Flat Belly Code Review – Does It Really Work? (Detailed Review)

Most people want to lose weight in these days. This program here to help you achieve this goal of yours.

Flat Belly Code is an effective and simple weight loss guide in the form of eBook that is fully equipped with the high-end dietary training techniques, primarily aimed at reducing stubborn belly fat in your body.

It carefully unfolds the essential secrets to achieve a flat belly by defining and using the scientifically proven formulas that help to boost the body’s natural fat burning hormones and exploit the hormonal shift that takes place in an individual’s body normally after the age of 40.

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you no doubt have had to starve yourself or stop eating all of your favorite foods again.

In past, you probably were asked to do loads of boring difficult exercise.

And even if you did manage to make it a few days or even weeks through all that torture, as soon as you stop, all the weight just comes right back!

Lets face it here, there is so much “Health Hype” out there that losing weight is just downright confusing. Low fat, low carb, low calorie, gluten-free, paleo, and the list goes on and on.

How is anyone supposed to make heads of tales of all that.

And it doesn’t help that so much of the weight loss information you read about contradicts each other!

Well that is about to change with this program…

There has been a lot of research lately into weight loss and it turns out that the human body is perfectly capable of melting pounds of stubborn fat all by itself without crazy diet restrictions or hours of boring exercise.

And the even more shocking thing, is that more people don’t know about this. So many people continue to fall victim to diet scam after diet scam.

A select few people have began to learn about their bodies miraculous “H” factor and how you can literally turn on and off your bodies fat burning and fat storing abilities.

One person in particular, who is just like you and me, not only lost over 40lbs using this method, but has also just made public the exact techniques he used.

It’s called the Flat Belly Code. It shows you how to burn as much stubborn fat as you want WITHOUT counting calories or cutting carbs. It’s creator, Drew Hamilton is just like you. He has struggled with weight loss most of his life.

He finally found a way to “hack” his body’s natural fat burning ability which helped him lose over 40lbs in record time.

And the best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice delicious foods or do hours of grueling exercise.

Drew shows you step-by-step how these fat burning switches work and how easy they are to turn on and off.

And the best part is that it doesn’t involve cutting out your favorite foods and you won’t have to do do hours of difficult exercise to see results.

The Flat Belly Code program uses proven science to “hack” your bodies fat burning ability to not only force your body to store less fat than it does now, but also turns more of the fat you do eat into energy, instead of storing it.

The Flat Belly Code program comes with a complete 28-Day meal plan that shows you exactly what to eat for every meal including over 40 quick and easy recipes.

It also includes a “no excuses” workout guide that shows you how simple 5-minute workouts done at home and at a specific time of day, can be 3xs more effective than any gym workout.

Drew also includes over 40 meal replacement smoothie recipes that can be used to replace any meal. The complete weight loss blueprint is laid out for you step-by-step.

Discover the secrets and the basics of weight loss

The main guide takes you into the biological center of weight loss. If you have ever lost a large amount of weight and found yourself gaining it back.

This will be a wonderful perspective for you to finally get back on track. For instance, you would learn the truth behind how Asians who survive mainly on pasta are one of the slimmest people in the world.

You would be shocked to find out that all the stuff being put out as health food are killing you faster than you realize. And best of all, you would see how you can cut back on exercise and still effectively lose weight.

A dynamic 28-day meal plan

It can be hard really finding a steady regime on your own. So, the course with a uniquely combined diet plan for you. These are not hard to prepare recipes that you will have to crack your head over.

They are made with simple ingredients and take less than 15 minutes preparation time. It won’t be the usual thing of eating healthy and having to spend so much.

You must have heard many people complain about how cheap junk foods are while the healthy substitutes are costly. That is because you don’t have adequate information about getting healthy options cheaply. This is what this plan does for you.

Easy-peasy exercise guide

You will get amazing do-it-at-home exercise moves that will give you the flat belly you desire in record time.

You can find exercises that are adaptable for you whether you are just starting out on exercise after a long break or you are somewhere in the middle or even already an advanced fit person rearing to give yourself more results.With this guide, you can save all that money used for gym payments.

Yummy smoothie recipes

With over 40 smoothie recipes, this program will not leave you stuck on a monotonous regime. You can always switch up your diet game with smoothies made from vegetables and fruits across different seasons.

Another amazing thing about these smoothies is that they work as a meal replacement. So, you won’t have to binge on empty calories in those moments you can’t make a meal immediately.

Instant access to all information

This is not one of those programs that insists on a gradual release of training materials. You probably don’t want to wait another day extra to get rid of that extra fat on your belly.

So, this works just fine that you can take in the information all at once after you sign up. All at your desired pace.

Advantages of the Program

In some cases, the Flat Belly Code program can help to reverse type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension.

You won’t have to give up your favorite meals.

There are no strenuous and boring exercises.

Unlike many other programs, this program is absolutely effective. And if you do not get the desired results, there is a money-back guarantee.


The program is only available online.

For results, there must be total dedication and hard work.

It is not a quick fix to weight problems.


The Flat Belly Code is recommended for folks who wish to lose weight in their midsection. It is highly effective, and can work to provide you with a firm, slim and more beautiful figure.

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