Skillshare Review – Is It Worth It? (Detailed Review)

What Is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning community where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class. Anyone can join Skillshare to start watching online classes, create projects, and even become a teacher. 

As a Skillshare member, you’ll have access to online classes that you can watch on your own time, taught by creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals from around the world.

Each class has short lessons and a hands-on project for you to work on. 

Skillshare is designed for both students and teachers of real-world skills. These skills are discovered and learned through the aid of project-based classes.

The teachers and students platform provides users an opportunity to access content, presentations, and courses related to wide variety of topics. These topics include design, business, marketing, technology, photography, film, fashion, music, gaming, cooking, writing, DIY. crafts, and more.

Professionals who are using the platform as instructors can teach skills by creating and publishing a class.

Skillshare aims to empower people in order for them to excel in their careers, improve their lives, and pursue their passion, as well as, the work they prefer.

The online learning community ensures that users will be able to access high-quality learning.

Benefits of Skillshare

Skillshare is very useful for students who have different learning objectives.

As a robust platform, it offers classes and courses to those who want to learn new sets of skills, those who like to access a refresher for their past acquired skills, and those who want to update their skills through new challenges.

It can be observed that Skillshare doesn’t offer one-one-one classes. This is because it focuses on shared learning experience. The platform allows students to share perspectives and insights with one another. It enables them to learn skills by aid of networking and support.

They can also give feedback to their online classes. Skillshare is designed to promote and enhance creativity. Students can watch video lessons and create projects to unlock their creativity.

In addition, becoming a teacher in Skillshare is just simple. If users like to share their passion and skills with students around the world, they will be able to do that by creating a class, providing a class description, and publishing the class.

Through the aid of the Skillshare class creation tool, instructors can create their classes easily. The platform also provides step-by-step guidelines from creating and publishing a class to promoting  it by building a channel.  

Furthermore, Skillshare helps professional, creators, and entrepreneurs earn money. Skillshare offers compensation for teachers, as students enroll to their classes and watch their video lessons. They can also earn revenue for every student they refer who subscribes as premium member.

Meanwhile, students will be able to gain unlimited access to a complete catalog of premium classes once they subscribe for premium membership. Classes can also be viewed offline through the Skillshare mobile app for premium members. Skillshare also offers free classes to students.

Skillshare offers more than 18,000 video courses covering pretty much any skill. It isn’t important if you work a 9 to 5 job and simply need to learn some new skills that your boss recommended during the yearly performance review, or, if you want to start a side hustle of building websites but need specialist guidance to help improve your understanding of how to advertise your services online.

Most classes are one hour or less, which makes learning a skill easy and convenient. All courses are self-guided, so you can complete the classes on your own time.

In addition to self-guided classes, you can also participate in projects that reinforce the class materials. If you prefer to learn in a group or want some additional accountability to ensure you finish a course, Skillshare offers workshops to interact with your teacher and fellow classmates.

Some of the workshops include learning how to boost your Instagram followers by 1,000 followers. You can even take a productivity workshop that will help you maximize your time at your day job or side hustle.

Skillshare is a useful learning platform for individuals who have different, personal objectives as far as which skill or subject they wish to learn.

As an online learning community, Skillshare provides a variety of classes and courses to those who want to learn new skills they can actually apply in the real world, whether they want to pursue a new career, get a refresher for already-acquired skills, or simply learn a new hobby.

Skillshare allows students to learn new skills through the aid of networking and support. They can give feedback to their online classes as well as receive pointers and advice from fellow students and instructors.

The features and tools that come with the online learning platform are designed to promote and nurture creativity.

The online learning community offers a wide range of features beneficial to both students and instructors. Some of these features include:

  • Free classes
  • Group classes
  • High-quality learning materials and courses
  • Complete catalog of premium classes
  • Referrals
  • Building channels
  • Networking
  • Feedback functionality
  • The shared learning experience
  • Class creation and publishing tools
  • Learning through support
  • Offline viewing for premium students

For users who want to share their knowledge and skills, the online platform makes it easy for them to become teachers and instructors.

If you want to share your passion, your learned knowledge, and your skills to people around the world who are willing and eager to learn, you simply have to utilize the “create a class” function. Simply provide a class description and then publish it for students to access.

The class creation tool provides a step-by-step guide for would-be teachers, from the creation phase all the way to publishing and promoting the class by creating a channel.

Once your class, and your channel, is up and running, Skillshare also provides you with the opportunity to earn money. This is a great way for professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators to earn well-deserved compensation as students enroll in their classes and watch the education videos they share.

Registered teachers and instructors may also earn revenue for every student they refer who opts to subscribe to Skillshare as a premium member.

On the other hand, students have unlimited access to a comprehensive catalog of courses and premium classes when they subscribe as a premium member of the learning community.

