr. Jone’s personal experiences with failure and financial struggle. Learning from experience, Dr. Jones shares the 6 fundamental strategies to ditch the poor mindset and embrace the abundant, successful life.

In this program, people are taught that our brain determines our realities and outcomes. If we have a poor man’s brain, most probably, our output in life is also poor.

According to Dr. Jones, humans are programmed to think about their physical safety. This is why they also settle for what’s available in exchange for safety.

If you put it in the context of hunting and gathering period, it would appear like a man won’t risk going out of their caves because they know that a lot of animals can prey on them. The problem is we are no longer in the Paleolithic era and going out of our comfort zones will not compromise our safety.

Despite this fact, the man still clings to their “scarce but safe” mindset.

To our poor man’s brain, anything new is considered a threat. Whether it’s a new idea or a new opportunity, our brain thinks that these are just threats.

At the end of the day, we prefer sitting on the couch safe than going out in the world and try new things and new ventures. This survival instinct, in essence, hindered us from achieving a millionaire’s mindset.

Dr. Steve divided this informative program into two different parts.

The first part of this program is 160+ pages manual that is divided into 4 parts and contain exact blueprint on of wealth-building and money making abilities.

In this manual Dr. Steve revealed steps on how to remove self-destroying habits and toxics that are blocking your way towards success.

Additionally, this manual contain many other valuable information like 10 secret success principles, 5 fundamental to millionaire success, building wealth, attracting mindset and much more.

The second part contains 6 hypnosis MP3 tracks that are created by Dr. Steve explaining how to multiply your wealth success with the help of ‘6 clinically proven steps to millionaire’.

These 6 MP3 tracks will awaken your inner natural money attracting ability that will make your brain to work quickly and effectively.

Along with 152 pages manual and 6 hypnosis MP3 tracks, you will also get 4 valuable bonuses.

The first bonus is the series of exclusive interviews with self-made millionaire. In this bonus Dr. Steve talks about how a self-made millionaire gone from 100K in debt to getting millions in bank.

The second bonus is the Mark Ling’s 3 Fastest Way to Make Million Online. For those who don’t know Mark Ling is the famous multi-millionaire internet marketer who already helped over 100,000 people in making money online.

The third bonus is the 3 proven and tested hypnosis Mp3 tracks that will increase your brain’s productivity by removing blocks in your subconscious mind.

The fourth bonus is the free 30 day access to Dr. Steve’s Amazing Self. The Amazing Self is the online membership program in which you will get tips and techniques about how to be the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life. This will really help you to achieve any goal in your life.


Dr. Steve was not a born millionaire instead he born in family who was suffering from all sort of financial troubles.

Additionally, at the age of 6, Steve lost his mom due to cancer and his father turn into alcoholic. He starts living with poor’s mind and start feeling money is hard to come his way.


When he meets with his old school friend Dan who is now turn in millionaire, they both talk about each other while having coffee in Starbucks.

Dan comes to know about Steve who is living into 30K debts. Dan talks with Steve and subconsciously converted Steve’s poor brain with rich millionaire brain. Steve starts feeling new light of hope in his brain and finally within just 2 weeks he generates over $59K in sales.

After two years of researching with lots of trial and errors, Steve comes to know exact blueprint of how Dan replaced his poor mind with rich millionaire mind that completely change his life.

He starts using these secrets to help his clients in multiplying money. Many companies taking help from Steve to boost the motivation of their salespersons.

His effective and simple techniques effectively increased sales and salespersons making $10,000 in sale commission.

He already made appearances in Forbes, CNN, NBC, CBS and many magazines as well. According to Forbes,

“Dr. Steve charges $25,000 for two hours sessions with top executive, directors, actors, and producers”

What Is Included In Total Money Magnetism?

As mentioned above, there are a number of different “components” that come included when you download Total Money Magnetism.

