Solar Air Lantern Review – Is It Real or Just Scam? (Detailed Review)

Maybe you are adventurous type of person that climb mountains, camping in the dark or you are just an ordinary person just want a light for emergent situations then this product perfect fit for you.

When the world ends, when no technology works we all need power from natural sources and this product is a definitely ultimate survival tool to achieve that goal.

What is the Solar Air Lantern?

It is a flat disc with bulbs on one side and solar panels on the other side. Then it has this inflatable bad in between two discs that face each other. Some of the really good lights have reflective insides that will give you better lighting.

These inflatable spaces can be blown up using your mouth. Its a little space…just about 5 or 6 blows will do.

Unless you plan to blow up like fifty of these, there is no danger of being lightheaded. They are efficient for survivalist enthusiasts and also people who like camping.

These lamps have been seen of recent and they have been bought by a lot of people. They may seem to be a fad but they might actually make something of themselves. That is something that I doubt somewhat but anyway, I think that there is some viability to these lights.

Solar light is not just for survival or adventure type of people but everybody need this kind of product under their hand.

Solar air lantern is a small disk, maybe 4 inches or so in diameter, with LED lights embedded on the inside. The outside of the disk features a solar panel and a switch.

When you open the air valve and pull the little straps to expand the lamp, air can get in. Once you’ve gotten it opened up, blow on the valve to fill it taut, and close the air valve.

The better ones have a reflective surface on the inside of the opposite end to increase the light output.

These things were reportedly invented to be used in areas without electricity, such as third-world nations. They claim that a 6- or 8-hour solar change will provide 12 hours of light. Real-world accounts say it’s more like one a 1 to 1 ratio, with roughly one hour of light available for each hour of solar charging under bright sunshine.

They are cool, and you don’t have to buy mantles, batteries, bulbs, or fuel for them.

How Does The Solar Air Lantern Work?

These solar air lanterns are made to be powered exclusively by the sun. Which means that; if you are maybe stuck in the forest or something like that they will be a big help. There is nothing that is better than having a way out when everything seems inescapable.

It is lightweight and when deflated is extremely compact. An integral handle is built in to the top and can be hung easily.

The light has three settings – High, Low, and Emergency Flash.

The Solar Air Lantern is charged with the built in solar panels on top of the unit. This allows for easy charging by leaving it exposed to sunlight.

They say that the lights will work for like 12 hours after they have been fully charged but that’s not so accurate.

Yes they last long but 12 hours is stretching it. You will enjoy the efficiency in terms of the energy consumption.

If you find the ones with the reflective surfaces, you will enjoy the way that they work.

When you are done using the lights, you will deflate them and they will be very compact. That way, you can be able to carry as many as you can without feeling the burden or taking up too much space. This has been very convenient and it will help you in so many ways.

And they are very easy to carry around…

Pros & Cons


• These lamps are made to be lightweight. They will be easy to carry; they can fold up and become compact and very easy to walk around with. You can put it in a pocket and walk around with it. This has shown that they are more and more popular.

• The lamp has been customized with the light having about three setting that are all different. That will make it really easy to adjust and save the power that you have. The light settings are normal, bright and emergency flash. They will all have their merits.

• This light has solar panels that are in built and they are the main power source that you will be using. In fact, they are the only power source that you will have. This makes it very suitable for use in places where there is no electricity.

• There are no wires and batteries that are attached to it and that means that you will have high portability and that is something that you do not just get. You will have an easy time when you are using these and that is how you will be able to enjoy them.

• There is simply no maintenance to be carried out. Just don’t break them and then expect them to work. There is nothing that you need to do except charge them and that is about it. This makes them easy to use.

• You can use this as a backup light source when you are out camping or when you have blackouts. That is how you will make sure that the light stays practical and relevant. Using it as main source is impractical and not so effective seeing as they are weak.


• It is kind of weak and can’t be relied upon to be the brightest one in the room so…kind of a bummer. But it works just fine.

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