Profit Maximiser Review – Does It Really Work or Just Scam?

Profit Maximiser was the first complete matched betting service online.

Their aim was simple:

They wanted to find all of the offers that were being posted to bookmakers and casinos, and then provide step-by-step instructions to teach users how to make a profit from them.

What is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser is a follow up service to Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging product. Once you have completed most of the bookie Welcome Offers and grasped the basics of Matched Betting, the next step is to take advantage of on-going bonus offers.

This service provides strategies for completing a large variety of offers that have positive expected value, for both new and existing members of bookmakers, casino and bingo sites.

Some are completely risk-free and with some there will be variance involved and losses may occur, but as long the instructions are followed correctly, there is money to be made both in the short & long term.

Main Areas of the Site
  • New Player Offers – Instructions for completing various welcome bonuses available for Sportsbooks, Casinos, Bingo and Spreads
  • Training – Here there are video tutorials explaining all you need to know about Profit Maximising
  • Calendar – Updated daily with existing customer offers
  • Forum – Very active Facebook group that is updated daily with discussions and support for all types of offers 

For those that are looking to get started with profiting from free bets and bonuses, Profit Maximiser shows you exactly how to do it step-by-step.

We always get people asking us:

“How can you do matched betting once you’ve completed the sign up offers? Don’t the free bets run out?

The answer is a resounding no.

Thanks to something called reload offers, we’re able to generate profits from bookmakers and casinos day in, day out.

Profit Maximiser tells you exactly how to generate a profit on every single offer available on any given day.

A Facebook forum

No man is an island, and this community forum is an excellent example of that. If you do not like the idea of signing up to so many websites in the name of locating user support, this is a good option for you. In fact, the Profit Maximiser community on Facebook offers a very good chance of acquiring tips and skills at all opportunities since they are close-knit.

You will find the best bonus hunters and bettors here, and it is where you can locate loopholes in casinos – empowering you to make so much money within a short time. As with casinos, time is money – you do not want the casino owner to discover you before you maximize the opportunity. Most casinos will not offer you a chance like this.

Offers from casinos

This happens to be the greatest strength of the site. They use variance in their operation, which is the usual process of having fluctuations in your profit and loss, instead of consistent and gradual profit build-up that is a typical feature of regular betting.

Because of this, the offers that you get on the site from casinos are positive expected value (+EV). This means that you have a guarantee of getting decent levels of profit if you finish enough of them. You can also get some good wins as well.

If you are not sure about this, the site itself has proof of these wins, with the highest prize an individual won was 200,000 pounds in 2016. You may not reach this extent of prize money, but good things happen every day:

For matched bets, it is better, to begin with an amount of 100 pounds, while casino offers require higher amounts; starting with 200 pounds should sort you out. As you continue and increase your expertise, you will begin adding more money for bets. The higher the money you place, the higher your win chances will become.

If you are into casino offers, this is the best place for you, while Oddsmonkey is better if you are into sports betting.

Bets on sports

The site may not be the best at this task, but it is not very bad either. You can make any offers that bookmakers release to achieve profits. Several tools that you can use on the site to make money include:

  • Oddsmatcher – this tool helps to make close matches as possible between the odds of the bookmaker and betting exchange sites like Betfair. You do not need to worry about finding close matches – in fact, the tool does all the work for you. All you will do is input the correct data in the calculator lay your stake and know the profit you will make before you begin placing bets.
  • Offer calendars – you will get emails alerting you to all daily casino offers and bookmaker data, as well as the site having a calendar. This is great since you will not miss events because you forgot about them, while it also provides you with opportunities to think about offers lasting more than a day. Think about it as your personal organizer.
  • Tutorials – accessed on the private site as long as you are a registered user. The Profit Maximiser tutorials include both videos and written guidelines. These will help you learn the ropes quickly, allowing you to make money under less pressure and stress. You can also pick them in any format that you want.

What is the site about?

This is a trading software (binary based), which offers you chances to make thousands of pounds per day through activities like deposit bonuses in casinos. Binary trades are usually very difficult to win because it is all about probabilities, but the site claims to have a solution to this issue.

