Superior Singing Method Review – Does It Really Work? (The Truth)

Would you want to sing like a professional singer?

Are you looking for Superior Singing Method Review online everyday to achieve that goal?

In this post we are going to give you detailed and honest Superior Singing Method Review that you’ll ever see on the net.

What Is Superior Singing Method?

Superior Singing Method Course is introduced by Aaron Anastasi. This is for those who want to sing like a Rockstar and improve their singing ability


  • You are struggling to improve your voice
  • To put some work on your singing to make it better
  • You want to have a long breath and a full control of voice and pitch.
  • You are willing to be a singer, Raper or a songwriter.
  • Already a singer? Doesn’t matter it will help you too
  • Are you facing difficulty while hitting high notes?

You should consider buying this course very seriously.

What’s the Best Way to Learn How to Sing?

Before you begin, listen to a lot of different songs in many genres.  This will help you settle on a style that best suits your voice and  personality.

Do you want to sing rock music? Opera? Maybe country and  western or rhythm and blues suits your style best.

Next, start practicing to find your natural vocal range. Sing a note  that you can comfortably hit. Then sing progressively higher notes until  your sound quality decreases.

Go back to the first note and then sing down the scale to find the bottom of your range.

This is an informal exercise, but it will help you get an idea of which  notes you can comfortably sing, and which ones you need to work on.

Many vocalists teach themselves to sing. Learning to sing by listening  to other singers, without formal training, is called ‘singing by ear’.  While some classically trained vocalists frown on this approach, it can  lay the foundation for strong pitch recognition.

The problem with learning to sing by ear is that you can develop bad  habits that are difficult to break later in life. Professional lessons can be expensive, though. Many singers find middle ground by using self-study courses like Superior Singing Method.

The Benefits of the Superior Singing Method

There are many reasons why this program is becoming popular, not the least of which being the lessons are much simpler to learn compared to standard singing lessons.

Since the lessons are on video, you can watch it over and over.

Another reason is that the vocal exercises can be downloaded so you can work on your voice anytime.

In addition, the exercises are designed to expand different aspects of your vocals such as the range, resonance, power, control and tone.

The Superior Singing Method has another benefit and that it can teach you how to sing in front of people and develop self confidence, essential if you want to become a professional singer and perform in front of huge crowds.

In short, it doesn’t just provide you with information on how to become a skilled singer, but how to conduct yourself a professional performer.

Who’s the Teacher Behind Superior Singing Method?

Lucky us in the 21st century – we can learn just about anything online – and for most of the stuff, you can easily find world-class teachers – for less than the price of the local teacher next door.

Aaron Anastasi is the founder of Superior Singing Method. He’s a famous vocal coach (and an actor actually, IMDB) from Los Angeles, California. He has a successful YouTube channel with currently over 200,000 subscribers.

Aaron’s style is good since he speaks very coherently and gets his message across in a nice way and without blabbering. If you like watching YouTube lessons so you know this isn’t something trivial.

Does Superior Singing Method Work?

Superior Singing Method works effectively when you perform exercises in order to make it assist you.

It will effectively work for you and allows you to begin singing faster like a pro.

It has great members-only section that can help you learn how to market yourself as a gifted singer.

What Do You Get With This Course?

You are going to get: 

  • 8 modules with step by step instructions
  • Over 50 instructional videos
  • Over 30 audio singing exercises
  • Plus 4 bonus courses on performing, marketing, and advanced techniques.

Now let us explain each of these a bit more so that you can get better idea of these lessons.

Module 1:

A module for a pure introduction. In this section, he will show you different lessons and exercises which you have to do So it is essential that you watch the first videos.

In this module, he will also guide you in setting up the time table and practice schedule. In first lessons, he will give you some tips and warm up your voice. This is the section in which you will face almost warm-up exercises and introduction only!

Module 2:

In this module, they are going to work on your breath. In week 2 of this course, you will know exactly how to control your breath. Aaron though some good and easy breathing techniques and will provide some exercises as well.

In this 2nd module, you will get exactly 5 exercises about breath management. With them you will get 5 exercises, So you have to make sure to practice those 5 exercises a lot.

Module 3:

This module is for your tone. they are going to make your tone well in this section. This module emphasis on how to use your soft palate the right way.

