Magic Mesh Review – Is It Useful? (Detailed Review)

Everyone loves a little fresh air, but there are very few people that like the bugs that come along with it.

For the majority of people that don’t want bugs in their home but maybe don’t have a free hand to close the door behind them when they walk outside, this can be a deterrent from spending time on the patio or in the yard.

Magic Mesh attempts to solve this problem by creating an automatically closing screen “door” that doesn’t need to be opened or shut – just walk on through and it will gently snap closed behind you!

Magic Mesh is a cover for your door in order to make sure that bugs and other pests stay out while allowing you and your family to get in and out as you please.

The product supposedly works by having a series of sixteen super strong magnets that attract each other to seal up the space you walk through, making it easy for you to break through but creating a solid surface so bugs can’t permeate it once it has been shut.

Installation is the key, and this is where you will want to spend your time generously. We have found that placing the Velcro just right is the key a successful installation. If it is not properly aligned, the magnets may not close the screen as expected.

There are those who do not think the durability of the product or the power of the magnets are up to par (which could be why there is now a “Deluxe” Magic Mesh with stronger magnets).

Some consumers have said the magnets fell off or the Velcro did not hold more than a few days. You may be able to re-attach the magnets yourself, although this does not sit well with consumers who just paid for the item. The amount of foot traffic may affect the lifespan of the product.

For those who say the product works, they point to the design which does a pretty good job of keeping bugs out while letting air into the house. When it works, it’s a nifty product to have.

Magic Mesh works well to keep mosquitoes out, which by itself could be worth the investment. It can also be a good doggie door alternative.

How to Install A Magic Mesh

Spread the Magic Mesh out on the ground. Spread out the Magic Mesh, laying it over the ground or another large, flat surface. Make sure the magnets are aligned in the middle. Note that the top of the Magic Mesh will have a larger gap between the magnets and curtains than the bottom.

Check the magnets to make sure they align symmetrically. While the Magic Mesh is laid out, open and close the magnets down the middle to see if they attract. Be sure that each set of magnets lines up evenly. If the magnets are not symmetrical, this could leave a gap in your Magic Mesh that will let bugs into your home.

Attach the 12 adhesive strips to the Magic Mesh frame. Peel the backing off of the soft side of each adhesive strip. Apply the exposed adhesive directly to the back of the Magic Mesh screen. Spread each of the 12 strips provided across the entire frame of the mesh.

Wipe down the door frame and let it air dry. Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris from the surface of your door frame. Grime can prevent the adhesive strips from sticking to the door frame. Allow the frame to air dry naturally before installing the Magic Mesh screen.

Measure the door’s height to determine how high to hang the screen. Use a measuring tape to measure the height of the door frame. Taking into account the length of the Magic Mesh, calculate whether or not the mesh will drag on the ground. With a pencil, mark the point you need to hang the top of the mesh to prevent it from touching the ground.

Measure the door’s width and mark the halfway point. Use a measuring tape to measure the width of your door frame. Note that measurement, then divide it in half to determine where the middle of the door is. Mark the center point with a pencil.

Attach the top, middle part of the Magic Mesh first. Remove the backings of the adhesive strips that you placed at the halfway point on top of your Magic Mesh. Line up the top of the mesh with the line you marked on top of your door frame. Attach this part of the mesh to the frame.

Continue sticking the rest of the mesh to your door frame. After attaching the top part of your Magic Mesh, continue around the perimeter of the door. Start with the top of the Magic Mesh, moving out towards one side of the door and then the other. Continue down each side of the door frame, making sure that the mesh hangs evenly.

Reinforce the mesh with tacks if you have a wooden door frame. For added security, reinforce the Magic Mesh by inserting tacks around the perimeter of the door frame. Put the tacks through the mesh, above or below the adhesive strips. Push the tacks into the wooden frame.

This step is only applicable if you have a wooden door frame.

Omit this step if you are installing your Magic Mesh around any other type of door.

Test the Magic Mesh screen. Test out your Magic Mesh screen by walking through the center of it several times. The magnets should split apart as you walk through them and close back together once you leave the doorway. If the screen does not work as designed, you may need to reinstall it, moving the panels closer or further apart as necessary.


The Cost

Magic Mesh is a lot less than the cost of a sliding screen door, only lightening your wallet by about $20 plus shipping and handling. This cost covers Velcro strips to hang the product with, as well as the product itself.


Magic Mesh is a great concept and product, but does have some flaws. It will keep most of the bugs out, but not all of them. With some craftiness on your part, it will fit your door better.

But it is still not perfect. If you are expecting a miracle substitute to your traditional screen door that will keep just as many bugs out and let your dogs have free range of your backyard, then perhaps you should pass on Magic Mesh.

However, if you want a screen door that will give your dogs free access to your backyard while protecting your house from most of the bugs, then we suggest getting Magic Mesh.

It is less expensive, less permanent, and just as effective as installing a dog door.

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