Lean Body Hacks Review – Does It Really Work or Just BS?

Some people may think that weight loss and bodybuilding in good form are very simple, but it’s true.

Are you bored with a strict diet and endless training? Do you want an easy solution for breaking down fat?

The Lean Body Hacks program introduced a simple and effective move and 10 seconds hacks to lose almost 1.4 kg of stubborn fat a day.

Lean Body Hacks is a universal weight loss program based on the ancient Thai mythology of may fighters.

This will give you a few steps to lose 2 kg of fat every 72 hours.  It is known that most body structures have less sediment in the stomach and legs, such as increased muscle strength in the body.

About the Lean Body Hacks Program

The best weight loss remedies are natural ones that have been scientifically proven to work, and that’s precisely what you get with Lean Body Hacks.

It’s a unique weight loss system that, instead of focusing on spending exhaustive hours at the gym and eating a strict diet, it focuses on getting a specific blend of herbs and spices into your day to get similar weight loss effects.

The program guides you through the next 21 days, providing you with detox tea recipes, an abundance of valuable information on the different types of vegetables you should and shouldn’t be having to fix your gut flora, and much more.

It takes the time to educate you on this scientifically-proven weight loss hack and then, it gives you the steps to turn your newfound information into weight loss action!

Lean Body Hacks is broken down into different components to ensure easy, enjoyable and effective progress. We’ll elaborate on all of this in just a moment but first, here’s what you receive when you get started:

  1. Main Manual
  2. Detox Tea Guide
  3. 21-Day Guide
  4. 31-Day Accountability Check-In

You also receive some bonuses for absolutely free, which are:

  1. BONUS: 60 Second Flat Belly Protocol
  2. BONUS: Smoothie Recipes
  3. BONUS: Over 40 Libido Boosters
  4. BONUS: Best Selling Anti-Aging Workout DVD

Now, the best part is that everything (except for the bonus DVD) is available to you as soon as you purchase the program. You just download the content onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and get started.

This makes it easy to access the program whenever and wherever you are, whether you’re mixing up a detox tea at work, heading somewhere on vacation, visiting a friend out of town, grocery shopping for the unique ratio of herbs and spices or sitting on the couch.

You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with the program which gives you two months to try this scientifically-proven method out.

And considering you only need 21 days to complete Lean Body Hacks, you’ll have ample time to see how a renewed gut flora can help you lose weight safely, naturally and effortlessly.

About the Creators of Lean Body Hacks

Lean Body Hacks was created by Randy Smith and Mike Zhang. Randy Smith is a retired United States Marine Sniper who experienced what obesity and poor gut health can do to you through his mother.

After watching her battle with the death like effects of having excess body fat, he was eager to find a plausible way for her to lose weight without having to do extreme workouts that aren’t suited for her age.

This is when he came across Mike Zhang, a World-Famous Thai Boxing Champion with a Master’s Degree in Applied Science from the University of Toronto.

When the two put together their knowledge, including Mike Zhang’s access to laboratory equipment where he conducted advanced regeneration research, the foundation of this program was discovered.

Why Was Lean Body Hacks Made?

The story behind why he created this program is pretty shocking, nearly-tragic and interesting…

Sgt. Smith was enjoying a day with his family when he got one of the scariest phone calls a man could receive—Smith’s sister was watching their mother die right in front of her. And called Smith in a panic asking what she should do.

After phoning for an ambulance and being rushed to the emergency room the medics were able to spare Lisa’s life. It turned out she had a stroke—all because of a late pregnancy and an high intensity interval training injury that kept her off her feet and caused her body to go into a downward spiral.

Afterward, the doctor gave shocking news: If Randy’s mother didn’t lose 47 pounds in 7 weeks, she would continue at high risk of another stroke… And the second stroke may kill her.

Yet, with her already beat-up body and low energy levels, there was hardly anything she could do to drop the weight.

And then the unthinkable happened—because one day she came home from a doctor’s appointment and found her husband of 23-years in bed with their neighbor who had a perfect body.

And while the seductive neighbor across the street slipped back into her dress and high heels, Lisa’s pathetic husband muttered, “I’m just not attracted to you anymore.” And that was the final straw for Lisa—who overdosed on Tylenol that night…

Sgt. Smith found her the next morning next to an empty bottle of pills—still alive and breathing. And when she woke, nothing was the same again.

After this, Sgt. Smith had to come to Lisa’s rescue and discover some way to help her lose weight, get healthy and feel confident—or he may lose his mother forever.

And that’s when he contacted a guy he had a chance encounter with years prior. His name is Mike Zhang—the world famous kickboxing champion with a Master’s degree in Applied Science that we mentioned above.

And he showed Randy how to get Lisa to lose two pounds of body fat every 2 days by combining a unique blend of herbs and spices scientifically proven to boost metabolism and force the body to produce healthy and slimming gut bacteria.

He compiled 30-years of research to make this lean body elixir and called the unique blend for Randy’s mom, the golden ratio.

How was he so sure it would work for Lisa? Well—Mike’s mom had a similar story. And when she drank this herbal solution, she dropped 87-pounds in 12-weeks with zero-exercise or changing her diet.

With Mike’s help and credentials, Randy put this wicked good product together for the world to share. Because Randy’s mom experienced quite possibly the most incredible break through the weight loss industry has ever seen.


The best advantage to Lean Body Hacks is that you don’t have to spend your life running on a treadmill or eating nothing but carrots and lettuce. You can lose weight effortlessly simply by fixing your gut flora and that’s what this system teaches you.

As a result, you start to shed weight effortlessly. It’s like it just comes off which makes sense since your metabolism is increased and your gut flora is healthy and turning food into energy instead of fat.

It is also a huge benefit that the program has been scientifically proven to work.

You can do all the weight loss regimes in the world hoping to lose sustainable weight but never knowing until you try, or you can do a program that has been proven by scientists to work, and that’s what Lean Body Hacks is.

You just can’t deny science.

We also really liked how the program was digital, as this can allow you to have the information needed whenever and wherever you go, whether it is to the grocery store to pick up the herbs and spices or to the kitchen to cook something up.

The bonuses are also a great addition and you just can’t go wrong with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, as this gives you the confidence needed to embark on a weight loss journey.

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that we love how the program gives you the information needed to continue with it well beyond the 21-days.

You don’t have to stop once you have completed the system – and why would you? You have everything you need to keep going on this new weight loss journey of yours.


We really can’t think of a disadvantage for Lean Body Hacks. If we absolutely had to pick something, it would be nice to have the option of downloading the program in audio form. Not everyone enjoys reading, so having this extra option would be a good extra.

Although, it would be difficult to follow through a 21-day system just by listening to it, so it makes sense why this program does not offer the files in audio format.

After all, it isn’t just a book that can be read to you. It’s a system; a guide; a regime; a lifestyle change.


Lean Body Hacks is a comprehensive system that guides you right into losing weight the healthy, natural and scientifically-proven way.

It’s highly focused on using a specific ratio of herbs and spices but it also goes into other topics, such as your stress and your sleep patterns.

It takes the time to give you all the information about this breakthrough discovery, and everything you need to put it into action to achieve your own weight loss goals.

And you get two months to try it. Two months! You have nothing to lose other than a bad gut flora that is doing some serious damage to your body.

Also we highly, highly recommend you amazing p3-om-probiotics with this program.

So just don’t wait, click the button below and start your Lean Body Hacks now.

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