Strike Pen Review (Detailed Tactical Pen Review)

In this post we are going to give you one of the most detailed Strike Pen review so you can make right decision for yourself.

What Is Strike Pen?

Many may have not heard of the Strikepen, but it should be on everyone’s radar. The Strikepen is a protection tool that can be used in dyer situations.

On the outside, it looks like an ordinary pen. But, within, there is something much more than meets the eye.

Being lightweight and small in size is just the beginning. Inside, the Strikepen hides tools that can save a life in times of need.

At this time, the makers of Strikepen, Ape Survival, are giving this pen out to people for free.

You heard right; the pen is free, as the company is trying to get the word out about this amazing product. Instead of a gun, the Strikepen is a great alternative for people needing a self-defense method.

strike pen is, it is a tactical weapon that is designed to look and function as a pen but it can also be used as a defense weapon too.

Lightweight and powerful, these pens are used by security agents of all levels including special forces, military personnel, secret service among others.

Don’t let their pen-like shape and appearance fool you, they are not only useful in engaging an enemy but it can also get you out of tight spots.

What is Tactical Pen?

You can think of a tactical pen (or self defense pen) as a Kubotan disguised as a pen.

Like Kubatan’s, they are forged from hardened metal. The metal is stamped with small and tight friction grooves to improve grip.

The non-writing end of the pen incorporates a hardened tip. This tip is the primary weapon of the tactical pen.

It’s designed to penetrate and injure. It’s made to puncture and incapacitate. So a tactical pen is a pen made out of metal, with stamped grip grooves and a hardened tip.

Few products can offer you as much utility as the tactical pen.

Not only is it a mean weapon that can poke, prod, twist, and stab anyone dumb enough to get on the wrong side of it, but it is also one of man’s greatest inventions: the pen.

A self defense pen is what is known as a “survivor’s multi-tool”, or a survival device that serves multiple purposes.

Other survivor multi-tools can include survival hatchets, sword canes, dogs, walking sticks, matches or lighters, anything with two or more functions.

And as we all know, the pen is mightier than the sword or so they say.

But what could be mightier than a pen in the right hands?

Why Carry A Self Defense Pen?

Being fully armed and ready to defend yourself at all times is no easy task.

In fact, in our modern world, most people are disarmed more than armed. Often because social and political regulations forbid conventional weapons from being openly carried.

The harsh reality is you can’t legally carry guns everywhere, nor swords, clubs, bows, blowguns, or knives.

But there are solutions around these restrictions. Protecting yourself with a self-defense tool does not mean you have to be armed to the teeth.

Even if you’re already a highly trained martial artist, whose hands and feet are weapons unto themselves, having a self defense pen is always a welcomed advantage.

And that’s why you should carry a self defense tactical pen.

Tactical Pen Uses

The primary use of a tactical pen is straightforward.

It’s a device for self-defense and writing. But there are two other lesser known uses of tactical pens such as:

Breaking Glass

The pointed end of a tactical pen is perfect for breaking panes of glass.

Just grip the pen firmly in a gloved hand, stand back against the same wall the glass is off to one side, and swing your arm from the elbow like a pendulum.

Slamming the pointed metal tip into the corner of a pane.

The glass should shatter with ease.

DNA Collection

Yeah, believe it or not, these fancy little self-defense tools come with a built-in device for tracking an assailant with the power of science.

Some self defense pens even have a crown studded end cap that is ideal for scraping, jabbing, scratching and stabbing an attacking.

Leaving blood or flesh behind that can be analyzed by a lab.

