PianoForAll Review – Does It Really Work? (Detailed Review)

PianoForAll is going to channel your inner Beethoven. 

Okay, not quite like that but it’ll definitely get you started on the right path, thanks to the good old Internet.

The days are gone where you have to set aside a significant amount of time just to learn something new.

You used to have to clear a couple hours out of your schedule to learn a new musical instrument but now you can do it online.

But of course, not all online programs are created equally.

You want to ensure you join one that teaches and shows you what to do, just like the teacher would do for in-person piano lessons, and that’s exactly what PianoForAll does.

In this pianoforall review, i am going to show you why you should consider to buy this program. The pianoforall course is not a scam and it has been proven to work.

What Is PianoForAll Course?

This is the perfect program for all people wishing to learn how to play the instrument from scratch. After using this product you will be a musical genius.

You will intrigue your fans and people who listen to you play.

The program is in the form of an e-book which is later supplemented by guiding videos and audios which will help you in improving your piano skills.

PianoForAll is revolutionizing the way people learn how to play the piano.

It’s an online program that literally shows you exactly what to do. You can access the program online or choose to have the lessons via DVD.

Both versions are the same, only you get a physical DVD with the one which restricts where you can practice.

So, we highly recommend the online program, as you can get started right away and you can learn how to play the piano whenever and wherever you are, as long as you have your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop.

So, if you’re wanting to learn how to play the piano or keyboard, while also learning classic ballads, pop songs, blues, jazz ragtime and classical pieces, this is the way to do it.

Now, you’re probably wondering just how easy it is to learn piano when you don’t have the trainer right in front of you. With the PianoForAll, it’s as if the trainer is right in front of you, thanks to the audio and video lessons.

In fact, you get 10 audio and video lessons which are:

Book 1: Party Time/Play By Ear / Rhythm Piano

  • As mentioned previously, this book starts off by teaching you the keyboard. It shows you exactly where to find the different notes which are clearly detailed on the photos, and it even describes the type of sound you should hear from each.

Book 2: Blues and Rock n’ Roll

  • It’s time to learn some basic blues! Here you’ll see a layout of the notes, along with photos of the keyboard and written instructions as to where your fingers need to press.

Book 3: Chord Magic

  • Book no. 3 teaches you the tricks to remembering all the cords. As always, everything is shown to you via photo and written instructions.

Book 4: Advanced Chords Made Easy

  • Learn the magic formula and those advanced chords will come to you like second nature. It’s all about the bluff!

Book 5: Ballad Style

  • This second comes with both written and video sections to ensure you can serenade your life away. Seriously though, the things you learn are amazing!

Book 6: Jazz Piano Made Easy Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

  • Just as the name reads, learn how to play your favourite jazz jams.

Book 7: Advanced Blues and Fake Stride

  • By this point, you’re a self-proclaimed pianist! So, learning these advanced blues might look complicated at first but by the time you get to this book, you’ll be ready to play the more complicated pieces.

Book 8: Taming the Classics

  • Now, it’s time to learn the classics!

Book 9: Speed Learning

  • Learn how to play fast… The easy way.

Book 10: Bumper Resource Book

  • This book pretty much goes over the technicality of a piano, keyboard and all the accessories available for both.

Then, you also receive 10 more audio and video books (plus one bonus) to take your piano playing even further – and you certainly will because by this point, you’ll be a self-proclaimed pro.

All of this is equivalent to 200 video piano lessons and 500 audio piano lessons! So, it’s not like you’re learning how to play “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” and nothing else. 

PianoForAll teaches you various styles of music, classic songs, all the while teaching you how to read music so you can take your training to the next level.

How is that possible, you ask?

Each book shows you the keyboard, the notes, where each is, what to press and when to do it. The first book starts off with teaching you the keyboard and then gradually, you go into learning the different notes, songs, etc.

The best part? You don’t have to have a musical bone in you because the teacher is truly that great.

Can You Learn to Play Piano Online?

Yes you can!

