Shapeshifter Yoga Review – Does It Really Work or BS? (The Truth)

There are several (maybe more) ways to stay healthy and maintain a slim figure.

There is also a myriad of advice on the exercises to burn fat; especially around the abdomen, thighs, and waist.

The only drawback is the lack of demonstration on how to do the recommended exercises. This results in people doing them the incorrect way and getting wrong results that they don’t want.

This is, however, different with Shapeshifter Yoga that details each yoga move through manuals, charts, diagrams, and videos.

Benefits of doing Yoga…

There are several benefits more than we can write about, if you google it, you will get tons of pages about it.

Few of them are still worth mentioning as it’s important to know, as it is about postures which are called asanas.

  • Correct posture practices leading to the protection of your spine
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Helps you tone your muscles
  • Regulates blood flow
  • Correct breathing channelizes calmness in you, in turn, releasing stress
  • It also builds muscle strength
  • Help you fight different joint pain as stretching is recommended for that
  • On a longer run improves your immunity

These are few of many benefits as this can change your daily life in a positive manner that you would feel even happier and healthier.

Why Yoga and not regular exercises?

The origin of yoga is as old as the dawn of civilization. This technique is discovered from the holy books of India known as “Vedas”.

Yoga was a practice followed by the ancient saints while meditation. It is known for its spiritual aspects as well along with physical and mental benefits.

Yoga relaxes you, helps you sleep well, it doesn’t tire you like other exercises. It’s a step by step process using controlled breathing for performing it.

When you go to the gym you run on a treadmill for half an hour, what happens after that? You find it exhausting and then you do other work out lift weights which is even more tiring.

You don’t even know what impact of these exercises are having on your muscles are they getting stronger or you are wearing them out. There is a thin line between capacity and capability.

With yoga, you don’t have to worry about all these factors as its a very smooth process you can do with a very relaxed state of mind.

What Is Shapeshifter Yoga?​

Forget the expensive gym membership or awkward exercise classes with strangers. (If you like it you should keep going though) Shapeshifter Yoga allows you to get fit and healthy right in the comfort of your own home, sans crunches cardio and the gym.

This breakthrough program is an online system that is quite literally, like having a yoga fitness trainer in your pocket, or rather, device everywhere you go.

You receive access to the content as soon as you purchase the program, which allows you to get started right away instead of waiting for shipping.

You simply sign into your account, download the program onto your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet and get started!

What content is that, you ask?

Shapeshifter Yoga includes:

  • Quick Start Manual
  • Yoga Pose Manual
  • Printable wall charts
  • Video library of each pose
  • Follow along videos
  • Follow along audio files

So, even if you’ve never done yoga before, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to find success (and real results) with this amazing program.

Every movement is thoroughly broken down to ensure proper posture and execution to avoid risk of injury.

That’s also not to mention that yoga on its own is much easier for your body and joints than other forms of exercise, and it makes you stronger, leaner and more flexible which results in fewer aches and pains altogether.

The best part? You only need at least 1 hour a week to see your body transform from flab to fit. Research has shown that you only need half an hour of yoga each week to lose 14-19 pounds.

So, the program is broken down into 20 minutes a day, three days a week which doubles the minimum requirement to lose weight, to ultimately provide you with even better results. Isn’t that amazing?

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that yoga is the ultimate anti-aging medicine. It’s a youthful and effective way to keep your mind, body, and spirit in shape.

And you don’t have to sweat your butt off, do 100 crunches or any of that nonsense that has kept you from working out all this time.

That’s what’s so wonderful about this yoga! It also helps to have an experienced yoga instructor walking you through the entire system, which leads us to the next topic…

Who is the Creator of Shapeshifter Yoga?

Shapeshifter Yoga was created by this lady, Kris Fondran. She has been teaching and practising yoga for more than 12 years and she also has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science.

So, her expertise doesn’t end at yoga. Her education has provided her with exceptional knowledge of human anatomy and performance, which allowed her to create a revolutionary flow of yoga poses that work to eliminate body flab.

Why Shapeshifter Yoga?

When you look for learning yoga there are various options available as yoga is no more in hiding or a new technique of fat loss. Its worldwide use is magnificent due to its applications.

Yoga is something which is more convenient and healthy. Going to Yoga classes kills the convenience options, also regular sessions can be expensive.