Sometimes we feel like we have a cold, or our nose if full of shit? Don’t worry About it and in this module he will also guide you about This.

Module 4:

Now it is the turn of PITCH. if you learned that how to sing on pitch, you are not far away from success. Being pitch perfect is about singing perfectly, It is important for you to pay attention to this module especially since this is very important section.

Module 5:

In this module, you will learn about resonance and power. Sometimes people think that the one with a good voice can be a singer or a good singer. It is not like that for singing we need a lot more stuff to focus on.

Aaron in this section will give you many new singing exercises. With that new techniques, he will also explain them deeply. So make sure you don’t skip any lesson in this section.

Module 6:

Do you wanna sing high notes perfectly. right? If yes so this module is specifically for doing best in high notes.

With that Aaron will also teach you some different vocal styles and then how to use that different vocal styles in your singing. At this stage of course, Now probably it will be 6th-week of the course and at the end of this section and week 6, we guaranty that you will love this course even more.

Module 7:

This is the module in which they are going to work and make your vocal agility best. Vocal agility is what which is very important in this singing world and everyone who wants to be a singer possesses for it.

In this module, Aaron almost focuses on doing vocal runs and mastering different notes. Some and important techniques that will help you to hit high notes.

Module 8:

Last but not least, This is the final week or module of superior singing method. At the end of this, we guarantee that you will have a great voice, and you will wish there will be eight more modules. In this module, there will be plenty more advanced singing techniques, voice techniques, and voice strengthening exercises.

A course like this will take your confidence to next level in singing. When you will complete this course your voice will sound so much better than past. In this module you will also learn about:

  1. “Falsetto”
  2. “Vibrato”
  3. “Strengthening your head voice and chest”.

Bonus Module 10: Marketing Yourself and Your Music

Okay so now you’re singing, what about getting your music out in front of the public? In this bonus, Aaron gives you some advice on promoting your music and making some money from it. It’s helpful advice but not very long.

Well, we are here to learn to sing or improve our singing. So all is forgiven and there are products out there that cover this sort of stuff exclusively.

Bonus: Want to Learn to Sing in Harmony With Nathan Chapman

Two Time Grammy Award Winner Nathan Chapman Explains How The Basics Of Singing Harmony works. In this bonus video, Nathan and Aaron sit down, with guitar in hand and take you through the paces on singing harmony with a companion singer. 

Bonus: The Complete Superior Singing Manual

124 pages singing manual written by Aaron Anastasi that explains everything you ever need to know about becoming an excellent singer. We have read this from page 1 to 124 and it compliments, runs alongside the course seamlessly.

So if you want to go into more detail about a certain lesson, Aaron instructs in the videos, you can just pull up the manual and immerse yourself. Aaron covers all the lessons with great detail in the superior singing manual.

Pros & Cons


  • Everything’s under one site, one membership, and easy access to support.
  • You can take (3) easy payments of $39.00 or (1) payment of $97.00 and save yourself $20.00.
  • There’s an optional monthly vocal coaching club if you want even more coaching and Aaron’s personal feedback for massive improvements on your singing.
  • Quick and easy to get quality support if and when you need it.
  • You get over 50 highly effective step-by-step training videos, vocal exercises for male and female singers. 31 dynamic training exercises along with daily singing exercise routines


  • Although the main SSM course can teach anyone with the dedication to learn how to sing. You should not expect to become proficient in singing, from beginner level to intermediate level on to professional level in a short time. Lots of dedication, practice and ongoing coaching is needed to learn how to sing like a pro.

Drawbacks of the Course

While a lot of people have found the product useful in improving their voice, it’s not perfect. While the instructions are clear, it requires discipline and determination to succeed.

This isn’t a magic trick that will instantly turn you into a world class singer, as you still need to train.

Also, you may need to watch what you eat and get enough sleep. Lack of sleep won’t prevent the Superior Singing Method from working, but plenty of rest will help your voice.


Singing is actually possible and anyone can do it if they have willingnes and work ethic. So, are you going to keep postponing your dream?

We’d say that learning how to sing is actually worth it. It will not only help you to feel much better about yourself as you overcome your fears but it will also improve your self-esteem right away. 

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