The 4 Week Diet Review – Does It Really Work or Just Hype?

If you are tired of diets telling you to starve or spend hours a day on a treadmill but you still want to lose weight than this new weight loss program might be just want you need!

You’ve heard the hype before around different “revolutionary” diet plans that simply do not work. Well, don’t give up hope yet – the 4 Week Diet could be the easy answer to weight loss!

What Is The 4 Week Diet?

How does this program work and what is it all about?

Essentially, The 4 Week Diet System claims to work by forcing your fat burning and fat storing hormones to work together and aid you in losing weight quickly.

This will encourage your body to release the “locked in fat” so that you can lose more weight efficiently without losing muscle tone.

One of the great things about this program is that it helps you to lose FAT specifically – not just weight.

You see, what often happens with weight loss diets is that you start losing water weight and muscle rather than fat. So, the number on the scale goes down but you still retain all of your body fat.

Then, when you start to gain back the weight you will be less defined, you will have lost muscle tone and you will have a slower metabolism.

However, this program promises to help you avoid this issue. It includes exercise routines that are designed for muscle toning, so that you can have a lean and firm body that looks sleek and strong.

The 4 Week Diet is a diet plan developed by Brian Flatt for people who wish to lose weight in a convenient, easy way. It is a PDF ebook containing 123 pages of tips for those who need to take out the extra weight around the midsection or anywhere else on the body.

It is different from anything else you may have seen and used scientific methods to ensure that you stay safe while shedding off that extra weight.

The eBook promises that if you’re consistent with the 4 Week Diet PDF program, you’re sure to experience great results within 28 days. It is a foolproof system that activates all the 4 fat-burning hormones, such as ghrelin, insulin, cortisol, and adiponectin in your system to burn away all stubborn fat in every part of your body.

Its metabolism-boosting function also stimulates your fat cells so that more of your hard-to-lose fat can be burned.

The official website‘s collection of 4 Week Diet Before and After pictures and videos should definitely be enough to convince you. You will see success stories that will inspire you and believe again that you can actually lose weight.

Whether it’s a few pounds you intend to lose, or you’re looking to achieve the best shape anyone can ask for, this might just be what you need. Although exercising is not necessary when you use this product, you could take on some physical routines to speed up the weight loss process.

The 4 Week Diet


The first question we had when looking into this program was who was the creator and was he reputable. Brian Flatt created this diet system and this is not his first weight loss program that he created. Brian is a very well known and respected nutritionist and trainer in the fitness industry.

Brian is a expert in the industry and has many years of experience with weight loss and fitness. He has brought his knowledge together in this eBook to guide users toward their ideal body weight and has helped thousands of people lose weight. 

Brian understands how difficult and impractical most diet programs are these days. Most diets are unsafe and will not lead to long term weight loss. Because of this Brain saw the need to develop a diet program that is safe, modern, and uses principles that are backed by data and research.

This lead him to develop the 4 Week Diet, a diet that will improve your metabolic health. He wants everyone to feel good about the way they look and love longer to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with their families. 

Key Features of the 4 Week Diet Program 

What will you get when you get the program?

First of all, you will receive the Launch Handbook, which will introduce you to the concept of this diet plan and explain to you how your hormones are slowing down your metabolism and limiting your weight loss.

Plus, it will give you a deep explanation of the science behind why human beings gain weight, why they hold onto it and what happens when they lose it.

The book will then explain how to eat in a way that will stimulate your fat storage and fat burning hormones and encourage them to work together. However, this isn’t a crash diet and you don’t have to limit yourself to only salad and carrots.

The meal plan includes tasty foods that are enjoyable to eat, so that you don’t have to feel deprived or hungry.

You will also receive an Activity Handbook which will give you a really simple, quick and easy workout routine that you can follow at home.

The exercises are only 15 minutes, but they are intense and designed to burn as much fat as possible during that time.

Also, the program includes a “Motivation Handbook” which will help you to transform the most important weight loss body part of all – your brain.

Your mindset is the most important part of your weight loss journey and you’ll need to master your mind in order to stay motivated for the long term.

Last but not least, the program also comes with a weight loss hypnosis audio.

Apparently, if you listen to the audio you will reduce your food cravings and feel more motivated to choose nutritious choices. You may be a little bit skeptical of whether or not hypnosis can really help you lose weight, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

There are quite a number of features you will find when you get this Four Week Diet product. They include the different packages that come with the Book, such as;

Launch HandBook: This is more like a detailed overview. It introduces you to the 4 Week Diet guide, telling you how it works and explaining how your body works. The book comprehensively touches on the concept of diet plan and explains how your hormones affect your metabolism and limit your weight loss.

