Reading Head Start Review – Does It Work? Is It Good?

Many children are not able to read at the expected level when entering school and find reading difficult and uninteresting.

As a parent, of course, you hire tutors and put your child through programs to get them to a specific reading level, but these programs usually don’t work on the level you wanted.

The importance of learning how to read at this stage cannot be stressed enough. The ability to read at an early stage in your life prepares any child for the process of intake of information.

This ensures that your child will be to read and understand concepts that are in the school curriculum. It is every parent’s dream that his or her child is able to read at an early stage.

What Is Reading Head Start?

You’re probably now wondering what the Reading Head Start program is if it’s as successful as it claims to be.

The Reading Head Start is a scientifically-proven e-book based program to help you improve your child’s ability to read.

Reading Head Start is not your average reading program.

Not only is it award-winning, certified, educator-designed, and parent approved, but it is a kid-loved reading program that works!

By accessing the online platform, you will learn how to become the ultimate teacher, so that your child can become a star student.

With four levels in total, children of all ages can benefit. With 10 weeks worth of lessons in each level, your child will benefit from thousands of reading hours.

Education is the key to success and by encouraging children to start reading sooner, they can develop key life skills that will promote long-term growth.

She is now helping thousands of children improve their reading skills, supporting their future success.

Who is the Author?

Sarah Shepard created Reading Start Review after teaching for 14+ years.

She is also a wife and a mother of three, who was interested in creating a program that would truly impact children’s learning.

Being an English teacher herself, Sarah was mortified when her 6-year-old son came home with a poor English grade.

She knew that there had to be a better way to encourage learning, which is exactly what Reading Head Start accomplished.

What Will You Learn From Reading Head Start?

Through interactive games, videos, and worksheets, your child will improve their literacy skills, however, as a parent, you’ll also be learning skills to help improve their reading comprehension.

That way, you can continue to work on their reading skills long after the program is over. As a parent, you’ll learn:

  • How to gain your child’s interest in reading, even when they’re not interested.
  • Special methods to reverse dyslexia.
  • Understand the importance of reading at an early age.
  • Tips on the do’s and dont’s when engaging in teaching your child how to read.
  • How to improve how your child pronounciate words.
  • The inefficient teaching methods in today’s educational system and why you should avoid them.
  • A fun and entertaining approach to reading which will captivate your child’s attention.
  • Linguistic Development and Communication skills. You’ll be given skills to help improve your child’s vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Positive social interactions. The lessons help improve your child’s social skills with other people, including their peers.
  • Optimal Neurological development. The lessons and worksheets will improve your child’s brain development.
  • Psychological Fortitude. Increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence not only with reading but in all aspects of life.

Does Reading Head Start Work?

We can’t ensure you that by simply enrolling your child into the reading program will turn him or her into an overnight proficient reader.

But if both you and the child put in the effort regularly in the form of the weekly lesson activities, you will see improvement in your child’s reading skills within just a few weeks or even almost immediately for some kids.

Furthermore, your membership is backed by a solid 1-year money-back guarantee if you feel that the program does not deliver its promise or if you do not find it suitable for your child’s development.

What to Expect From Reading Head Start?

As soon as you access the Reading Head Start platform, you will be able to open 40 weeks worth of lessons.

Where you begin will be determined by grade level. For example, for kindergarten students, they should begin at week 1, day 1 — whereas first grade students can jump to week 21, day 1.

Throughout the 40-week program structure, various literacy skills are addressed. This structure is what guide parents and educators, helping them support the development of literacy skills.

  • Within weeks 1-5, children will learn basic phonological awareness, as well as letter sounds and letter writing. In comparison, during weeks 31-35, children will complete letter combinations, learn about irregular and compound words, begin advance phonics, and more! This helps children continuously build on their literacy skills.

As children work their way through key lessons, they will be able to track their progress. To support each lesson, tools and resources are available, including sounding cards, activity logs, picture cards, and letter cards. Regardless of the week selected, there are five days of lessons.

