Perfect Weight Forever Review – Does It Really Work or BS?

It has become so common to find any program that gets launched in this period praising the high carb diets, claiming that they are of great importance for someone who is looking to lose a substantial amount of weight.

They say that many fitness trainers and coaches in the past have been misguiding folks all this long.

They have been coming up with “healthy diets” which were found to work great with almost all people who worked towards getting a leaner skinnier body.

With a good part of them being proteins that are responsible for building up the body, at the time, no other diet would measure up to it. But with time, and with people using these low carb diets that have THE diets when looking for a toned body, the low carbs have come to give shockingly poor results through the years.

You will find most people who had been on them years ago and had gotten ripped, slowly getting the flabby belly little by little, again. And does this prove that the so-called healthy diets are not worth working with anymore?

Most people who had been extremely fat and had been having trouble losing weight, and who a few years ago managed to get back in shape using the diets are now gaining it again.

And if these results are anything to go by, it is clearly evident that there is something wrong with the dieting. But if you think about it deeply is it the diet or the dieter who has the problem?

You see, the reason why most people who have been on healthy diets when trying to lose weight usually regain all the weight they had, and perhaps more, is that they had strong cravings that overwhelmed them after they had achieved the body they desired and they simply couldn’t give up the high carb foods.

So when they made up to satisfy their cravings, they got into enormous binges that brought all the fat back. And this is what is also happening with some other diets that are made by other programs that keep you in complete denial.

And by any chance, is a perfect weight forever using this strategy that gets you to lose weight and then have your body crave more to get you back to the initial position? The only way to know that is by getting into the wheels of the program and see what it’s like to use it.

Countless of individuals have tried to lose some pounds of weight yet to no avail, and It is quite baffling that after all the exercises and dieting followed, there are still no visible results to show for it.

Painful as it may sound and seem you just have to move on past that and find real solutions.

Perfect Weight Forever is a weight loss program that takes care of problems of these sort, it taps into the main source of the problem, and deciphers why you aren’t losing weight and burning fat.

You will have no need for the weight loss pills and never ending workout sessions after you use this program. The system works in a way that ensures you drop weight and alters the way you think about food.

What is Perfect Weight Forever?

This is a program that is meant to help you lose weight by handling the emotional attachment you have with foods first and then getting you a strategic approach that will get you to lose weight the proper way.

The main term you are going to hear a lot in this program is the hypnotherapy, where you get to treat your body using hypnosis.

Well, when you hear of hypnosis, you may get a little scared at first but rest assured that it is within your capabilities and reason, so you don’t have to get into weird stuff in the name of losing weight.

This system was discovered after Anna Richardson, a Television presenter who was struggling with weight loss problems, who ran the Supersize vs. Superskinny.

After she had been on almost all the recommended diets that most celebs endorsed and thought she had tried it all, she came up to the owner of this program who helped her shed it off amazingly and also helped her keep it off for years.

That was back in 2008 and six years down the line she is still in her best shape.

The working mind behind the program is Marisa Peer. This is one woman who knows how to really “hypnotize all your stubborn fat off your body.” Well, she happens to have studied in the most prestigious Hypnotism Training Institute, in the world, of Los Angeles. And that has gotten her quite some achievements.

To start with, she was chosen as the best therapist on Celebrity Fut Club in USA and UK as well as in Supersize vs. Superskinny. Men’s Health Magazine also gave her the same title.

For a little over 25 years now, she has handled people almost all careers including actors, professional athletes, rock stars, media personalities and executive people. She has also been voted the best selling author of 4 different fitness books.

She has been involved in various influential fitness related topics too like in the Sunday People’s Heart to Heart, Men’s Fitness Magazine, and so many others.

How Does it Work?

Here, you are going to get more of a mental training than just a physical one. Peer is going to teach you how to gain back full control over your life regarding your behavior, cravings, and appetite around food.

By first understanding how it happens, that is by observing what you eat, how you do it and what ends up happening, you are going to get a good idea of what has been stopping you from achieving the best weight all this while.

You will then undergo some deep training of learning to think and live like the person you want to be. Here, you will be taken through your thought process when you are feeling the urge for binges.

You will be taught how to say no to foods that you know are not going to make your wheel of progress stop rolling. You will know how to think, act and live slimmer. And with this, you will be able to get to achieve than you ever had in your wildest imaginations.

And the reason why you are going to have the highest rate of success with this approach is because when you get your mind to think in a certain way for over a week or two, the superconscious mind takes up that idea and makes it a standard of living which makes your ability to do that a lot easier and faster than before.

And the program comes in an audio version that comes divided into three files. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Introduction to the Audio Book

This is where you are taken through the whole process of how your mind works. You will have quite a wonderful analogy that will help you know how you have been living all this while, and why it is not your fault.

You will also get to learn how powerful your subconscious mind is and how you can program it to have a great experience with the program.

Here, you are going to really get deep insight into many aspects of fitness that most people and trainers tend to ignore, which may be simple but make a huge difference in your life.

2. The Regression Session

You will learn how the human race relates to food, which comes as part of us. You will get how we have been programmed to relate to food. And this will definitely give you the distinct difference between what you are eating now, and how you are dealing with food right now and how you are actually supposed to.

Doing this will help you see where you have been missing the mark for years, how to solve it and then to get into action and actually to solve it once and for all.

3. Hypnotic Mind Reprogramming

You get access to the hypnotic gastric banding product that lets you have the mental strength to overcome this hurdle. It helps you get the right picture of losing weight, naturally cravings for foods that will help you get in perfect shape and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.

