Pheno Pen Review – Does It Really Work? Should You Buy It?

Pheno Pen device is one of the most innovative vaporizers on the market. It helps to reduce stress and improves well-being.

Made of high-quality organic materials, you can use the most effective way to use CBD. Healthy Vape Device responds to nerve receptors and helps influence emotional fluctuations and different types of pain.

Based on proven medical goals, 100% CBD Vapen Pen shows significant therapeutic benefits, such as treatment of epilepsy, natural pain, and more.

What is Pheno Pen?

Phenopen is a high-end vape and is designed after extensive study and research.

The vape pen was designed to be able to work well with medical cannabis, which makes it perfect as a CBD oil delivery device.

The vape pen can vape pure CBD oil without the need for additives, carrier oils or other thinning products.

The CBD vape pen has 2 main parts. The body of the pen and the cartridge which contains the CBD oil. There is a ceramic heating element that does not have direct contact with the oil.

This avoids burning the extract. The mouthpiece feels smooth and comfortable to use as well. The cartridges are sealed and can be purchased as 1ml or 0.5ml doses.

The battery pack is long lasting and the actuator allows for rapid response and less wait time. There is a vibration in the PhenoPen which reproduces the feeling of inhaling.  The light on the pen lets you know when it is time to charge.

Pheno Pen gives itself as a high-quality CBD vape that offers a pure CBD mix on the market. A European company uses only 100% natural elements from its approved suppliers who are trying to create a revolutionary famous experience for their customers.

The Pheno Pen also uses 100% pure CBD extracts without the use of artificial or animal extracts. THC, additives or solvents are not included in the ingredients.

The Pheno Pen is life wellness company has set itself the goal of providing the medical value of cannabis components legally, safely and comfortably.

The team is working on more innovative products focused on the well-being and use of cannabis ingredients to improve health.

How Does Pheno Pen Works?

The company uses high-quality materials and excellent technology for the production of pen and cartridge. In short, the pen staples and does not seem to be recognizable as a vape.

The length is only 105 mm when the clutch is fully installed during use. In addition, the battery is comfortable enough to be able to respond quickly. The cartridge is also smooth and easy to use, and by evaporation you hardly notice it. 

Therefore, the sealant helps to protect the quality and consistency of the CBD extract. The components pack in free space to provide a number of benefits.

What Will You Get From Pheno Pen?

  • The Healthy Vape Device aids to reduce chronic pain and inflammatory symptoms.
  • This really helps reduce anxiety and lowers stress so that you feel better.
  • The vape device effects on bone health and cardiovascular diseases in general.
  • In addition, effectively reduces headaches and other painful symptoms.
  • The CBD compound system helps for deep sleep and reduce fatigue.

Who is Phenopen CBD?

Phenopen is a brand of the European company Mabsutlife.  The products created by Mabsutlife are designed to be compliant with European Cannabis Legislation.

All CBD oils are derived from cannabis plants. The oils are pure and contain no additives or solvents.

The THC is removed to prevent the psychoactive reaction from this cannabinoid. The company works on international standards for purity of its oil and packaging of its products.

All raw materials used in the making of the vape pen are sourced from top European companies. The Phenopen was developed and manufactured for medical use.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Pheno Pen?

The Pheno Pen is a high-end vaping device which utilizes CBD extract. It is constructed from top quality raw materials and superb engineering to produce the next revolution in vaping.

How does it work?

This is actually a tremendously common organic and natural medicine that lots of tobaccos smokers require to assist them to end their addiction. And also it helps with stress and pain relief.

Is there Any Side Effects?

It is safe for our health. No side effects can occur in this product.

Where You Can Buy This Product?

This product can be ordered online via the official website.

How to Use?

The cartridge is inserted into the device. The cartridge is held in place by a magnet. Drawing on the mouthpiece activates the vape pen.

The pen pulses to advise if the battery needs to be charged. Once pulse at 30% power, two pulses at 10% and it flashes 5 times when the battery is flat.

The oil is heated by the element and vapor is created. This is inhaled and the CBD is absorbed in the bloodstream through the lining of the lungs.

The endocannabinoid system in the body uses the CBD to help the body achieve a state of homeostasis (balance).

This means that CBD can benefit many areas of the body where the receptors of the ECS system are located.  This includes many systems such as the immunological system and even the brain itself.


  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • Products are  received within 5 to 7 days


If you need to replace the Vape Pen Loader and have a standard connection. Doctors recommend PhenoPen CBD Vape as an alternative to prescription drugs to relieve pain and anxiety.

If you have the option of having a limited connection, A Vape charger with a pen would cost just a few dollars.

Specialists offer the Pheno Pen CBD vape as an alternative,  In addition, we want to continue receiving new cartridges so that we never get it.

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