Good Morning Snore Solution Review – Does It Work or Just Hype?

If you’re looking for a clinically-proven solution that fits very comfortably and actually works, Good Morning Snore Solution is well-worth taking a look at.

The Good Morning Snore Solution is doctor-developed to be the safest, most effective and least invasive snoring mouthpiece. It is a revolutionary anti-snoring device that targets the most common cause of snoring: your tongue.

The Good Morning Snore Solution does not require customization and is designed to accommodate most users. It comes in two convenient sizes. 

What is the Good Morning Snore Solution?

The Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue retainer, or to give it its full name, a tongue stabilizing device. This mouthpiece is like an inverted pacifier for a baby.

Just as a pacifier can make a baby sleep quietly, clinical trials and tests have shown that the Good Morning Snore Solution can give you quiet nights too.

By squeezing the tip of the mouthpiece, you create a vacuum that pulls your tongue forward. The outer edges of the device rest in front of your teeth and gums, keeping everything in place.

Once fitted correctly, your tongue will sit in between your teeth, crucially, away from the back of your throat.

How It Works?

There are dozens of reasons why you might be snoring at night, but the most common cause is an obstruction to your airway.

It might be from the soft tissue of your throat relaxing as you sleep; it might be from your tongue collapsing backwards and making noisy vibrations as oxygen flows past it. If you’re overweight or have medical issues, those might play a factor, too.

The Good Morning Snore Solution stops your snoring by focusing on the tongue.

It’s a mouthpiece that gently holds your tongue in place while you’re unconscious, preventing it from rolling backwards and causing any disruptions to your breathing.

It might sound like a funny kind of product, but it’s based on legitimate science.

Tongue retaining device (TRDs) have been clinically tested and approved to help with things like obstructive sleep apnea.

The Good Morning Snore Solution has simply taken this technology and applied it towards snoring, too.

Evidence for the Good Morning Snore Solution

The clinically proven Good Morning Snore Solution is backed up by hard science. Research conducted at the University of Calgary showed that the users of the Good Morning Snore Solution had a significant reduction in respiratory disturbance and snoring.

As a testament to the comfort of the device compared to others, 70% of users said in this study said they would continue using the Good Morning Snore Solution.

Why use the Good Morning?

Lots of anti-snoring devices work well for many people. So why should you try the Good Morning Snore Solution?

We believe this device has some stand-out features that make it one of the most effective snoring remedies available:

Fits everyone

This device doesn’t require any adjustment and readjustment. You can wear it straight away, fitting perfectly for most people with minimal effort. This universal fit is a great alternative to custom fitted mouthpieces which can cost much more money.


The alternatives to tongue retainers are mandibular advancement devices which can sometimes cause lower jaw pain, discomfort or even bite misalignment. The Good Moring Snore Solution uses soft, flexible material that is comfortable and gently moves the tongue to stop snoring.

Proven to be effective

Clinical trials have shown objective benefits to using this mouthpiece, with significant reduction in snoring and respiratory disturbance compared to a control device.

Can be worn with dentures

Because the Good Morning Snore Solution works on only your tongue, wearing dentures doesn’t affect its function. Other mouthpieces that fit on the teeth are unsuitable for denture wearers.

Quality materials

This mouthpiece uses dental plastic resin used in many dental-grade products. This means with proper cleaning, the Good Morning Snore Solution lasts for about one year. Importantly the device is reassuringly safe to use, being BPA free and FDA approved.

30-day satisfaction guarantee

Good Morning Snore Solution comes with a no-risk return policy. So if you aren’t completely satisfied after 30 days, you can return it for a full refund.

Who is this device for?

Many people can benefit from using the Good Morning Snore solution:

Overweight people (BMI 25-30)

Excess fat around the neck can lead to compression of the throat which can bring on snoring. Holding your tongue forward can mitigate this, opening your airways and reducing snoring.

Nighttime mouth breathers

If you can easily breathe through your nose but still wake up with a dry mouth or sore throat, it’s because you have been mouth-breathing in your sleep. This is known to aggravate snoring. The Good Morning Snore Solution encourages healthier and quieter nasal-breathing.

If you have consumed alcohol

Alcohol relaxes the muscles in your mouth and your airways which can massively increase tongue and mouth-based snoring. Holding your tongue forward with this device stops this heightened relaxation obstructing your airway.

Mild to moderate sleep apnea sufferers

This mouthpiece has shown to be effective for people who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea, a great alternative consumer remedy for people who struggle with CPAP.