You will be trained how to hypnotize your mind into wanting to eat less, choosing the foods you want to take, get to eat only the healthy and nutritious foods and get to burn fat down easily. You are going to love all the mind work you will be getting into here.

Who is it For?

First and foremost, if you love mind games and happen to be overweight, then this is perhaps the best fitness product you will ever want to work with. It gives you the mental awareness and understanding of the current state you are in and then gives you plenty of energy to actually visualize the kind of body you want for yourself and then get the motivation and dedication to get it.

Also, if you are struggling with your current weight and are always feeling embarrassed to attend public meetings and social gatherings, and would really want to do something about it, then you should consider going for this. You won’t need any hard pieces of training and starting to get what you want. You will be given the power you need to let go of everything, naturally.

But although you may find it very interesting and using a strategy that is thrilling, you need to understand that not all people are right for this program. And if you want to know whether you are best suited for it, you should not be among the people who want:

• A quick mind and body fix – If you are the kind of people who just want a meditation practice or some yoga exercises that will help you flush the excess weight in a day, then you will have so many problems going through this. The program needs patience and much of it for that matter.

You will first have to learn how your mind works, and then know the picture it currently holds about your body and from there, program it to work the way you want it to.

• A deep understanding of how to use Steroids – you usually see thousands of folks going online to look up ways in which they can improve their use of steroids to burn fat fast and get a huge lean body that naturally commands respect. I’m not against getting a huge ripped body, but may want you to understand that using steroids to get the easy way out is only going to make the situation worse.

You will manage to get the huge body you want, But once the side effects of it come running at you, you will be left in a poorer condition than you were, before using them. And what is the point of making people admire you for a short while and then feel pity for you throughout your life?

What is Included in the Program?

Peer has really put in great effort to help you see the body you have always wanted on the other side of the mirror. And she also wants to make things very simple and effective for you. So she has dragged the program along with some few other goodies that are going to make the transition a seamless one and help you see your dreams come true.

And to help you see the all the help you have been given here, here is what you get when you order your copy of the program:

• The complete step by step PWF audio and eBook – This gives you access to the main thing, the main training you will be taking.

• Q & An EBook with Marisa Peer and Niraj Naik MPharm – This book helps you tap into the vast experience with this the fitness industry for both Marisa and Niraj Naik, a huge figure in the industry who has played a big role in the existence of this product.

• Hypnotic Gastric Band Mp3 – This is the audio version of the hypnotic gastric band that will be helping you understand how to hypnotize your mind and body and get the best same results that you are expected to and which you are looking forward to.

• Hypnotic Weight Control Mp3 – This one goes deep into the hypnosis thing and how you can use it to work out your weight loss issues. You get the technical part of this whole system here, how to work it out, what to expect and how to go about everything to see that you get only what you want.

• Perfect Weight Forever Hypnosis MP3 – This is the mp3 file of the program. If you want to listen to the program while you drive or while working on your daily chores, this will make it possible for you.

• The Regression Session MP3 – If you wanted to listen to the regression session only without having to go through the trouble of forwarding or rewinding the whole program or locate it, this mp3 file right here is going to give you that.

And you also get a global community that you helps you interact with some of the people who are striving for goals the same as yourself. You are going to get full-time support from Marisa herself within the program too.

How does hypnosis work and how can it help people lose weight?

Changing the way you think about food is the key to successful lasting weight loss. Perfect Weight Forever changes the way you think about food as well as the way you eat. It alters your state of consciousness in such a way that your conscious (thinking) mind is switched off and your unconscious (emotional) mind is made more alert.

Because the unconscious mind is a deep-seated, more instinctive force, it is this part of the brain that listens to the words that are being said – and uses them to reprogram negative patterns of behaviour.

With my method you can have a normal, healthy relationship with food because it changes the way you think about food as well as the way you eat. The minute you say: “That’s not allowed, that’s naughty”, “I can’t have it, it’s not available to me” you immediately want it and you torture yourself with thoughts of desirable food that you are not allowed to eat which only and intensifies the desire for that same food.

With hypnosis, instead of craving that chocolate bar, you understand that you can eat it anytime but you are choosing not to. It isn’t denied to you. It’s a choice and you don’t need it now. You are not asked to do anything continuously or fanatically but you are making mental changes that, unlike fad diets, will last a lifetime.

Doing this makes the desire for excess or junk food go away and in its place you eat normally just as nature intended you too.

How long will it take before you see results?

You may see results in 24 hours as your whole attitude to food, your hunger levels, your satiety and even your taste buds change. Within weeks you will be a different size, weight and shape.

How do I know Perfect Weight Forever will work for me, when I know nothing else has worked before?

Perfect Weight Forever will work for you because it is uniquely programmed to you. We all come onto the planet with normal eating habits. All small children and babies effortlessly leave food.

They don’t finish ice cream or chocolate and they eat slowly. Destructive or negative eating habits are shaped by our personal experiences of food and my Perfect Weight Forever programme gets your subconscious mind to remember the old, good habits while forgetting and letting go of the bad ones.


Perfect Weight Forever is a great program, that makes use of techniques you are probably not familiar with, and this is what makes it very unique. If you want to see great weight loss results that are long lasting, and wouldn’t just fade in a brief period, then you should get Perfect Weight Forever.

Marisa is a genius in her field and has earned credibility and respect for herself, you will not be disappointed at the results you will get. I recommend this for everyone, reason being that it focuses on the real cause and root of the issue.

Losing weight and gaining back in double fold is a big pain in the behind, it kills motivation and leaves you feeling terrible, if you want to avoid all that then we suggest you grab a copy of this program today.

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