Slap Chop Review – Does It Really Work? (Detailed Review)

If you see the infomercial for just a few seconds, you’re going to want to at least try a Slap Chop.

It makes it look so easy to chop up all sorts of food, and it will have you believing that you’re finally going to start eating better, and introducing new foods into your diet that you wouldn’t otherwise eat.

But can it possibly work the way it looks like it does?

Chopping up veggies and all other sorts of foods can be quite tedious if you use an ordinary knife.

It’s perhaps the least glamorous part of cooking, but must be done in order to prepare foods for further cooking, or for making ready-to-eat salads or fresh vegetables.

Slapchop is a kitchen tool that lets you dice, chop and mince in seconds. When cooking, food preparation can take a lot of time when you don’t have the right tools.

There are vegetables that you have to peel and chop; some needs to be diced, others need to minced.

No one has the time to do all that on a regular basis, that’s why most would rather eat fast food to say time and energy.

With Slapchop, food preparation will not be a chore. It dice, chop and mince vegetables, fruits and nuts quickly and easily. You will love preparing meals for your family when you’re using Slapchop.

Slap Chop is designed to save you time in the condition, and to save you from the fatigue of chopping up foods by hand with a knife.

When used properly it actually requires less commitment than the methods you’re currently using in the kitchen, and can thus be seen as a product that is easy to stick with.

If you currently don’t do a lot of your own cooking, or you don’t purchase many fresh fruits and vegetables, you’d have to commit to buying these types of foods.

Slap Chop only really works on natural, whole foods, and there aren’t many uses for it on processed foods. So this could be a good way to commit to adding more healthy options for you and your family.

Slap Chop comes ready to rock. Just take it out of the box give it a quick rinse off, and start using it just like you saw in the commercial. Some of the best things that it’s good for are green pepper, garlic, and nuts.

If you’ve ever tried chopping nuts you know what a pain it can be. They are hard to keep in place, and the little bits go all over the place.

If you use the container cup that’s included you can keep everything all in one place, and chop up the nuts as fine as you’d like them.

Some people don’t like big chunks of nuts, but it’s so hard to chop them up finely, but with Slap Chop you can get them to the consistency that you want.

It’s nice that they’ve made it so it spreads open for easy cleaning. Many food gadgets get food and other gunk caught in their insides, and it makes it hard to clean which makes it unsanitary.

With a few motions the whole Slap Chop device comes apart which lets you give it a thorough cleaning so it will be ready for next time.

How Does it Work?

The Slap Chop’s fine blades allow for the food to get easily chopped when the plunger is pressed down. But it doesn’t just require a simple press if you want the food to be chopped up. Like the name entails, the plunger has to be slapped hard to get the results that are needed.

The product also has blades that don’t need to be replaced. The Slap Chop easily opens up, making it easy to clean the excess food out. It safe to put in the dishwasher as well. The dome allows for food to be slapped without causing a mess.

Does Slap Chop Really Work?

Yes, Slap Chop really does work. Because of its criss cross blade it only takes a few slaps to get it to chop up the food properly. It reduces the amount of time and repetitive motions used to chop food the traditional way with a knife. You really can just chop and and quickly move on to your next task in the kitchen.


The Slap Chop is the ideal product for anyone looking to chop, dice, mince, or slice fruit, vegetables, nuts, and meat.

It can cut different combinations into a chunky or fine salad, and comes with a cheese grater that can be used to top the salad once it’s made.

Orders can be doubled and shipping can be changed to better suit the urgency. It’s recommended for people who are looking to cook but don’t have time to slice everything piece by piece.

It can also be cleaned when it’s done, allowing it be used more than once. Slapping always required.

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