Forward Head Posture Fix Review – Is It Real Solution?

Thanks to hours sitting at our computers and driving our cars, rounded shoulders and forward head posture are problems for up to 90% of people.

Not only is “text neck” unsightly, it can actually cause a bunch of health problems and hurt athletic performance. Which all these are painful experiences.

But thankfully physical therapist Rick Kaselj has created a program called Forward Head Posture Fix.

It claims it will help improve your forward head posture and rounded shoulders in just a few minutes a day. Most people have serious computer neck so we gave the program a try.

Forward Head Posture Fix might make you think of the song, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Knees and Toes…” but it’s not for kids. Instead, it’s for the complete opposite!

As you age, your spine begins to curve, neck and back pain increase, and you start to channel your inner Hunchback of Notre Dame.

And it’s not a laughing matter. The discomfort can be unbearable at times, and the brain fog added on top of looking like an old man (or woman) only makes it worse.

While aging is inevitable, the pain and discomfort doesn’t have to be, and by targeting one muscle – yes, only one – you can realign your posture and diminish all of those terrible aging symptoms that your bad back is causing.

Forward head posture occurs when your neck slants forward, placing your head in front of your shoulders. It’s caused by bad habits, such as spending long periods sitting at your computer or looking down at your cellphone.

Forward head posture forces the muscles in your neck and back to work harder to keep your head upright.

What is Forward Head Posture Fix About?

To put it simply, Forward Head Posture Fix is a program that fixes bad posture and all the problems associated with it. But of course, it’s also much more elaborate than that.

The online program teaches you the ins and outs of your posture; why it’s important; the health risks associated with a poor posture and much more. This is a valuable aspect because when you know why your body is reacting a certain way, you can better understand how this system will correct it.

Additionally, knowing how your posture impacts your musculoskeletal and neural system, as well your physical activity and peak performance is a huge motivator to commit to the routine provided.

So, you don’t just learn what you need to do to fix your posture and all the headaches, tension, and discomfort that comes with it. You learn the importance of doing so and why it’s something you shouldn’t ignore any longer.

And you don’t have to wait any longer either. The Forward Head Posture Fix is an online program in which you gain immediate access to as soon as you purchase the program.

You can then go in and download the content to your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

This is a huge benefit as it allows you to do the exercises and catch up on the reading whenever and wherever you please. We personally like the content on phone so you can do the routine as soon as wake up or in between commercials in the evening.

It’s completely up to you and whether or not you even want to keep doing the program is completely up to you because it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which means, if you don’t like the results, you can get a refund no questions asked. Isn’t that great?

But let’s get serious here, after finally relieving all that pain, tension, headache and discomfort going on, getting a refund is the last thing you’ll want to do.

You’ll be too busy running laps and feeling like a million bucks. Yes, seriously.

exercises to correct forward head posture

Who is the Author of Forward Head Posture Fix?

Mike Westerdal is a national best-selling fitness author, personal trainer, sports nutrition specialist, a contributing author to Iron Man magazine and the founder of the popular strength site, 

Needless to say, he is the person you want to take advice from when it comes to your health and fitness injury specialist, Rick Kaselj also contributed to this program.

Buying a program like the Forward Head Posture Fix requires that you get to know who is giving you the advice that you are supposed to follow because you need to know whether or not they know their content.

Mike Westerdal is an accomplished personal trainer and founder of the site. He is also a nutrition expert with multiple works to his name and fitness books in the market.

Rick is an injuries expert who has created several techniques that are used to help people who are recovering so that they get their own bodies back to the state they were in before getting injured.

With a degree in Kinesiology and a master’s degree in corrective exercises and rehabilitation, we doubt you can question the credibility of the creators of this program.

Overview of the Forward Head Posture Fix Program

The program is a fairly comprehensive guide that goes through the health and science of your body and right into the routine that will fix a bad posture.

To help you to get a better understanding of what you can expect from the program, we’ve decided to break down each chapter. Read it carefully.

  • What is Posture and Why is it Important

Just as the title reads, this is where you learn what your posture is and why it’s absolutely crucial to your overall health.  Our favorite analogy? “Your posture is like the window into your spine.”

  • How to Assess Your Posture

Now this is a good chapter to read. You may feel like you have a bad posture – or even a good one –you simply never know until you properly assess it and this is where you do just that. You can even watch the videos to see exactly what to do for the self-test.

  • Posture’s Impact on the Musculoskeletal and Neural Systems

It is estimated that 66% to 90% of people suffer from forward head posture. Unfortunately, this is much worse than simply having a bad posture and it can lead to more serious issues. Alertness and breathing are only to name two of the many.

  • Injury and Pain in the Body Caused by Texting Neck

Texting is the root of all evil when it comes to your posture! As Newton’s 3Rd Law says, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Ouch. Literally.

  • Getting to Know the #1 Muscle that Supports your Head

There’s one muscle that sits atop the rest that plays a huge role in your overall posture and health. Find out what it is in this section and what it means for you moving forward.

  • The Most Common Causes of FHP

Not sure why you have a poor posture or hunch back? Read this chapter, as it discusses the most common causes of forward head posture.

  • Proper Spinal Alignment for Physical Activity and Peak Performance

If you want to improve appearance, confidence, social skills, lung capacity, and so much more, then learn how to reach peak performance with a proper spinal alignment.

  • Why Static Stretching Alone Isn’t the Answer

Don’t be mistaken – stretching won’t do justice because it isn’t just about the movements but rather, the order of the movements.

  • The Routine

Inarguably, the best part of the program is the routine. This is where you learn 11 differently movements that help fix your posture.

Think drills, breathing exercises, flexor training, massages, strengthening – the whole nine yards.


It doesn’t end there either!

You will also receive several coaching and follow along videos to further your Forward Head Posture Fix.

From exercise swaps to exercise videos, instructional videos and more, you have everything you need.

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that you can contact them directly if you have any questions and you receive the following bonuses as well:

  • Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit
  • 10 best Natural Sleep Solutions
  • Top 10 Fat Burning Exercises for 2017 – DVD
  • Free Copy of the Pain Hacker DVD

So, if you’re ready to stop living your life in pain with a horrible posture (and appearance), it’s time to get the Forward Head Posture Fix. Just click the button below and start your relief today.

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