As the name implies, this launch handbook launches you into a new and exciting world where you’re sure to experience amazing changes in your weight. It doesn’t stop there.

The 4 Week Diet system book traces the root causes of why you’re overweight in the first place, scientifically explaining why people gain weight, why it’s hard for them to lose it, and what happens when they eventually do. It goes further to tell you how your fat storage can be stimulated and how to trigger fat burning hormones so that they can function in unison.

Diet Handbook: This handbook teaches you how to calculate body fat percentage and lean body mass. With this information, you will know how to customize the plan for effective fat loss. This book shows you what to eat when to eat, and how much to eat in a simple and easy way.

The good thing is that you can do this with your regular groceries and do not need to buy already packaged weight loss foods. The Diet Handbook also contains a list showing you the foods you must avoid at all cost if you’re serious about losing weight. However, it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying amazing meals, as carefully selected for you in this book.

Activity HandBook: Although the focus of the 4 Week Diet by Brian Flatt is eating healthy foods and does not emphasize the need to exercise. However, if you’re extremely overweight, you might want to add some physical routine to your plan.

This Activity HandBook is for you. The book contains easy and quick workout routines that can be done at home. You don’t even need to go to the gym. People do not even need to know what you’re doing until they begin to see a new you emerge.

With only 15 minutes every day, you engage in several exercises that have been scientifically put together to help you burn as much fat at the shortest healthy time possible. One of the important point to come up with this positive 4 Week Diet review.

Motivation HandBook: This is also included in the diet program. Flatt believes that it is only when you can defeat weight gain in your mind that it can manifest on the outside. This 4 Week Diet Exercise program handbook is a great tool that seeks to transform your brain; the most crucial weight loss part of the body.

It will help you train your mind to be prepared for the ride. We all know how easy it is to give up on a weight loss program, especially when we’ve done a lot in the past and simply expect results overnight. It is important that your mind is mastered in a way that it understands what your body is about to do.

This understanding is necessary for mental readiness. It will help you stick to the plan and stay focused on the goal, instead of the process.

Hypnosis Audio:  We know the word “hypnosis” scares some of you. It scared us too. But if you have come to the edge as we did, this is a very small price to pay. Besides, you should consider this the good kind of hypnosis. And you will never know if hypnosis can help weight loss if you don’t try it. The 4 Week Diet Hypnosis audio works on your mind to reduce your food cravings and gives you the right motivation to take only nutritious foods.

Sounds easy right? Yes, it is. All you need to do is listen to an audio. The 4 Week Diet Routine by Brian Flatt contains this weight loss hypnosis audio for mental alertness and change. This change that it causes in your mindset pushes you to take the right nutritional decisions and do only the things that will support your weight loss plan.

Purely Scientific: The 4 Week Diet book contains a purely scientific formula to losing excess fat. It involves a combination of healthy foods that have been scientifically selected to help you lose weight. It does not require you to take supplements or drugs that are not medically safe. The risk of anorexia is also extremely eliminated because it is a safe diet plan that greatly considers your health.


One of the main benefits of this program is that it is very simple and easy to follow along with. The techniques are straightforward and they are explained in a no-nonsense way.

The thing that makes this weight loss program so effective is that it is customised to your body type and it works with your fat burning hormones rather than against them.

Plus, the program also includes exercise routines that will help you to burn body fat in record speed, which will help to accelerate the process of getting a very defined and toned body.

Also, another benefit is that this weight loss strategy won’t leave you feeling tired, hungry, exhausted and lacking energy like other diets can. You will be well nourished and you will have plenty of energy to do what you want to do, even when you are losing weight.


This diet does not promise any crazy results or advocate any crazy solutions for weight loss. The principles outlined in the program are based on scientific research and will work if you follow the plan. The foods recommended in this program are regular foods that you will find in any grocery store.

The reviews and testimonials left by people seem to be real and on the website they say that they have helped over 30,000 people see results with this program. All things considered, the 4 Week diet is defiantly not a scam.


The good news about The 4 Week Diet System is that it comes with a money back guarantee. So, if you try all of the techniques in the program and it doesn’t work for you, all you have to do is ask for a refund within the first 60 days. So, this means that there really is no risk in giving the program a try.

So, why not buy it and see if these fat burning techniques will work for you? This could be the first step toward a slimmer and healthier you!

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