CoolAir Personal Air Cooler Review – Should You Buy It?

CoolAir is a three-speed controlled fan which is powered by a connection to a USB port.

It is compact and has a portable design, so whether you are in the office, working from home or staying at a friend’s, you’ll be able to take it with you wherever you go.

This device cools, purifies and humidifies the air around you, creating a personal space that suits you. It has a mood light setting, with 7 different colour options to set the tone for your day or night.

CoolAir is a powerful, lightweight and compact personal air conditioner that you can take anywhere. It creates a clean and natural atmosphere in your room. It humidifies and purifies the air without annoying noise.

This personal cooler actually cools around you, where you need it the most, while having the size and energy consumption of a small fan. Forget sky-high electricity costs and large or troublesome air conditioning units!

Having an air conditioner on all day can cost a lot of money and take up too much space. This product is an effective alternative to air conditioning, as well as a more efficient and powerful replacement of the common fan.

It uses a very small fraction of the electricity and all without sacrificing any of the main benefits of a top AC model.

It’s tiny, easy to use and it can cool you in seconds! There is no need for installation or extra maintenance costs. CoolAir is a perfect solution against heatwaves! 

How does it work?

It has many qualities which makes this appliance a perfect choice for an air cooler and use wherever you need it. Some of the major features are listed below:

  • It can be easily operated and can be powered simply by using a USB connection.
  • The water tank can be effortlessly filled and lasts up to eight hours.
  • The Hyperstech CoolAir has a whisper-quiet fan which can be changed using three different speeds option.
  • It has a built-in LED mood light which comes with seven different color options.
  • It is available in a sleek and compact design which can be fit into a range of spaces including a desk, nightstand or a coffee table – wherever you deem fit.
  • Hyperstech Cooler is an ultra-portable meaning you can take it as your companion to wherever you travel.

The CoolAir desktop fan is powered by connecting to a USB port

It has a small tank which you fill with water. This is what allows the device to act as a humidifier and purify the air around you. A motor powers the fan and the optional LED mood lighting system once connected to a USB port.

Once you fill it with water, it can last up to 8 hours!

The mechanism behind it is also quite simple: it pulls warm air from the area through its evaporative water filter to fill any space with cool, clean and comfortable air. Even though it’s fighting a constant battle against the heat, this small but mighty unit continues to pump out that cool air silently.

Easy to install and so small to fit almost everywhere. In 5 Steps:

  1. set to the desired position
  2. Fill the tank with water
  3. plug in USB
  4. set the wind direction
  5. adjust the desired temperature

You will get cool – moist – clean air!

The almost silent fan and the soothing night light make it ideal for sleeping all night long.

Is it easy to setup CoolAir?

Yes. It took two minutes to open the package and about another two minutes to set it up. Once everything is out of the box, all you need to plug in the electricity and fill the built in water tank with water. Opening the package was the hardest part. All in all, it is a pretty straight forward process.

Is cool air any good?

Best of all, running costs are extremely low. Air-conditioning units will cool down an entire room and work better in high humidity environments, but they require ventilation and are more expensive to buy and run.

Fans can cover a wider area, but don’t have an effect on air temperature

What makes Coolair so awesome?

Fast cooling 
In less than 60 seconds you will enjoy the benefits of a wonderful, temperature controlled personal space 

Extremely quiet fan and soothing night light 
Perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep.

Compact and portable 
You can plug it into your office or any room of your house via a plug or USB port.

3-Speed Fan 
Ideal for all your needs. Try it when sleeping, working, or playing sports.

Long-Lasting Tank
Fill it with water and no need to refill for the next 8 hours.

Who Is CoolAir For?

Anyone in need of a cool breeze and a lower temperature in their home or workplace will notice just how beneficial this product can be. Whether you just want to relax while watching TV in your living room, or you’re trying to cook in your kitchen but the heat is too intense, you will find that CoolAir is the solution.

For children, this device is even more popular as it also features a nightlight that changes color for ultimate effect.

In conclusion, if the summer is too hot to handle, then CoolAir is the very thing you need.

You know that the next heat wave isn’t far away, and when it comes, you’ll be happy to realise that you made the right call by getting one of these magical devices.


First, it’s important to understand that this isn’t a device designed to cool an entire room. Rather, it’s a device aimed at keeping one or two person cool.

Testing performance on a relatively hot summer’s day, with typical humidity levels, we found that the this Personal Air Cooler managed to output a stream of air that was considerably colder than the ambient temperature.

It made working at desk more comfortable and, thanks to the way it works, meant that we could still have windows open for fresh air.

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