The Beta Switch Review – Does It Work or Just Hype? (The Truth)

The Beta Switch is claimed to be a 12-week nutrition and lifestyle system that uses proven, science-based strategies to “turn on” your body’s beta switches and eliminate stubborn fat deposits, without strict dieting or excessive exercise, in less than a month.

Because it’s so effective, Sue claims that The Beta Switch was even used by more than half the winners of the nationwide Women’s Health & Fitness BodyBlitz competition over the past two years.

In order to help you achieve these lofty goals, The Beta Switch system is claimed to activate fat-burning beta receptors (or what the program refers to as “beta switches”) that react with the hormone adrenaline to signal your body to release fat.

This is in direct contrast to alpha receptors, which signal your body to store fat, and are often present in high levels when dieting or over-exercising.

According to Sue, The Beta Switch program has been enjoyed by women all around the world, and will work for anyone, regardless of age or where their stubborn fat is stored.

The fact that you’re considering purchasing The Beta Switch means that you’ve probably tried one or more diets in the past, only to find that the weight always reappears (sometimes more than when you began).

But if you really could “turn on” your beta switches and start shedding pounds—especially from your problem areas—it would change your world, right?


The main point of this weight loss strategy has to do with your “Beta Receptors” which are receptors that are responsible for fat storage and the breakdown of glycogen in various parts of the body.

According to the program, one of the main reasons why women store fat in their thighs, arms, stomach, bum and other problem areas is because these receptors are not functioning properly or are turned off.

The book claims that if you can change these receptors and switch them on again, you will begin to burn fat and lose weight quite naturally – with very little effort. When you activate the beta receptors they will burn fat (as opposed to the alpha receptors, which store fat).

This is especially important for women, as women have 9 times more Alpha receptors than men, which is why it is much harder for women to shed excess fat in certain areas such as thighs, butt and upper arms.


Sue is an Australian health and fitness expert and she is also known for being a bodybuilding champion. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of health and wellness and she has coached many women, helping them to achieve their ideal physiques.

Unfortunately, when she was younger she suffered from eating disorders which had a significant negative effect on her body image. However, she finally found the solution and the routine that she uses now and she has never had to starve herself since.

She is now the owner and operator of Ideal Bodies Online, which is a weight loss platform that is designed for women. She has also been featured in several health and weight loss magazines in Australia and has been showcased on national television.

Are There Really Such Things as “Beta Switches?” Can They Be Turned On & Off?

According to Wikipedia, there are 3 types of beta receptors; beta 1beta 2, and beta 3. Among many other functions, these receptors are responsible for lipolysis and the breakdown of glycogen (a form of glucose) in various parts of the body, while beta 3 receptors specifically can cause thermogenesis in skeletal muscle. But does this lipolysis, glycolysis, and thermogenesis (terms you’re probably used to hearing when researching weight loss supplements) necessarily translate into weight loss?

Searching online, both through popular search engines and directly through the NIH’s PubMed, we didn’t encounter any clinical studies directly linking beta receptors and weight loss. However, we did locate a study on hypertension hosted on the American Heart Association website that linked beta-blockers with an increase in weight.


​The science behind the program is super technical so we will do our best to summarize and not bore you. The body has two types of receptors: Alpha Receptors and Beta receptors. Alpha Receptors. When these are activated they have different effects on a women’s body.

When Alpha receptors are activated your body gets signals to store fat, and when Beta receptors are activated you burn fat. Both men and women have these receptors but the main difference is that women have 9 times more Alpha receptors than men. This is a reason why men seem to lose weight much easier than women.

The Beta Switch program teaches you how to keep your Beta receptors switched on so that you can burn more fat and finally lose weight in all those stubborn areas. If you are interested in learning more details about Beta receptors and how they work in a women’s body you can get the details on The Beta Switch website.


One thing you need to know about this program is that it is specifically targeted towards females. So, if you are a man reading this you’ll have to look elsewhere for a program that is suited to the chemistry of your body.

So, what’s included in the program and what will you receive when you download it? First of all, you will get a 12 week workout program that will teach you how to get the best possible results from your fitness routine. Also, you’ll learn about what kind of cardio routine you should be following in order to burn fat more effectively.

You will also learn about what foods you should be eating in order to affect those beta receptors. Plus, the book also contains some valuable information about body image and how to feel confident about yourself. There is also a section that is all about the mental side of losing weight.

This is important, because your mindset is incredibly important in forming the right habits and sticking to them.


One of the main advantages of this program is that it doesn’t encourage you to starve yourself. It won’t require you to restrict your calories and it doesn’t encourage you to crash diet.

That is because the program focuses instead on the nutritional side, giving you a way to turn on your body’s fat burning elements so that you can lose weight much more effectively.

Another perk of this program is that it works for any woman, no matter her age and regardless of where she stores her stubborn fat. So, even if you think you are over the hill and that there is no hope for you – it’s still worth a try to sample the techniques within this program.

The Beta Switch Pricing & Refund Policy

The Beta Switch system is priced at $37 and is available for immediate download. According to the product’s website, you’ll receive the following:

  • The Beta Switch Main Manual, videos, workout sheet, and success tracker
  • 6-Day Quick Start Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • Diet Tracker

Plus 4 bonuses:

  • Boost Your Body Image
  • Mind Over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss
  • 1-month access to the Tight n’ Toned Club
  • 12-week exercise system with videos

As a Clickbank product, The Beta Switch comes with a 60-day refund policy, which you can initiate by contacting customer service at 800-390-6035.


We always look for proof that a weight loss program works before trying it out. In this case The beta Switch has many satisfied clients that completed the program. Here are a few Beta Switch reviews:

“My 12 weeks have finished. I am now proclaiming to be 50 and Fabulous!I thoroughly enjoy the compliments from those known to me and from strangers. It’s wonderful and empowering and this is the beginning of a new adventure.” – Penny

“After 30 days there was a significant reduction in cellulite on my thighs and rear. The more variations in my resistance the more sculpted my physique is, especially in my legs and tummy.” – Nic

“Do it for you – I wanted to fit into my honeymoon white capri pants-my ultimate goal!I had them hanging up in the lounge to keep me motivated to fit into them… like I did before my kids… and I did it! Thanks Sue!” – Monica


This weight loss program can be a little bit confusing at first. All of the scientific talk about Alpha and Beta will go over the heads of the average person.

However, when it comes down to the results of the program, it’s hard to deny that it has received serious positive feedback. There are many people who have reported that The Beta Switchstrategy for losing weight has worked for them dramatically.

So, why not give it a try? The good news is that the program comes with a money back guarantee, so if you want to give it a try you can simply download it and sample the strategy for a while. If it doesn’t work for you, then you can simply ask for your money back no questions asked.

This makes it completely risk free if you want to sample this program and see if it will work for you.

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