Each lesson is accompanied by multiple activities and exercises.

You will gain access to the ‘Decodable Books’ section — which offers dozens of downloads. The ‘Tools’ section of the platform brings you to irregular word cards, sound out cards, advanced phonics cards, and more! Everything your child would possibly need to develop their literacy skills is included.

What differentiates this program is the methods that are used. Although the program is fun and engaging for children, it is the structure and design that makes it so effective.

When children, even those as young as two years old hear words and listen to letters, they are able to learn much more rapidly.

Techniques Found In the Program

As we previously stated, the program has special techniques that can only be found within it and not elsewhere. These techniques consists of:

  1. An enjoyable and positive approach to reading. –The learning process is made to be fun and captivating to your child.
  2. Positive social interactions. – This helps in improving your child’s social skills with their peers and other people.
  3. Linguistic Development and Communication skills. You learn how to improve your child’s language vocabulary and communication skills.
  4. Psychological Fortitude. –This helps to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence.
  5. Optimal Neurological development. –This ensures that you are able to improve your child’s brain development process to optimum levels.

The Benefits of Reading Head Start

This program can give your child the head start they need to succeed in school — as well as in their later years of life.

Many parents are offering their children this program BEFORE they go to school, so that they are able to excel year after year. In that sense, this advantage is the greatest benefit that your child will experience.

Being unique, Reading Head Start teaches children how to read individual letters — focusing on the sounds those letters make.

The key is expanding your child’s mind, as they build self-confidence. When they feel confident in their ability to read, this will motivate them to do their best in school.

When there is no fear associated with learning, children excel.

Best of all, this program can be fit into any busy schedule. Requiring just 15 minutes a day, three times a week, you will look forward to this engaging time together.

After all, it’s rewarding when parents actively teach their children new skills — and reading is one of the most important skills they can acquire.

When the parent becomes the teacher, this is a wonderful experience for both parties. From reading games to fun worksheets, this program will support your child’s developing brain. Overall, this program:

  • Is certified, award-winning, and parent approved! Children light up with joy once they complete a lesson, motivating them to continue learning. Before you know it, your child will be reading YOU a bedtime story.
  • Offers results that  are guaranteed and if you’re not happy with this educational system, there is a money back guarantee! This provides you with peace-of-mind.
  • Is a one-of-a-kind educational method, helping children kickstart their ability to read. This helps them develop self-confidence and can even strengthen parent-child relationships.



• The program offers a refund guarantee to you. You can claim a 100% refund of you money if you are not satisfied with how the program works.

• You get a trial offer. You can test the working of this program out within three days by just paying a small fee of one dollar.

• It is completely user-friendly. Since every individual has his or her own personal speed of understanding, your child can watch and read the guidelines at the pace at which he or she comprehends things.

• It is safe. Unlike other programs of this sort, you do not have to subject your child to taking harmful supplements and remedies that make promise to improve his or her understanding.

• It is easy to use. The guidelines are arranged in a step by step manner that make it easy for any child to grasp whatever is taught.

• It is well detailed. The information that will help you educate you child is more than enough.

• It is affordable. It will only cost you 37 dollars to acquire this program. This price is significantly lower than the prices charged by tutors and other programs of this nature.

• There is proof that the program works. Clients who have used this program can confess about its working.


• It requires patience and commitment for you to get the results that you desire. You have to go through the teaching guidelines with your child each day for you to get the best results.

• It can only be found on the online platform hence it cannot be accessed by people without an internet connection.


Being able to read from an early age is an incredible skill to have. Not only will it improve your child’s understanding of the world around them, but it will also create a positive atmosphere for learning.

If your child doesn’t feel comfortable reading, they’ll avoid it.

When it comes to reading, their comprehension will significantly affect their future decisions and education.

If you don’t want to see your child struggle through reading, then this is the program you should be using.

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