This product provides you with the ease of doing yoga at home without emptying your pocket through the easy to follow videos. You can carry this course on your laptop, phone anywhere you want.

You can your own yoga instructor in your pocket. Also, you don’t have to worry about other people looking at you how well you are doing, it eliminates the comparison complex which can make you uncomfortable.

You can check out the simple video at their site to see for yourself as it is not rocket science. As simple as walking in the garden. It will increase your confidence and help you attain focus.

What The ShapeShifter Yoga Program Includes

Manual – The manual helps you understand how to use the program correctly. It outlines things to be avoided for you to achieve the best results while doing Shapeshifter Yoga.

Video Library – It is a collection of the various yoga poses and a guide to doing them correctly. The videos explain individual poses and the muscles it affects.

Manual for the poses – This manual has detailed information about the poses explained in the video library. Some people prefer written explanations hence the need for this written manual.

Program video – These videos detail each pose in the video library to help you understand and correctly practice the pose for your routine. With this video, you can complete the whole routine in one go or split it into various subsections that will fit your schedule as time allows.

Follow-along videos – For those with a tight schedule, this plan for daily training is very suitable since it demonstrates moves that can easily be completed in under 10 minutes.

Wall charts – To help with tracking your yoga activities, these printable wall charts come included in the package. They help you to know how you are progressing with the program, so you don’t get left behind.

Audio packages – Yoga is not complete without the audio. This package describes every movement in the video library and is suitable when you need the meditation type of yoga.

How This Program Works

After ordering this amazing program, you will receive a link to download all the eBooks, videos, and audios to help you do the yoga at home in comfort.

Just for the price of $19, you will have all that you need to achieve a healthy body. You can then download all the tools from the official website of the program and play them on your media player.

You will get professional guides on doing yoga the right way for healthy living as you enjoy the poses.

Anyone is an ideal candidate for this wonderful program but is specifically designed for women. However, if you a history of bone cancer, consider first consulting your doctor.


It’s created by a trusted person – The author, Kristine Fondran is a respected authority in the field of exercises and specifically yoga. She has published several articles for major magazines including the Cosmopolitan and has over 12 years of practicing and teaching yoga. Her master’s degree in Exercise Physiology adds more weight to her credentials to make her more trusted in this field.

The program has many benefits – Even though the main purpose of Shapeshifter Yoga is to help users achieve and maintain a healthy weight and keep in shape, this program has additional benefits like improved sex life, increased levels of energy and better sleep.

It is very flexible for any schedule – The program can be broken down into subsections making it easy to fit whatever schedule you may have. The “everyday flow” that gives a 10 minute routine for the busy woman makes this program adaptable to any schedule even if you are the busiest individual.

Fits all skill levels – The program can suit every user whatever our yoga skills. It is designed for the young and old, skilled and unskilled so everyone can enjoy what yoga has to offer for healthy living and better shape. The written and video guides, therefore, contain simple and straight forward instructions making the program very easy to follow.

Money back guarantee – Everyone gets a 60 day trial period. After this, if you are not satisfied with the program or its results, you can get back your money in full. It is, therefore, a risk-free program especially if you are new to yoga or is skeptical of this new effective system.


Not a magic pill –  Many people prefer a quick fix solution to their health problems, however, with this yoga program; you have to practice it in the long term for you to experience the results. Without the dedication and daily commitment, you may not reap the great benefits and may get disappointed with the program.

It is not a spiritual program – This program was created primarily to help you achieve physical health benefits through special techniques and routines. In case you need a more spiritually guided yoga, this one is not for you.

Only available on the internet – Every material for this yoga program can only be downloaded from the internet. There is no physical version and no store to buy from except the online place at their official website.


After going through all the description and benefits, this program may not be a perfect solution for everyonebut is far better than most programs.

This can be attributed to the fact that customers are given a generous 60 days to try it free of risk indicating the author’s confidence in the product.

It also adapts to any schedule, no matter how busy a woman can be, she still gets time to do her Shapeshifter Yoga.

Its simplicity makes it suitable for any skill level, so you do not have to be a master of yoga to use this program neither do you have to be an adult; the young are also included in this wonderful program.

It is time you transform your body and live healthy with this carefully designed technique and enjoy the advantages.

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