And here are the 10 most useful features of tactical pens:

  1. They are discrete; people will overlook them and let you carry them almost anywhere.
  2. Tactical pens are difficult to pry from your tight grip because they fit almost entirely into the palm of your hand.
  3. You can write checks and sign documents on the fly or jot down notes about your most recent survival adventures.
  4. Tactical pens are a concealed weapon in your pocket and are extracted quickly without a lot of movement.
  5. They are ideal for attacking someone’s pressure points, and for twisting uncomfortably against bones.
  6. If someone commits a crime and steals off in a getaway vehicle, you can quickly scribble down their license plate on your hand before they get away.
  7. Self defense pens get overlooked as a weapon in pat-downs.
  8. People rarely see a tactical pen attack coming – you have the element of surprise.
  9. If you need to break a window (for whatever reason), tactical pens are exceptionally efficient for this purpose.
  10. With some practice, they could make a decent projectile. We feel like that’s a stretch, though.

Using a Tactical pen for self-defense is easier than you might imagine.

Unlike most forms of martial arts weaponry, using this small weapon does not require you to memorize any complicated forms, hand-grabs or punching techniques (although knowing those would help you become proficient much faster).

ApeSurvival Strikepen Black Materials

Body material

The ApeSurvival Strikepen Black consists of an alloy body which has been precision milled into shape. This means that all the outer components have been cut into shape, starting with a single piece of alloy material.

This method of manufacturing the body piece makes it a lot stronger than when different components would have been connected to each other to form the base of the body material.

Now, ApeSurvival doesn’t give the exact composition of the body material, but it certainly is a very lightweight and sturdy body so you won’t have to worry about breaking it any time soon, which is all that matters in our opinion. Sure it would have been nicer of them, sharing some details about it, but stil…

Body colors

This part of the ApeSurvival Strikpen review is pretty straight forward because it comes in just one color: black.

Most of the self defense tactical pens for sale come in only one, sometimes three colors (with an exception for the Benchmade Tactical Pen), so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Still, it might have been nicer to be able to choose from at least some colors, but the ApeSurvival Strikpen has a very good looking matt black finish which doesn’t seem to scratch easy, so we’ll have to deal with that…

Glass Breaker Pen Tip/Strike Pen Tip

All decent self defense tactical pens come with a strong metal tip intended to strike objects, or an opponent, sometimes referred to as a strike pen tip. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black has one as well…

Usually, the metal tips are strong enough to break glass (hence, the name glass breaker pens). Since the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black has a tungsten steel strike tip, you won’t have to worry if it’s able to do it’s job. The tungsten steel tip from the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black has no problem striking an opponents or car window.

So, whatever situation you’re in, the tungsten steel tip of the ApeSurvival Strikpen may just get you out of trouble…

Pocket clip

The pocket clips of self defense tactical pens should be sturdy, as all the body parts should be. However, although the ApeSurvival Strikepen has a very decent pocket clip, it’s not as sturdy as the other self defense tactical pens that we’ve reviewed…

It really still is very decent, but since it has been “bolted on” instead of “integrated” to the body, it may snap off sooner than the other self defense tactical pen clips would do. It just has a little bit more of a “cheap” feeling to it so the speak…


Since we’re talking about a pen here, reviewing the writing part of the pen probably shouldn’t be left out…

Now, with some self defense tactical pens you can hardly write. Luckily that’s not the case with the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black. Since it isn’t as heavy as some of the other self defense tactical pens out there, it feels quite like a normal pen.

Of course, it still is a bit heavier than a regular ballpoint, but it really isn’t impossible to handle… What actually is the same as a regular ballpoint, is the ink.

Were some other self defense tactical pens use a special ink to be able to write in the worst conditions, the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black doesn’t. It just has a very basic ballpoint ink pattern.

With some self defense tactical pens, you can choose between different ink colors, usually black or blue. With the ApeSurvival Strikepen Black it’s fairly simple, you can’t choose.

However, considering the great additional features, it’s no big deal in our opinion…

ApeSurvival Strikepen Black Extra’s

Ok, so far, the ApeSurvival Strikpen may just sound like a decent self defense tactical pen, but nothing spectacular.

Fortunately, the above described parts of the Strikepen Black isn’t everything that ApeSurvival put into it.