Here is basic overview of what you get:

  • A digital download copy of the main Total Money Magnetism product (an eBook, basically).
  • The Millionaire’s Mindset video, which includes a wealth (hehe, pun intended) of interviews with real-life millionaires that is designed to help kickstart you into financial success.
  • 6 self-help hypnosis mp3s from Steve G. Jones, that are designed to work in conjunction with the main product in order to enhance your financial and wealth generation success.
  • 3 bonus “Platinum Sessions” with Steve.
  • A free month’s subscription to the Amazing Self personal development course, which has a more generalised approach to success in life, love, health, and wealth (please see our note on this below in the “cons” section of this review of Total Money Magnetism).
  • Another video course called “3 Fastest Ways To Make Money Online”. This is by a successful Internet marketer with a big worldwide following called Mark Ling, and is all about helping you reach your financial goals by making money on the Internet. In conjunction with Total Money Magnetism, this is a powerful duo.

How Does Hypnosis Attract Wealth?

According to Dr. Jones, hypnosis is a direct method for replacing old thought patterns with a mindset more fitting to what you really want out of life.

When you use this hypnosis program, you don’t change the way you are…

Just the way that you see opportunity and wealth.

In Total Money Magnetism, there are 6 hypnosis audio tracks that consist of 5 stages to develop a wealthy mind. 

Each of the six hypnosis tracks are designed for you to restructure different aspects of your brain toward a millionaire mindset.

These tracks contain powerful & positive affirmations that are softly spoken by Steve Jones himself.

According to the E-book (that comes with the program), they also contain “precise wealth building information that will literally be hardwired into your mind through the process of neurogenesis.”

To put this is more simple terms…

The affirmations are designed to clear any unwanted negative beliefs that your mind has developed around money.

These thoughts are then replaced with a complete millionaire mindset…

The hypnotic suggestion allows you to think in a more abundant and confident way that magnetizes more wealth within your life…

The Six Step Audio Program

This is the foundation of Steves entire program.

There are 6 produced hypnosis tracks, each one over 30 minutes long.

For each of the 6 audio tracks, you will be guided through 5 stages of hypnotic trance (we will go into this in just a moment).

Each audio track is designed to rewrite your mind to think, act and manifest like a millionaire.

You are advised to listen to one track every day for 30 days because according to Steve, your subconscious mind takes time and repetition to adopt new thought patterns.

In other words…

The more you listen, the more ingrained the tracks become.

Here are the 6 tracks that are included in the program:

1.) Track one: Releasing fear from failure.

2.) Track two: Releasing fear of success.

3.) Track Three: Discovering Abundance.

4.) Track Four: Programming your millionaire mind.

5.) Track Five: Millionaire Success Stories.

6.) Track Six: Passive Income Creation.

Total Money Magnetism Ebook

This is a 196-page E-book with a total of 42 chapters.

Throughout the book, Dr. Jones talks about his expertise in hypnosis.

He shares scientific evidence as to what makes it so effective for reprogramming your mind as well as the mindset fundamentals that every millionaire possesses.

Steve Jones not only tells you how to be a millionaire but shows you as well.

The Book is Broken Into 4 Main Parts:

There are 4 main parts to the Money Magnetism E-book. We will outline these below.

Part One: Hypnosis: Your Weapon of Mass Wealth Attraction.

The first part is essentially an in-depth look at the benefits of hypnosis and money.

He discusses scientific evidence that his hypnosis tracks work and describes why they have been proven so effective.

Basically, part one is an introduction to his 6 step audio tracks.

Part Two: The Five Fundamentals of Ultimate Money Magnetism.

There is a lot of info in this part of the book, such as erasing fears, cultivating a money mindset, tapping into millionaires and more.

The main focus of this section is to help you to create a foundation for abundance.

Steve also teaches you how to speak and develop relationships like a millionaire would.

The last section of part two teaches different methods for making money while you sleep (passive income).

Part Three: The 10 Secret Success Principles Of The Ultra-Wealthy.