And as a premium member, classes can be viewed offline by way of the Skillshare mobile app. Free classes are available to the entire community as well.

Skillshare offers over 16,000 classes across a plethora of disciplines for teams. You can build your organization with productivity and innovation.

The online learning platform allows SMBs to enroll entire teams and departments. It includes usage reporting, which enables you to monitor the progress of each individual team member.

Skillshare for teams also comes with an Admin Mode, which allows users to swap out seats in classes as their roster changes.

Finally, the online learning platform allows your team to learn on-the-go with offline access via the mobile application, whilst the company gets discount pricing based on the number of personnel you have enrolled in a class.

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Are Skillshare Classes Free?

Skillshare has both free and paid membership. Free membership offers an access to more than a few thousands of classes.

With free membership you can:

  • Watch free classes
  • Create a project in free class
  • Create a discussion in free class
  • Using the latest feature called “Groups” you can join groups of your interest and read the latest news and discussions from premium members.

To gain access to free classes, you need to register on the website and confirm your email. You don’t need to input your credit card details since it’s completely free.

Free membership is a good way to try Skillshare and learn many useful skills.

There are also a few ways to gain access to premium Skillshare classes for free:

  • Apply for a premium scholarship. Please read terms before applying. If you have a financial need but you want to make a creative impact on the world you might be granted with a free year of premium Skillshare membership on the first day of every month.
  • You can ask a teacher of a specific class that you have in mind to give a promotion for his class which will grant you with free access to his premium class.
  • You can invite your friend, family or someone who might be interested to join Skillshare and if they sign up for a premium account you will get a free month of premium access.
  • Skillshare is giving a 1-month of free trial for premium members.

Is Skillshare Subscription Worth The Money?

Skillshare at present has over 18,000 classes in a great range of subjects. Monthly premium fees are $10 a month or if you sign up for a year you can get a discount and pay $84 annually.

If you are undecided about the quality of the courses, there is a free trial for 2 months, in which time you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to go ahead and take out a membership.

There is no commitment to remain a member when you sign up for a 2 month free trial. You are completely free to cancel at any time.

What Are The Main Differences Between Udemy and Skillshare?

Udemy is more established and you pay per course. Overall Udemy is more developed and has better usability and more to choose from.

However, Skillshare is cheap, has free courses, and a very cheap monthly subscription. Both are good but Skillshare offers the more value in creative topics.

Udemy has a Pay-Per-Course model, Skillshare has a membership system.

Skillshare has better customer support.

Udemy has a bigger audience however they also have more competition.

How Much Does Skillshare Cost?

Quite a few Skillshare courses are offered free of charge, however, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to receive unlimited use of all 18,000+ courses, jobs, and workshops.

As a faithful Well Kept Wallet prepared, you receive two FREE weeks of membership to get complete access to all 18,000+ courses.

You will enjoy all the benefits of Skillshare Premium. Being a premium member lets you watch the classes offline, without ads (which the free classes have), and enroll in as many courses as you can possibly watch.

After the two-month free premium membership finishes, there are two different plans to continue receiving Skillshare Premium access:

Annual–$99 billed once a year ($8.25 per month)
Monthly–$15 billed monthly ($180 annually)

How Skillshare Pay Teachers and Income Expectations

According to the Teachers handbook the average Skillshare teacher earns $1400 in their first six months. Top teachers they say earn up to 100k a year.

The handbook contradicts their website, which claims top earners are making up to 40K a year. We have no reason to doubt that a decent income is possible at Skillshare… but whether it’s 100K or 40K, We don’t know. 

There are two ways you can earn.

  • Royalties
  • Referrals


You are paid based on the number of minutes your course is watched, and your earnings are calculated as a percentage of the total number of minutes watched by all premium students across all courses.

The amount you make is not only dependent on the percentage of minutes your courses are viewed, but also by the number of paying customers Skillshare has.

Membership fees are collected monthly and 30% – 50% of that revenue goes into a royalty pool… which gets disbursed according to everyone’s percentage of viewing time.


Teachers can also earn $10 for every premium member they refer to Skillshare.

Payment Method and Frequency

To qualify for payment, your course must be viewed for at least 30 minutes (within the corresponding month)

It should also be noted that your pay is calculated based on actual minutes, not course minutes. For example… if a student watches a one-hour course at 2X speed, you will only be paid for the 30 minutes it took them to watch it. 

Payments are made through PayPal on the 16th of the month (calculated from the previous month).


Skillshare is a good online learning community with more than 19,000 classes offered. It benefits both students and teachers with the easily navigated, various features available.

Teachers can easily create classes, publish, and promote them, all while having the opportunity to make money off their work.

Students get unlimited access to thousands of courses covering different disciplines, from art and literature to business and technology.

The platform is designed to be interactive, easy-to-use, and it promotes collaboration and creativity among users.

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