It seems like ApeSurvival wanted to take things up a notch by adding some features which none of the other best self defense tactical pens for sale have, leaving the competitor pens far behind in our perspective…

LED Flashlight

Yes that’s right, the Strikepen Black is equipped with quite a bright LED flashlight which turns out to be a very useful tool.

Alright, we understand that adding a flashlight to a pen might not seem like something special, but ApeSurvival turns out to be the only manufacturer who managed to incorporate it into an actual decent self defense tactical pen. In fact, none of our the other self defense tactical pens from our top 5 has one…

Interchangeable Knife and Multi-tool

In addition to the bright LED flashlight, the Strikepen Black also includes a small knife and a small multi-tool which can be screwed into the pen. We guess, ApeSurvival decided to really shake it up a little more…

And again, these parts aren’t some crappy thing that will break in an instant. Ow no, the small knife is extremely sharp and can handle some stress.

The same goes for the multi-tool, although not designed to be as sharp as the interchangeable knife, it can certainly get you out of trouble.

The interchangeable multi-tool consists of no less than 4 parts: a flat head driver, a HEX wrench, a bottle opener and a knife. Yes, also a knife..

Since the interchangeable multi-tool includes a knife and 3 additional very useful tools, we recommended mainly using the interchangeable multi-tool instead of the interchangeable knife. You may choose not to of course, it just depends on your needs really.

Pen + Accessories case

Nice of ApeSurvival is to ship the Strikpen with all its extra’s in a black carboard case. If you’re going to use this pen on a daily basis, you’ll probably only use it to store the components you’re not using at the moment, but still. Not all self defense tactical pens for sale are shipped in a case…

Some of the Amazing Features of the Strike Pen

The material used to make its body is a milled alloy. This alloy not only gives it strength, but it also makes it durable and last for years. Its strength also means that it will be able to perform its functions without the worry that it is going to break. The alloy is also light in weight making it easy to carry.

The discreet design. The device has been made completely to mimic a pen in all aspects. This gives you the upper hand since it makes the target unaware until it is too late and the damage has already been done.

Excellent grip. This product has tested patterns engraved across it to give you the best firm grip you can manage. This makes it perfect even for a person with sweaty hands. It will not fail you when the moment comes.

DNA collector head. With such a feature, you will manage to sample the attacker’s DNA which can be used by forensics later when you report to the police.

Finally, it is a fully functional pen. It not only possesses a sleek design to give you comfort and joy when writing with it, but it is also made in a way that it can write at any angle (even upside down) and in any condition.

Does Strike Pen Work? Is It Real?

The Strikepen is perfect for hand-to-hand combat. It was created to last, as well as being efficient when you need it the most. With its many features, the Strikepen can double as a writing utensil, and can be used for self-defense. So, the Strikepen works because it has so much to offer individuals in today’s day and age.

There are more and more testimonials coming forward about how the Strikepen has helped save their lives, so it is working for more and more people every day. The Strikepen is great for women who need a little added protection in their purse, or for a man who keeps his pen in his shirt pocket. No matter where you have your Strikepen, keep it close-by, so you can use it in a moment’s notice. You will be happy having it handy.

Pros And Cons


  • There are different attachments you can switch out.
  • Strikepen is lightweight in nature.
  • This is an inexpensive product that will save a life.
  • The pen feature will not wear down over time.
  • The product is a fantastic multi-use tool.
  • The multi-tool extension has a bottle opener, flat head screwdriver piece, knife, and HEX wrench.
  • LED flashlight is bright and powerful.
  • It won’t be detected when going through security at the airport.


  • You can’t find the Strikepen in stores (only online).
  • The pen does not work as well as it has been used for self-defense.
  • This relatively new product has not been around very long.


The need to always be ready for anything has become urgent more than ever before. Don’t let yourself remain unprepared. Buy yourself one of the strike pens. The reviews on it tell of what an excellent product it is.

At your own time have a look at those customer reviews and you will see how they tell of its effectiveness.


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