Dr. Jones shares secrets as to how millionaires acquire and use their business mentality.

Strategies such as;

  • Maximizing wealth.
  • Correct decision making.
  • Staying up to date with marketing trends.
  • How to take responsibility for business decisions.
  • How to deal with failure.
  • Power to be a boss.

He also teaches what your biggest asset is to help you acquire wealth.

Part Four: The Pot of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow… How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wealth

Part four is the conclusion to everything that has been taught throughout the E-book as well as some final exercises for you to do.

Bonus Resources & Tools

This section of the book directs you to helpful videos, books, websites and other goodies.


Throughout the chapters of the book are  9 practical exercises to help restructure your mind toward abundance.

1. Exercise: Overriding the ‘Thought Viruses’ In Your Brain.

In this exercise, Dr. Jones gives you powerful statements to recite throughout your day, these statements are to help in creating the right frame of mind for success.

2. Exercise: Practicing Gratefulness and Abundance.

Steve encourages you to write down everything in your life that you are currently thankful for.

This teaches you to adopt a more abundant way of thinking and feeling.

3. Exercise: Setting Your Target.

This three-step exercise helps to ensure that your mind is completely focused on your goals.

Sole focus on what you want out of life is a trait seen in all successful millionaires.

4. Exercise: The power of connections.

This is a quick exercise that talks about the importance of creating business connections.

5. Exercise: Savvy Networking.

Steve encourages you to network with people that could potentially be your money mentors.

We do believe that in order to be successful it’s important to surround yourself with a network of people who inspire you but we think this exercise was directed more toward those looking to start a business.

6. Exercise: Swift Decision Making.

In this exercise, you’re taught the importance of making quick decisions.

We really enjoyed this task. We often have a difficult time making a choice and this exercise really helped.

7. Exercise: Taking Responsibility.

Steve teaches you the importance of self-responsibility, a mindset that all successful people carry.

8. Exercise: Creativity Mind Break.

This was our favorite task and something that we have often forget to do in our chaotic and busy life.

Taking the time to sit back and let thoughts wander.

This is to help spark creative ideas and deal with ‘mental fog’.

9. Exercise: Accelerator Roadmap.

This exercise helps you stay focused and gives you practical steps to get you closer to your wealth goals.

Does Total Money Magnetism Work?

If you go over different reviews and comments of people who have tried using the program, you can hear them explaining how the program helped them change the way they think, feel, and act.

From that alone, you can say that the program works.

Also, there are many people who’ve tried this program and received great results. You can be convinced that this system is actually effective.

If you changed the way you think, or even have a higher level of awareness every time you shift to a poor man’s mindset, that’s already a proof that the program is working.

You determine the outcome of this program.  If you set a different goal for yourself, then the success of the program is dependent on that goal.

Meeting your goal matters. This is regardless of what that particular goal might be.


  • Created by a reputable and qualified hypnotherapist.
  • Gives clear, practical and step by step ways to create wealth, not just words on paper.
  • Only requires a minimum of 40 minutes per day to listen to the tracks.
  • Hypnosis tracks require little to no effort.
  • Has a money back guarantee.
  • Plenty of bonuses.
  • High-quality sound and Steve has a soothing voice.
  • E=book has great exercises.
  • Good price for what you get.


  • It does take a level of commitment, time and repetition.
  • You can’t just skim through it, some steps require more action than others.
  • It doesn’t magically make you a money magnet overnight.
  • Some of the exercises are basic and lack depth.
  • Parts of the e-book can feel ‘fluffy’.


The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how persuasive and how powerful the ideas and strategies are. If the person is not open to new learnings, then all will be for nothing.

The first step towards change is to open our minds. You must accept that you don’t monopolize the truth.

There are people who have figured things out more efficiently. By opening our minds and accepting these valuable pieces of learnings, we can change our lives.

Also, mere knowledge is not enough in this case. You must act on what you know to see changes. This is for all aspects of your life.

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