Everyday Roots Book Review – Does It Work? (Detailed Review)

Nutritional information changes every year, as do diets. There are millions of them out there. Which one should you follow?

One day we are told that protein is a killer and bad for you, the next we are told to only eat protein.

We grow up thinking we should eat fix fruit and veg a day, then we are told fruit and veg are filled with sugar and we shouldn’t eat that much.

It can be confusing knowing what to eat for a healthy lifestyle right?

This interesting book, Everyday Roots, written by Claire Goodall, will help you about this. Claire is all about holistic health and is of the firm belief that raw and natural are good.

But we have heard about raw and natural before, you may say? Well, we read author Claire Goodall’s book so we could find out why her Everyday Roots book really is groundbreaking.

And note, Claire Goodall does not only write about foods. She focuses a lot on natural products of all sorts. Some of which will surprise you.

What’s Everyday Roots About?

Written by Claire Goodall, an old soul, nature junkie, and natural health advocate… The 326 page book explains the types of natural remedies and resources your ancestors may have used.

Claire grew up in a little cabin in Minnesota close to nature. In 2009, she was run-down and sick of feeling the side effects of the medications she was taking, so she set out to find safer, more natural and more happy way to live her life. The result was Everyday Roots.

So, whether you’re looking to make less toxic cleaners, or you want to create a new lifestyle… Claire will show you how to live a life free from toxic products and medicines.

Claire Goodall believes in natural ways. She herself had been on a long journey of ill-health and toxic medications and spend years learning about healthy alternatives.

Claire in particular likes totally organic. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and course roots, her book is called Everyday Roots. But if the word root frightens you, like why should you be eating roots, never fear.

Claire is very clear in her book, which is a 250 page eBook about which foods are good for you and which is bad she gave it all. She has broken the book down into sections and the surprising thing about this book is that the food you can eat is easy.

She is also very clear about which organic herbs or roots you can use in organic and natural cleaning products which she shows how to make it easily.

Yes, this is all about easy. It’s about foods, herbs and roots that are easy to obtain, well priced, and will change your life. You too can lead a natural diet, and Clare Goodall shows you exactly how to do it.

About the Author

The Minnesota native and beekeeper was inspired to make a complete lifestyle overhaul in 2009 when a medication she had been taking not only stopped working, but brought about severe side effects that greatly hindered her well-being.

Relocating off the grid to a cabin in the woods, Goodall began researching, experimenting with, and recording the natural resources that grew in abundance around her and, it turns out, are available to us all.

By replacing harmful store-bought beauty, dietary, household, and health essentials with safe and highly effective homemade alternatives, Goodall completely transformed her quality of life. “Everyday Roots” is essentially the fruits of her labor.

What will be achieved through this book?

What will be achieved through this book will be:

People will learn to live a healthier life and to be able to live it better in order to consume remedies that can be done in the comfort of their house.

People will learn that they can treat certain diseases, such as seasonal allergies, headaches, coughs and other health conditions, with natural ingredients that anyone has in the kitchen cupboard, such as apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and honey.

  • People will learn how to make their own natural beauty products which, of course, will be free of toxins. The advantages of having this book is that people will not have the need to buy or use the toxic products that are sold in the market to brush their teeth, clean their hands, wash their hair or do the laundry. They will have the advantage that they will know the products that were used in these home remedies and they will be assured that none of these are harmful to the health of anyone who uses them.
  • People can have a big smile on their faces and pockets full of money because with all these small changes that will be made, people will spend much less money on expensive products of the market and will be able to spend the money that they could not before in going out with their friends or family, to enjoy their lives and their money.
  • People will be able to take control of their lives and do what they always wanted to do without having obstacles that would prevent them. People will become more independent of large industries and corporations, and of traditional medicine to be much more self-sufficient.

Benefits of Everyday Roots

The Everyday Roots book promises a lot of benefits for you when you stop using products with harmful chemicals and you start using only natural remedies and healthy options.

You will get relief from headaches and migraines and you will be able to soothe ailments such as colds and sore throats with natural products which will help you to heal faster.

You will also start to improve your metabolism and curb your cravings, so that you can lose weight naturally

When you use the natural beauty product recipes in the book, such as the homemade shampoo and conditioner, you will find that your hair is healthier, stronger, shinier and more attractive.

Many store-bought shampoos are filled with a lot of chemicals and they can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it dry and damaged.

The benefit of using these products is that they are all natural, so they don’t bring with them the risk of side effects. They will not pollute your body with harmful chemicals and toxins, they will simply heal you with affordable, natural products that are found in the world around us.

