Intego Mac Antivirus Review – Is It Really Good? Should You Buy It?

Intego is a company dedicated to producing software solution for Apple products. Therefore, the company’s Mac Premium Bundle X9 is compatible with MacOS.

However, you don’t need to have the latest MacOS version installed since this suite of application is compatible with OS X 10.8 and up.

It’s nice to see that Intego is thinking about users of older hardware, who now have a reliable way to protect their Mac, resolve certain technical problems, and make sure their computers run in the best way possible.

Getting started with Intego’s suite of applications begins by visiting its official website. This is where you can buy the software first, and then proceed to download it.

However, Intego is also offering a free trial with no restrictions in terms of features.

Do Mac computers really need antivirus protection?

Well it’s a common myth that owners of Mac computers don’t have to worry about protecting their devices from viruses, but how true is this today?

If you are one of the many people running MacOS and you’re not sure whether or not you need security software, read on.

If you’ve got an iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini, you may be wondering if you need to install an antivirus program to remain safe and secure and protect against the range of threats you keep hearing about in the media.

But then, you may have heard that malware only affects Windows systems. So what’s the truth?

As with most questions relating to security, the answer is not crystal clear, but this article will help you gain a better understanding of the topic.

Mac computers have long enjoyed a reputation for being essentially immune to viruses and other types of malware.

However, while they are still much more secure than Windows systems, Macs are still vulnerable to some malware, and it’s a growing problem.

Apple’s built-in security system does a reasonable job at keeping malware at bay, but you should still consider beefing up protection by installing antivirus software.

Do you really need an antivirus to protect a Mac?

In short, yes of course you do. Mac’s are not immune to malware and Mac-targeted attacks are increasingly prevalent.

Following best practices for securing your device and using built-in security features can help, but an antivirus software can serve to protect your device even further.

About Intego

The first time you open any of the applications included in the Mac Premium Bundle X9, you’ll see a Welcome Screen letting you know about what to expect.

Some applications will also ask you to set up custom preferences, like VirusBarrier for example. This is where you can choose from three levels of security: Minimum, Standard, and Maximum.

User Interface

What’s nice is that Intego is using the same design language across all those apps. They look, feel, and work similar to each other.

Giving you an in-depth look at each application would take plenty of time, so instead, we’ll focus on VirusBarrier, which is perhaps the best example in this suite. However, we’ll also tell you what to expect from other applications as well.

Ease of Use

To give you a little glimpse of what to expect, we’ll go over Intego’s VirusBarrier. So, here’s how you can use this application to safeguard your Mac against today’s malware.

Everything you need to get started can be found on VirusBarrier’s Welcome Screen. First, we recommend you to check the following options:

  • Real-Time Scanning: Intego’s VirusBarrier can actively scan your Mac in the background in real-time and alert you of any suspicious activity. You can enable/disable this feature and even customize it by telling VirusBarrier to quarantine or repair suspicious files.
  • Scheduled Scanning: You can also instruct this application to run scans in certain time intervals. For example, you can run a full or quick scan each day at a certain time.
  • Safe Browsing: Lastly, you can let VirusBarrier pick the best settings for your Web browser that will keep it more secure and prevent you from visiting fraudulent websites.

At any moment, you are free to run a quick or full scan, which can be accessed from the left-placed sidebar.

And you can always return to this application to decide what to do with potentially dangerous files. You can choose to delete them or repair them, if possible.

A similar design principle is present in other apps within Mac Premium Bundle X9. It’s up to you to visit all of them, choose your preferred settings and let them do their job in the background.

Some of these applications are more complex than the others, like Personal Backup, for example. However, seeking help on Intego’s website should clear any doubts.

Is Intego Any Good?

Overall, Intego is a good antivirus for MacOS-based computers. It will protect you well from Mac malware. But if you are transferring files to Windows PC, you should check them with another antivirus.

If basic protection is all you need to feel safe, Intego is the right solution for you. Advanced users who expect to get some extras won’t be disappointed as well.

Many Mac users still believe they don’t need any protection from malware.  It really was so some ten years ago, but Macs aren’t immune to viruses anymore. If it weren’t like that we wouldn’t write this review.

Hackers have created various malware targeted at MacOS-based computers. Ransomware, adware, and trojans are all real threats, which means Mac users should get a reliable antivirus solution to stay safe.

For now, Intego has been protecting Macs for more than 20 years. It claims to offer complete antivirus protection with a full-featured firewall. Therefore, it can block attacks both from the inside and outside.

Still, is it really better than other industry leaders that offer cross-platform solutions? Let’s take a closer look at what Intego has to offer.

