Nicocure Electronic Cigarette Review – Does It Really Work?

One of the most popular brands of electronic cigarette is Nicocure. For those who aren’t familiar with electronic cigarettes yet, they have a starter kit available, and it’s actually one of the best ones on the market.

As far as looks and taste are concerned, rest assured that they look exactly like the real thing, and the tobacco flavor is still as strong as it ever was. 

To answer the question many are probably asking, yes you do feel the pleasurable sensation of having smoke go down your lungs, except for a few differences. For starters, you are only going to be smoking a mix of water, nicotine, and in most cases propylene glycol. That’s it.

As you can guess, it’s infinitely healthier than regular cigarettes, not to mention that you can actually smoke them anywhere as you’ll only be exhaling water vapor. 

Also, it has to be mentioned to e-cigs last much longer than regular ones, and you’ll be saving hundreds, perhaps even a thousand or two on a yearly basis. To reiterate, electronic cigarettes don’t have toxic chemicals, tar, they don’t give you yellow teeth, ad breath, smelly clothes or a smoker’s cough, and you can smoke them virtually anywhere.

Enjoy the full effects of smoking without the harmful chemicals of traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are the latest innovation in the tobacco industry which has attracted thousands of smokers because of their safe and chemical free formula.

E-cigs have provided consumers a completely different and effective alternative for smoking. Health experts also prefer E-cigs to be the healthiest alternatives to traditional tobacco products like pipes, cigarettes and cigars.

Nicocure Ecigs provides you an effective alternative to traditional smoking with newest ECIGS technology. The product is battery powered device which provides inhaled nicotine by a vaporizing solution.

The good news is that it feels and smells like a real cigarette but there are a few features that make it even better. It is all chemical-free doesn’t contains harsh chemicals that can adversely affect your health.

Benefits of Nicocure E-cigs

•    No smokes or ash, only vapors
•    Smoke virtually anywhere
•    No toxic chemicals
•    Doesn’t stimulate smokers’ cough
•    No smelly clothes and breath
•    Tastes like real cigarette

An electronic cigarette is basically a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine through a vaporized solution. The battery is heated up through an LED light when smoker draws on the cigarette.

The microprocessor controls heater and light. The heater exhales the nicotine through a vaporized solution. It is a healthier alternative to smoked tobacco products such as cigars, cigarettes and pipes.

Nicocure is a high quality, technologically advanced product which ensures safety and quality. One can find an easiest solution with E-cigs and through increased demand and customers feedback, it has been noticed that it helps to eliminate nicotine addiction by reducing its consumption and keeping a person away from possible side effects of traditional cigarettes.

What customers say about Nicocure E-cigs?

Millions of people across the globe are now turning towards E-cigs to cut the harmful effects of regular cigarettes.

Heavy Smoker Package

  • 2 rechargeable lithium e-cigarette kits for home and office with life time guarantee
  • 2 charging units
  • Cartridges equal to 35 – 40 packs of cigarettes
  • Price: $149.95

Medium Smoker Package

  • 1 rechargeable lithium e-cigarette kit for home and office with life time guaranteeNicocure
  • 1 charging units
  • Cartridges equal to 10 – 15 packs of cigarettes
  • Price: $99.95

 Light Smoker Package

  • 1 rechargeable lithium e-cigarette kits for home and office with life time guarantee
  • 1 charging units
  • Cartridges equal to 3 – 8 packs of cigarettes
  • Price: $49.95

Besides the items described in the above, all packages also come with USB charge, wall charge, and durable storage case. The electronic cigarette start kit is Lifetime Warranty, which is the only one with such guarantee in the industry.

Nicocure is generated with Newest e-cig Technology and 400 puffs can be enjoyed from a single cartridge.

The Design

The Nicocure electronic cigarette is designed like a real cigarette and feels like a real cigarette.

Size and Weight

The Nicocure e-cig comes with a 78 mm long battery and a 35.5 mm cartomizer, making the total length of 113.5 mm. It’s  the optimal size of vape. It has some proper weight, making it nice to hold and vape.

Battery Life

The single battery of the Nicocure lasts for around 200 to 250 puffs. This is enough for you to enjoy about as much nicotine as you’d get in a pack of cigarettes, so will last throughout workday for most users.

For heavy smoker package, two batteries are included. Charging is pretty quick, taking about two hours to replenish after being fully drained.

Nicotine Levels

The Nicocure contains four nicotine levels: 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg. This is the standard number of nicotine options and meets the needs of most smokers. There is also a nicotine-free cartridge, which would help those who’ve overcome their addiction but still want the smoking sensation.

Flavor and Vapor

The Nicocure provides only the tobacco flavor. It creates solid vapor with high quality of the cloud.

How to Use The Product

The device is ready for enjoy and the only thing you need to do is to screw the cartomizer onto the battery, after you receive the start kit.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Well, ever since people have started buying them, there has been one case of an electronic cigarette blowing up in someone’s, knocking out eight of the guy’s teeth. HOWEVER, the guy admitted that he made some personal modification to his model because he wanted to get more vapor when inhaling. In other words, he’s the blacksmith of his own misfortune. 

Apart from that, not a single case of e-cigs harming anybody has been noted. It should also be mentioned that electronic cigarettes could very well put tobacco companies out of business relatively soon, which is why many of them are claiming e-cigs to be unsafe… which is exactly what you would expect them to do.

The more electronic cigarettes will become popular, the harder tobacco companies will be fighting against them. In any case, let’s go onward with the program.

The Nicocure Side Effects

There is no reported side effect. This product contains nicotine which causes birth defect and other reproductive harm. Women who are pregnant or breast feeding should not use the Nicocure.

What differs Nicocure Electronic Cigarette with traditional cigarette?

When smoking electronic cigarette, we can avoid some bad aspects of traditional cigarettes. Nicocure Electronic Cigarette does not contain any toxic chemical and harmful tar. Smoking this will not harm your confidence because it does not cause yellow teeth and bad breath.

The smokers of this e-cig will not suffer the smoker’s cough. And since this e-cig does not produce fire and smoke, you can also avoid bed smell on your clothes.

E-cig does not contain toxic chemicals and carcinogens. The delivery of nicotine is using the liquid, in this case water, which allows the user to exhale only vapor.

Since there is no fire, there will be no smoke or ash, which means that you can smoke virtually anywhere you want: in the office, restaurants, hotels, airplanes, airports, or bar and nightclubs.

Having been in the market for a quite long time, e-cig gains more popularity year by year. People are given a choice for smoking alternatives. Some celebrities and models also prefer to smoke e-cig compared to the traditional cigarette.

This popularity encourages us to make some innovations. And finally the more perfect e-cig has come to the public: Nicocure Electronic Cigarette.

Why is Nicocure Electronic Cigarette so special?

Nicocure Electronic Cigarette has many advantages compared to its competitor. Except for the durable storage case, the other competitors do not have what this e-cig has.

This e-cig has 5 tobacco flavored cartomizers. The starter kit is also equipped with Newest ECIG Technology (400 puffs each), rechargeable lithium battery, wall charger, and USB charger (which can be used both in PC and laptop).

You don’t need to worry to buy Nicocure Electronic Cigarette because it comes with Lifetime Warranty. With this e-cig, you don’t need to buy the traditional cigarettes over and over again, which means that you will also save tons of money.

The customers also have proven that this product lasts longer than the other brands. The company have excellent customers service that are ready to serve you and answers any of your questions anytime. Nicocure Ecigs is so much healthier that even some doctors bless their clients to smoke this and avoid the traditional cigarettes.

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