The Stress-Free Golf Swing Review – Does It Work or Just BS?

Research indicates that one of the quickest ways to improve your scoring average in golf is to hit more greens. To do that, you have to perfect your ball striking technique.

Fortunately, Jeff Richmond’s Stress-Free Golf Swing system can help you do that. Based on Ben Hogan’s secret golf swing move, the program delivers results in as little as five minutes, and you can practice the move anywhere, anytime.

According to Jeff, the system will teach you one powerful and simple golf swing move that will add power and accuracy to your golf swing, even if you hate practicing on the range.

There’s an interesting story to the creation of the Stress Free Golf Swing. Jeff claims he accidentally discovered a secret move that Ben Hogan made in his golf swing. The secret move Golf Digest almost paid a 6 figure sum for many years ago.

Jeff says he made this discovery on the 5th of March, 2015. Jeff knows the exact date of his accidental discovery while analyzing the head movements during the swing from 23 professional golfers.

The move Jeff found that Ben Hogan does is completely different to what is traditionally thought by the modern day PGA coach. Jeff even admits himself that he himself taught the conventional golf swing.

After Jeff felt he discovered the “secret move”; he needed to go try it out. Jeff went to range a couple times and then brought the new move onto the golf course. He was amazed with the results.

The first day on the course, Jeff hit 14 greens in regulation; 4 better than his  average of 10 GIR.  Over the next 8 months Jeff said he averaged 12 greens in regulation. Pretty impressive really and we all know the game is much easier when you’re putting birdie on the dance floor.

Jeff continued to use the Stress Free Golf Swing for the next few months and eventually decided to make it public. He put together a detailed PDF with some training aid videos to show everyone how to do this move.

What Is The Stress-Free Golf Swing?

Can you imagine being able to hit flawlessly each and every round? Imagine being able to improve your striking skills without spending countless hours a day practicing.

Well, this is what this program is all about, helping golfers of all skill levels improve their game. Unlike many guides and programs out there, it isn’t overly complicated. It is straight to the point, and more importantly, incredibly effective.

About the Author of The Stress-Free Golf Swing

Jeff Richmond runs the site,, where he regularly speaks with 100,000+ golfers on a regular basis. As a teenager, he picked up a book by Ben Hogan, which focused on five key lessons. Although helpful, Jess noticed that this book was missing one major element. This led him to where he is now, helping golfers achieve their dream swing.

What’s Included within The Stress-Free Golf Swing?

After an introduction to both the author and the program itself, you will dive into the ‘simplest golf swing on earth.’ Within the PDF ebook, you will uncover the following sections:

  • The Modern Swing Problem — When it comes to golfing, the most common challenge is timing. For those who do not have the luxury of spending hours a day practicing, this secret move will open your eyes.
  • The Ben Hogan Secret to Timing — Considered to be one of the greatest golfers of all time, Ben Hogan first shared some of his secrets in 1955. This section provides a little history about Ben Hogan, while uncovering more about his secret swing. Offering images, you will begin to see how he shifted his weight, as well as key positioning. This section is incredibly in-depth, offering a HUGE advantage to your swing.
  • How to Implement The Hogan Secret Body Move With Your Arms — In order to learn a new move in any sport, you must practice. This swing is no different, which is why Jeff offers a step-by-step approach. As you practice in the mirror, you can improve your timing and in turn, your swing. There are a couple of drills that you can try at home, helping you experience the correct body movement — try them for yourself!
  • Putting It All Together — Just as the chapter suggests, you will begin to combine everything you have learned so far. Once again, pictures are offered, as well as a step-by-step approach. As long as you’re focused and motivated, you will be able to master the stress-free swing.
  • Questions and Answers About the Stress-Free Golf Swing — Providing some great questions, the answers will offer you an inside look into the stress-free gold swing. This will further enhance your understanding, as additional tips and suggestions are offered.
  • Conclusion — Summarizing the program, this program ends with a simple, 2-step guide.

In addition, you will learn 11 bonus lessons, ensuring that you achieve a great and consistent stress-free golf swing. For further clarification, you can also access the 15 supportive online videos. This will allow you to see key techniques and tips in-action. From the arms drill to the downswing, these are all offered in video format.

How Can You Benefit From The Stress-Free Golf Swing?

If you have been aiming to improve your game, but do not have the time to practice for hours a day, then this guide and video footage is exactly what you need. Designed for any golfer out there, regardless of your current skill level, you will benefit. In that sense, your ability to improve your swing is, of course, the greatest benefit of all.

Being such a simple process, once you get a feel for the movements and techniques described, you will become a natural. You no longer need to think of your golf swing as an overly complex or complicated skill. As you implement the recommendations in this program, you will be able to swing, ‘stress-free’ each and every time. The days of overthinking each swing you take will be over.

You will transform into a more confident golfer, who is able to execute the exact shot required of you. As you begin to shoot lower scores, you will also become a more relaxed golfer. In addition, when you invest in the program, you will:

  • Gain access to bonus material, including key lessons. Regardless of your learning style, there is both video and written content. This can help you further enhance your understanding, helping you gain both confidence and an enhanced skill set.
  • Benefit from the 60-day money back guarantee, offering greater peace-of-mind.
  • Love how well this program is presented, offering step-by-step advice, images, and related tips. You can begin to ‘practice’ without being on the course, testing out the movements within the comfort of your home. You will be able to dramatically improve your swing in a short period of time, building a skill that will benefit your game for years to come.

The Importance of a Great Golf Swing

To stand any chance of winning a round of golf, your golf swing needs to be either great or perfect. For this reason, all golfers on a PGA Tour are excellent ball strikers.

The program focuses solely on the ball striking aspect of golf. Unlike some golfers, Jeff knows that ball hitting rather than the short game is the key to lower scores. According to Jeff, if you improve your ball striking, you will be able to lower your scores consistently.

This is because hitting the golf ball consistently well will allow you to hit more greens in regulation and research indicates that there is a strong correlation between greens and scoring average. For instance, golfers who average 12 greens in regulation typically have a scoring average of 69 to 73.

On the other hand, golfers who average two greens in regulations normally have a scoring average of 89 to 93. This means that to improve your scoring average, you have to improve your greens in regulation statistics. That is where the Stress-Free Swing comes in handy.

How to Access the Stress-Free Golf Swing

You can access it from the website for a one-time payment of just $47. Upon making payment, you will be able to access all the materials, including a 123-page eBook in PDF format, 15 online videos, and a one-page PDF cheat sheet.

You can make payment using any of the major credit cards or PayPal. It is worth noting that Jeff offers a 60-day trial, no questions asked, money back guarantee. This means that, should the course fail to meet your expectations, you can request a full refund within 60 days of making payment.


Ready to improve your swing, with ease and confidence?

By investing in this program, you can learn the simplest swing on earth, providing optimal results every time. Already helping so many, the positive testimonials show how effective Jeff’s techniques are. Making small changes, will make a BIG difference in your overall game.

See for yourself and Order The Stress-Free Golf Swing today!

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