With the power and comfort of internet people start to learn anything through online. Sites like Udemy created just for this purpose and they make billions.

Internet is very powerful tool therefore you can access the best teachers from anywhere of the world at anytime.

How Is Learning Carried Out?

The creator use the concept of using more simple information to teach how the piano. Since most teachers in piano lessons are more concerned with covering the content they are supposed to teach, most of the people taking these lessons do not understand the keys and things they are taught.

The program teaches piano playing by use of simple chronological steps. The user is taught about simple chords as he or she progresses to advanced chords.

This eliminates the chance of the user not to understand a previous step before progressing to the next one. Robin hall who is the creator of piano for all program.

The creator of this program ensures that you understand and into finer details how to play the piano. The e-book is supplemented by videos and audios which you can later confirm something that you do not understand.

This ensures that no stone is left unturned when teaching the concepts of piano playing.

The program ensures you advance from the beginner to an intermediate level in the simplest, straight forward method possible. Everything is practical based, the following of the explanations will be supplemented with more of practical skills contained in the videos.

This is fundamental making sure the user is not bored.

Outline of the Program

As previously stated the lessons are arranged in a chronological order starting from the simple ones to those that are complex. This ensures the user is able to understand simple styles of playing before advancing to complex ones.

The course is divided into nine simple steps for utilization by the user. These steps include:

  1. Party time piano rhythms
  2. Rock and roll and blues
  3. Chord
  4. Advanced chords made easy
  5. Ballad Style
  6. Jazz Piano Made Easy
  7. Advanced Blues and Fake Stride
  8. Taming the Classics
  9. Speed Learning

If the user understands these steps, he or she is able to play pop, blues and even classical pieces without strain under a short period of time. He or she becomes able to maneuver from simple style of play to complex ones easily within a short period of learning time.

Who Can Use PianoForAll Program?

Anyone can use this program irrespective of age and the level of your skills. It is suitable for both children and people of our society. Furthermore, since the product explains how to play the piano from scratch, even if you have never played the piano before, you can also learn how to play the instrument.

Why This Program?

Am sure there is no product take works effectively as this product. The product is well consolidated with the resources that will create an expert out of yourself. It also comes with alternative bonus e-books which help in ensuring you acquire proper understanding of playing the instrument.

The learner gets to get the secondary demonstrations from expert piano playing and the interaction of the learner with the high-quality resources. This helps in promoting better understanding of the piano lessons. These videos stick in the minds of users after they watch them.

Learning is really made fun. As you go through the demonstrations, the fun of it comes when you will finally get to grasp the concepts and get to do it yourself without many constraints.

The feeling of self-satisfaction. The user is not bored by long hours of piano lectures with are common in most piano lessons.

The product is what you need for self-practice. Talent is just a word!!… The very well presented exercises will involve your artistic ability for sure! Certainly, you will love everything and you will be a millimeter away from the next big thing

Information presented is more practical, straight to the point and not the usual boring theory you know about! You will never get bored.

Pros & Cons


• It works for everyone even if you do not have prior knowledge about piano playing. Since in contains all information about playing the piano, you can start from scratch and still learn to play the piano.

• It is relatively cheaper as compared to taking piano classes. Most piano teachers charge an arm and leg to teach piano lessons. Purchasing the program is cheaper than taking these expensive piano lessons

• It saves time consumed when learning how to play the piano.

• There is a 60-day refund guarantee. When the purchaser acquires this product and is not contented, the money he uses to acquire the program is refunded to him.

• It is simple and easy to understand since the styles of playing are explained by using different sequential steps.

• The product is proved to work by people have used it.


• The program is in the form of a digital e-book thus it cannot be accessed by people without an internet connection.

• If you wish to learn to understand how to learn to play the piano well overnight, then this is not the program for you. Learning is a process which takes few months to understand how to play the piano well.

Summary: Are you an amateur wishing to learn how to play the piano or you are tired of those long boring piano lessons? Then buy this product and your problems will cease. Ultimate satisfaction will be worth sharing.

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