Reliability and Security

As Intego antivirus focuses predominantly on Macs, it is no wonder it copes well with malware samples targeted at this OS. Both AV-Test Institute and AV-Comparatives tested and further certified this product as a security system for MacOS computers.

Even though malware for Macs is not as diverse and well-spread as the one for Windows, both labs had proper capacities to run efficient tests and check Intego’s reliability.

The antivirus detected 100% of all the malware for Mac it was exposed to. Also, it got the top result fighting against PUAs and unwanted spam programs.

Intego antivirus claims that it can detect Windows malware. This way Macs should not become storage for viruses and not spread them around.

However, AV-Comparatives’ tests have shown rather poor results – Intego managed to detect only 28 percent of Windows malware. AV-Test lab returned with even worse results – in these tests Intego detected an awful zero percent of Windows malware.

Intego has a panel in its interface that shows the status of Safe Browsing in Safari and Chrome. But it doesn’t really watch over your online activity. The antivirus simply reports if the built-in browser safety extension is on.

Intego built-in filters will also put phishing e-mails you get into the spam folder protecting in this way your sensitive information.

Intego Virusbarrier and Other Features

Now, when it is clear that Intego offers decent antivirus protection for Macs, let’s take a look at other features the software offers.

Most top antivirus products nowadays have developed into complex security suits that have tune-up tools, safe storage, VPNs and other useful extras included in their top-tier packages.

Intego does not lag behind the competitors and allows its users to benefit from a two-way firewall, clean-up tool, parental control and files backup. Every package Intego has is a mix of the features listed above. You can therefore easily pick a product that offers exactly the features you need.

VirusBarrier is just what it sounds like – this component protects Macs from viruses. It scans the system 24/7 and checks all files once you access them. Also, VirusBarrier updates virus databases automatically.

NetBarrier is basically a two-way firewall that is supposed to protect your Mac from unauthorized access. With this component included in the package, Intego will ask you to identify the network you use when you launch it for the first time. Then this utility will display instructions to guide you through features.

The firewall can block unverified connection attempts in the Public Hotspot mode. In Home or Work mode it will allow incoming internal connections like new devices that you need to connect to the network. You can create exceptions and additional rules as needed. But the average user will most likely get confused with these settings.

Mac Washing Machine X9 is another feature that may be included in the bundle. It will clean the system from all the junk so that your computer runs fast and smoothly. Additionally, it will help with files organization.

Content Barrier is a parental control component that users having kids will appreciate. The feature not only allows to restrict access to certain content but also makes it possible to record children’s activities and set limits on time they can spend online. Settings can be customized for every kid, which is very convenient for families with two and more children.

Personal Backup feature comes with a self-explanatory name. It will automatically backup all the important files letting users to never worry about losing crucial information. The tool creates multiple files copies to guarantee the best possible result. Backups can be scheduled so there’s no need to manually launch the process every time the new file needs to be copied.

Available Packages

Currently, Intego offers 4 packages to choose from. Every single package has VirusBarrier and NetBarrier components. Therefore, whichever tier you pick, you will get real-time protection from all sorts of malware and network protection.

Mac Internet Security X9 is the basic package that only includes the antivirus and firewall features mentioned above.

Content Barrier Secure X9 is designed for families with kids as parental control is added to the bundle.

Washing Machine Secure X9 package offers clean-up tools in addition to security tools. It will be a good choice for users who hope to speed up their devices by getting rid of junk files.

Mac Premium Bundle X9 is Intego’s most expensive package. It includes every component mentioned before. Therefore, if you believe you need all the tools Intego has created, the Premium bundle is up your alley.

Customer Support

Intego knows that their users will need help at times. And since this company has been offering software products for a long time now, they’ve developed numerous customer support channels.

  • Knowledge Base: To get started, you can take a look at the company’s knowledge base. This is where you can find all kinds of questions and answers. No matter the question you have, we recommend you to start here.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: The official support center (on the company’s website) comes with a segment containing plenty of frequently asked questions. They are nicely categorized and there’s an option to search manually.
  • Apple Resource Center: Interestingly enough, Intego has a section on their website dedicated to educating Apple users. You can learn about malware, all kinds of myths and misconceptions, how to stay safe online, and plenty more.
  • Support Tickets: Finally, you can also choose to open an official support ticket. If you can’t find help in any other way, you can send your inquiry to Intego’s tech support. You should be able to receive a response within 48 hours. In practice, a response will come within 24 hours in the majority of situations.


The truth is that Intego’s Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the best way to ensure that your Mac is running at its best.

Plenty could be said about this amazing software suite, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for an all-in-one package.

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