Why It’s Different?

You might be asking yourself why the Good Morning Snore Solution is so special.

If TRDs are a known entity, what makes the Good Morning Snore Solution such a standout?

good morning snore solution snoring mouthpiece review

For starters, TRDs aren’t a known entity.

They’re gaining popularity as more and more people realize their benefits, but the most common anti-snoring products are mandibular advancement devices (MADs) that re-position the jaw rather than manipulate the tongue. 

So a lot of snorers don’t even realize that TRDs are an option.

The Good Morning Snore Solution also has benefits that other TRDs don’t. There are several reasons why we consider it a step above the rest.

But don’t let us keep you in suspense. Here’s an in-depth review of the Good Morning Snore Solution.


The Good Morning Snore Solution looks a bit like a pacifier. It’s a single piece of silicone with flared sides and a “bulb” opening where your tongue rests.

To use it, simply squeeze the bulb, insert your tongue and let it create suction as you withdraw your hand. Then close your lips around the sides. The fit should be airtight but comfortable.

That’s it!

You’re using the Good Morning Snore Solution! It didn’t require a detailed instruction manual. It didn’t force you to fiddle with screws, hinges, jaw trays or locking mechanisms.

You literally just put it in your mouth and let a natural suctioning motion do the rest. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Fitting the Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece

There’s no real way to customize the fit of the Good Morning Snore Solution, and that’s a bummer. Since everyone is different, it would be nice if the manufacturers offered multiple sizes and shapes for different mouth types.

On the flip side, you probably won’t need to customize this device. It sucks the air out of the bulb and rests it snugly against your tongue, so it creates a kind of naturally personalized fit through a self-made vacuum.

The only things that might cause a problem are the flared edges. They fit between your front teeth and the inside of your lip, and if they’re too big or too small, they might feel a bit uncomfortable.

However, they shouldn’t cause any pain. The silicone of the Good Morning Snore Solution is soft and flexible, and it should conform to your mouth without difficulty.


Something that we love about the Good Morning Snore Solution is the fact that it can be used by just about everyone. While other mouthpieces come with warnings and restrictions for certain types of people, the Good Morning Snore Solution is accessible to all.

Do you wear braces, dentures or other corrective oral equipment? No problem. The Good Morning Snore Solution won’t interfere. It doesn’t go all of the way into your mouth, so it won’t disturb whatever dental work that you’ve got going on in there.

Are you a side sleeper or back sleeper? It doesn’t matter. The Good Morning Snore Solution will keep your airways open regardless of sleep position, and it won’t hurt even if you rest your cheek directly on your pillow.

Speaking of pillows, you’ll be pleased to know that the Good Morning Snore Solution can be used with everything from microbeads to memory foam. Again, this isn’t always the case with other anti-snoring devices like MADs. Those products might force you to replace your favorite pillow in order to complement the mouthpiece.

The Good Morning Snore Solution doesn’t play these kinds of games. It can be used by all kinds of people. The only requirement is that you snore.


There are no signs of the silicone wearing through or starting to crack. The average lifespan is a year.

It will help if you clean it after every use. Even if the bulb doesn’t look dirty, the human mouth is full of bacteria, and this can cause damage to even the strongest of products. Do yourself a favor and wipe down the Good Morning Snore Solution before sticking it back on your nightstand in the morning.

As a side note, don’t use any harsh chemicals on the Good Morning Snore Solution. The silicone is probably tough enough to endure it, but there’s just no need. Rinsing and wiping is fine.

Side Effects

Are you sitting down? Because this one is a doozy.

There are no side effects to using the Good Morning Snore Solution!

The worst thing that can happen is a little soreness in your tongue or a little awkwardness with the fit. Like any mouthpiece, it might take an adjustment period before you’re able to truly forget that you’re wearing it.

But there are no other side effects to worry about. The Good Morning Snore Solution doesn’t cause drooling, dry mouth or any of the usual symptoms associated with MADs.

You can use it with zero self-consciousness around spouses and roommates since it won’t cause any embarrassing moments overnight.


When you look at the product, it seems pretty simple, and the cost may seem a little high.

However, what you’re really paying for is the innovative design and all the work and research that went into making it a viable anti-snoring solution.

Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece Bundle (single device): $104.95
Good Morning Snore Solution Mouthpiece Value Pack (two devices): $159.94

If you and your sleep partner both snore or you have a friend or family member who suffers, the value pack offers significant savings well worth taking advantage of.

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