EVATAC Combat Bag Review – How Good Is It? (Detailed Review)

Let’s face it, some bags out there are flimsy, made from  weak material that can easily tear, have poor quality zippers that get stuck and generally don’t last more than a year or 2.

That ends NOW with the new Combat Bag from EVATAC.  This tactical backpack is at tough as they come and similar bags sell from $159 to $229+.

What is the EVATAC Combat Bag?

The Combat Bag is a recently-released backpack created by survival equipment company EVATAC. The backpack is priced at $80. It promises to offer heavy-duty protection that’s superior to other survival backpacks.

Other backpacks are made from flimsy, weak material and have poor-quality zippers that get stuck after less than two years of use. The EVATAC Combat Bag, on the other hand, promises to be the last backpack you’ll ever need to buy.

As the name of the bag suggests, EVATAC recommends their Combat Bag for military use. It’s tough enough to survive combat situations – or at least, that’s what EVATAC claims.

The backpack is currently being marketed online through ApeSurvival.com, where it’s advertised to campers, hikers, day trippers, survivalists, and other outdoorsy people. It’s not exclusively for survivalists, preppers, or military personnel.


Here is the list of features you can expect from the EVATAC combat bag and what we think makes this an amazing choice for a bug out bag:

  • Made from 600D Polyester making it extremely durable.
  • Heavy duty zippers and accessory clips.
  • Padded wide shoulder straps
  • Back Panel for extra comfort
  • Chest strap to secure the pack even more whilst running or hiking
  • 4 Waterproofed compartments which saves you having to waterproof everything inside the bag
  • 10 Separate carry compartments including a padded section for a laptop or tablet.

You can see the EVATAC combat bag has all the features we mentioned above and what you’d expect from a top end tactical bag. And Top end combat bags like this normally cost at least $180 or some brands even $220. The EVATAC bag is currently on sale for $129, which is an amazing bargain if you ask. Plus, early adopters will get 3 excellent survival training guides for free.

The shipping is worldwide and also free but we wouldn’t hang around too long. At this price, This bag wont be in stock for long.

EVATAC Combat Bag Pricing

EVATAC Combat Bag is priced at $79.

If that sounds expensive for a backpack, then consider the fact that EVATAC compares the backpack to combat backpacks priced at $179 and higher.

Shipping is also included on the backpack. Your bonus guides are delivered to your email inbox. Shipping is available around the world, including to Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and most European countries.

All payments are processed through Clickbank. On the sales page, you’ll be given the option of adding an additional backpack to your order for $79, along with another survival eBook for $17.

About Ape Survival

Ape Survival is a survival equipment retailer found online at ApeSurvival.com. The company’s goal is to give you the equipment you need to “prepare, defend, survive” any situation.

The company is best-known for its survival grenade, the 15 in 1 survival kit (priced at $9) that can be wrapped up tightly like a grenade.

The company also offers a Rescuecard 16-in-1 multi-tool for emergency situations, as well as emergency flashlights and emergency knives.

The EVATAC Combat Bag is the company’s newest product.

Ape Survival is based in Hawthorne, California. You can contact the company by email at contact@apesurvival.com.

Should You Buy the EVATAC Combat Bag?

The EVATAC Combat Bag is a straightforward backpack priced at around $80 online. The backpack advertises itself as a heavy-duty backpack suited for military use. However, it is not currently used by military forces anywhere in the world.

As a new product, the EVATAC Combat Bag also has very few reviews listed online – so it’s difficult to determine if the backpack actually works as advertised.

Overall, the EVATAC Combat Bag appears to be a medium-quality backpack that contains multiple compartments – including waterproof compartments – to help you survive tough situations.

It’s not the heaviest-duty backpack on the market, but it may be the right solution at this price range.


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