Plus, another one of the major benefits of using the natural versions of these products is that they will save you a lot of money. Many of the home remedies are a lot cheaper to make than the store bought version but they will do the same job. You probably have a lot of the ingredients already on hand.

What do you get besides Everyday Roots book?

This book does not come alone, but comes with three free bonuses:

Everyday Herbs: It is an additional guide about holistic herbs that speaks of medicinal and healing herbs such as lavender, chamomile, red raspberry leaf, lemongrass, valerian, nettle, peppermint, basil, echinacea and elderberry among others. People will learn how to grow their own herbs and discover how to use them to heal the mind and body.

Coconut Oil Book: In this book you will discover the 107 uses that can be given to coconut oil to improve health, hair and skin; and they can also be used in household and pets.

Lifetime Membership: The good thing about this third bonus is that people will be able to purchase Everyday Roots updates, every time the book is modified, for free. People will be able to access all future changes and additions in the book because the author is always discovering new remedies, redefining the products that are used for the house and creating new beauty recipes.


What kind of remedies will be found in this book?

In this book you will find lots of remedies for the following kinds of pains:

Headaches: People will be able to get the help they need to alleviate and eliminate any kind of migraine or headache they have in their lives.

Sore Throat: People will learn how to do home remedies that will alleviate the discomfort of a sore throat and help cure it faster.

Weight loss: People will learn how to get their metabolisms activated for a more effective and faster fat burning, and how they can stop feeling those strong cravings they have. They are provided with tips on how to lose weight naturally and how it should be done so there is no rebound effect that causes people to recover those lost pounds.

Homemade Shampoo & Conditioner: People will learn how to make homemade shampoos and conditioners that manage to clean the hair in a deeper way so that it has a better shine and grows with much more force than before.

Gas & Bloating: People will be able to get rid of those annoying gases and bloating by knowing which teas and which herbs alleviate these two problems.

Acne: People will be able to get rid of all those scrubs, medicated creams and exfoliants filled with health-damaging chemicals by knowing they can do home remedies to treat acne naturally.

Arthritis: People will be able to relieve themselves of the strong and unbearable pains of joints by being able to create natural balms and salves.

Nausea: People will learn how to relieve annoying nausea by simply preparing natural drinks or herbal teas.

Constipation: People will be able to get rid of this problem by adding some simple drinks and making small, but substantial, changes in their daily diet.

Cold Sores: People will be able to prevent this problem from returning in the future in addition to achieving an improvement in recovery time.

Dandruff: People will feel more relieved and will not feel any more embarrassed to eliminate the flakes that are produced by dandruff and dry scalp.

Toothaches: People can finally feel relieved to the point of being free of all the discomfort and pain that dental sensitivity causes.

Who should read Everyday Roots?

Everyone who cares about their body and what they put in it, and who wants to lead a healthy life should read Everyday Roots. And everybody who is worried about our planet should read the book.

The book is a great book to have next to your bed; it is filled with wonderful ideas. It is also an excellent present for someone, teenagers too. Everyone is concerned these days about natural and organic – this book helps.

In the book you will also find recipes where you can make your own soap, deodorant and shampoo. There are remedies for sore throats and coughs, inflammation, bruising, headaches and more.

What does living a natural life mean?

In her book Everyday Roots, author Claire Goodall talks about the things that are NOT good for the environment. Did you know that every time you wash your jeans in the washing machine, the soap cause damage.

Do you know every time you wash your dishes, your dishwashing liquid is causing damage. Every time you clean your bathtub, you are damaging the environment.

And every time you eat meat, literally thousands of litres of water have been used to farm that meat. Same with chicken. Goodall also shows how we are over fishing and causing damage to our oceans.

So living a natural life, according to Goodall, is about slowly making changes and heading towards a more sustainable way of life. She gives the most wonderful ideas and timelines too.

And then of course, there are all the natural recipes that are given as a bonus with the book. Do you know how to make your own soap? We didn’t, until we had reviewed this book.


Ultimately we all deserve the best quality of life available, which is essentially the heart of “Everyday Roots.” While you may not be ready to undergo a complete lifestyle overhaul such as Goodall’s, you can start small with simple adjustments to your diet, health, beauty, and household m.o.

The easy and effective recipes Goodall provides are based on years of exploration and application; what she lacks in collegiate credentials she more than makes up for in experience.

For those seeking a fresh and comprehensive approach to holistic living with a no-nonsense backbone, “Everday Roots” is well worth the investment.

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