Market Health Affiliate Network Review – (Why We Recommend It)

Market Health is one of the best Affiliate Networks for affiliates in the Health & Beauty niche. They have high affiliate commission rate of up to 60% with 30-day cookies. 

We promote a lot of Market Health products in this website not only because they give one of the highest commision rates in the industry but also because they have great products that actually deliver real results to customers.

Market Health started in the year 1998 and was known as At present, JoeBucks website links everything to Market Health Affiliate Network.

Getting into Market Health for the first time might be shady and not endearing, but after your first commission, you get to know that it will quite easy and doesn’t take much. All you need to do is register, promote the products on your site and relax while your commission rises up.

Most affiliate networks have really hard sign up processes but Market Health is so easy. Just sign up and you off to the races.

How Market Health Affiliate Network Works?

As mentioned earlier, Market Health Affiliate Network is one of the best affiliate network programs in the health and beauty market.

They offer the highest commission; their commission rate is up to 60%. But you should know that the network does not allow people who want to see their products to join them. This is because all the product Market Health Affiliate Network promotes is owned by them.

That might look negative but in matter of fact this means your affiliate links can make you money for a loooong time because those offers will not ended for some reason.

To join the Market Health, all you need the is registered as an affiliate from their official site, but you should have a way to promote the products. Most people use their websites or through social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

We suggest you start a niche website, drive traffic wih quality content and promote their products.

How To Make Money With Market Health Affiliate Network?

There is only one way to make money from Market Health, which is by working as an affiliate for them. The steps in becoming an affiliate are outlined below:

1. Register as an affiliate from their website, and this is easy and simple.

This is how website looks

2. After receiving a confirmation that your Market Health account has been activated through your email, you then log in to your account dashboard.

3. On your dashboard, the left-hand side contains a sidebar with a lot of options, click on the word “offers” and you will be shown all the affiliate programs and products that are being offered by Market Health Affiliate Network.

4. From the list of options available chose the one you prefer, and you will see all the information needed to promote the product, e.g. affiliate tracking link, banners, landing page, custom tracking, and other important information.

5. Copy the affiliate link and post them on your website or anywhere you wish to advertise the product.

6. When anyone makes a purchase of the product using your link, you will get a 50% commission. This is quite an easy way to make money online because all you need to do is promote the product online, sit back and get paid.

Good Sides

  • Market Health pays its affiliates twice per month on every 1st and 16th of the month with a minimum payout of $20. Low threshold and frequent payout means affiliates can be paid faster and easier.
  • Market Health offers 50% commission rate which ranges anywhere from $30 to $70 per action, lead or sale. This is a lot higher than Amazon’s commission rate.
  • If you’re able to generate 20 sales or more per day, you can negotiate with Market Health for even higher payouts.
  • There are affiliate products that are catered to specific regions so the landing pages of the products will be in the specific language of that region. This is extremely useful for local affiliate marketing for certain regions.
  • Market Health has a 30-day cookies for all its products which is pretty long as compared to Amazon’s 24hr cookies.
  • They have some really advanced tracking tools in their platform. The only problem is that it may be a bit too complicated for beginners.
  • Some products have quite a number of promoting resources like banners for you to use.
  • You don’t need a website to be approved! (Most of the affiliate programs and network requires you to have a well-established website to get approval.) This is good for those who want to promote affiliate products without using a website.

Bad Sides

  • Market Health offers commissions based on Cost Per Action (CPA)Cost Per Lead (CPL)or Cost Per Sale (CPS). So there’s no recurring income for each sale. However, the upside for MH is that they will be doing re-marketing for you via newsletter and coupon offers to bring back old customers which you’ll get commission for as well.
  • They don’t allow merchants to join them because they’re a Direct Network. 

Ease of Use

The MarketHealth website is a cornucopia of content, including affiliate marketing news, tips, and special offers. On the technical side, you’re working with top shelf linking tools and banners, dynamic product data feeds, RSS article feeds, link cloaking technology, and even a custom store download option.

Oh, and they also offer more than 100 products to choose from. In other words, newbies have some learning to do, but have come to the right place. The site is well-designed, so that helps.

Reputation/Security, originally branded as, has been in business since 1998. They’re a pioneer in affiliate marketing.

Thousands of affiliates make good money working with them. However, over the course of the last year, a number of affiliates accused MarketHealth of running a scam on their affiliate partners.

To make a long story short, affiliates charged MarketHealth with unethically transferring affiliate sales to a certain affiliate ID that, it was suspected, belonged to MarketHealth itself.

Customer Service

MarketHealth customer service is reachable by phone, email, fax or letter. The blogosphere was aflame earlier in 2008 about the unhelpfulness of MarketHealth customer service staff during the scandal described above, but we have had positive experiences with that same staff. They’re friendly and above all they’re knowledgeable, because they’ve been doing this for a while.

Commission Rate

We all know money talks, and MarketHealth pays out the highest commissions in the industry.

Starting payout is 50% of referred sales, and that includes re-orders. Top performing affiliates get bumped up to 60% and, upon generating 20 sales per day, can obtain even more special commission rates.

You also receive 5% on all webmaster referrals. Product selection is vast, from teeth whitening supplies to acne cream to herbal remedies. Keep a sharp eye out for new promotions, too. If you’re talking $35 per sale on a teeth whitening package that erases coffee stains in one use and customers get a free trial, we’re listening.

What We Like Most About Market Health Affiliate Network

The great and amazing thing about Market Health is that their products are of excellent quality.

Knowing the fact that you are promoting products of great quality that affects the lives of people gives you joy. Some of their amazing products include colon cleansing, account skin care, teeth whitening, green coffee, breasts enhancements, and other useful and amazing products.

Another thing we love about this health affiliate network is the fact that they pay their affiliates Biweekly, so they don’t have to wait to receive their commission.

Is Market Health Affiliate Network Scam?

The Market Health Network for a fact is not a Scam. This can be proven from the testimonies provided by its affiliates around the world. A lot of them are saying it is a life-changing opportunity and employs others to join the network.

Another reason while Market Health can be trusted is that its products are available online, so you can see that they are real and are working tirelessly to satisfy their customers and affiliate members.

Another feature of trust is the fact that they still pay you your income even after the product is returned.

MH also helps its affiliate get acquainted with their systems by providing a webmaster support team to answer questions and give a swift feedback immediately.


Market Health Affiliate Network is a very good affiliate network in both health and beauty niche. We have recommended this to people in these areas because of their high and mouth-watering commission rate and their long duration of cookies which is 30 days. They also offer a lot of products for specific regions; this helps local marketers.

When you join Market Health as an affiliate, you will part of the leaders in the health, skin care, weight, and adult supplement industry. Its products have been a proven success due to their wide variety of price, broad testing and top-notch sites.

The network also gives you control of your income by making to be able to customize your store to advertise and promote their products.

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