All you are required to do is invest in winning trades suggested by the software since it identifies them for you. You can also leave the software in autopilot mode so that it can pull profits on your behalf. In fact, it even shows you how to begin profiting from bonuses and free bets.

If you have worries about free bets ending, do not worry about it any longer – the site has reload offers, which allow you to make profits from casinos on a regular basis. This is similar to another site, Oddsmonkey, which shares the offers from bookies as well as guaranteed profits, meaning you are able to make a good amount every month.

How it works

The company uses data from bookmakers and casinos. They post this data every day on their website, and it includes offers from price boosts, as well as free bets and other offers. You then receive advice on making profits (guaranteed) on every offer through matched betting.

The good news is there are various tools that you can use on the site, all to assist you to increase your betting efficiency and profit making. You will always get a good offer every day, and this will help you especially for casino offers.

How much money can you make?

This question is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is – it is really a question of how much time you are willing to put in.

Some people on the Profit Maximiser Facebook page claim to be making considerable sums of money from it. Here are some examples of posts from amongst the 5,000-strong Facebook community:

Facebook Comment

So over £40k this guy claims to have made. There are others – this lady claims she has made over £12,000:

Facebook Comment 2

And another one here claiming to have made over £50k in two years:

Facebook Comment 3

Does Profit Maximiser have Email Support?

This was something we were wondering as well when first visited the site, and thankfully it does. Profit Maximiser’s Email support is what sets it a class apart from most of its competition.

This feature makes the site very user-friendly, and through Email, you can find any information that you want most of the times. Some of the features of the site like billing information and newsletters, need personalized attention, and this is precisely what the Email support provides.

What to Watch Out For

Although it is a fantastic product, we do think there a few things to watch out for when using Profit Maximiser.Here are our key ones:

  • Time. It takes quite a bit of time to understand how all the offers work and how best to exploit them. Mike provides excellent training videos, so it is essential to sit down at the start and watch these videos until you fully understand things.
  • Keep a record. It is also very important to keep a record of all the accounts you open, your account details and which offers you have already done. Believe me, it is easy to forget with so many offers!
  • Not all offers are created equal! Some offers, frankly, are poor when you take into account the wagering requirements and time needed to run through them. Others are very complicated. However, Mike advises which offers to use first and warns that certain offers are “not for newbies” and for experienced players only. 
  • Play the game. If you just do these offers and nothing else, the bookies are very likely to limit your accounts. So make sure you do some “mug bets” (there is plenty of info on the forum about them, or if in doubt ask Mike) to try and keep your accounts open as long as possible
  • Again – time. Time and patience are needed if you want to try and emulate the people who are making a living out of Profit Maximiser. You need time firstly to learn the ropes  – and secondly time to play all the offers. 
  • Location. Those outside of the UK and Ireland may not be able to take advantage of all the offers available. If you want more information, please contact Mike via the Profit Maximiser homepage.

Exciting add-ons.

The website has a lot of add-ons but to utilize them you need to purchase them first, and in our opinion, each of the extra features are amazing value for money. Each of the add-ons is unique, and you will not be able to find them on any of the competitor sites.

  • Accumulator generators: The best part about this feature is that it guarantees profits. It will accumulate all your points within a stipulated time and generate all you r returns.
  • Matched betting software: This is more of a deluxe version of the oddsmatcher. It comes with advanced match finding and dutching software along with a fantastic horse racing software.
  • A Bonus bag: This feature is mainly for the novices who are new to the betting site. It will help guide them through all the offers that will come with the sign-ups.
  • The Bookie blowout: A convenient horse racing software that is sure to help you out with tips, which you can use just before a race to make instant profits.
  • EV Maximisers: A lot of the standard betting sites are inaccurate with their calculators, which as a result will lead you to a lot of losses. This software is here to give you pointers on profitable and non-profitable offers.


Profit Maximiser is just an amazing site that can help you have a winning bet in online casino portals every turn. With great offers, fantastic bonuses and regular Email support, it’s sure to help you lead a life of luxury in no time.

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