ClickBank University Review – Can You Really Make Money? (The Truth)

ClickBank has been a very well-known platform for both vendors and affiliate marketers to make money online for years.

So many people want to make money online in this internet age and this creates opportunity for big trusted brands like Clickbank. 

They had launched their first version of ClickBank University back in 2013 and 3 years later they’ve upgraded it to 2.0.

Today in this ClickBank University review we are going to give you the most detailed and honest review you will ever encounter on the internet. Stay here until the end!

What is ClickBank University?

ClickBank University 2.0 is an upgraded edition of a series of online course which aim at helping both vendors and affiliate marketers to utilize ClickBank and make money online.

If you’re familiar with affiliate marketing, you should know that ClickBank is one of the largest affiliate marketplaces for selling digital products. 

However, the main focus of ClickBank University is to teach people how to create their own digital products to sell on ClickBank.

You can also learn how to market other people’s products via affiliate marketing.

The program was created based on 17 years of research and experience from Clickbank, the worlds leading online marketplace for digital products.

In the last three years, Clickbank has sold over 300 million digital products and paid out over 3 billion in commissions – Not Too Shabby.

And now Clickbank University is offering up their expertise, so you can learn how to create your own successful online business, digital product, or learn affiliate marketing too.

Is Clickbank University Legit or Scam?

Clickbank University is NOT a Scam, it’s a REAL Educational Program!

It is a solid membership program, with some decent training available.  It is also very reasonable value for money, for the training they provide.

This program is best for people wishing to create and market their own product on the Clickbank platform.

So, if you have some expertise in your field and you think you have a product in mind that you’d love to produce – go for it!

What Are ClickBank University Tools?

The CB Site Builder

What is Clickbank University photo of CB Builder logo

This is easily the highlight of the Clickbank University.

And can save you literally thousands of dollars using this program as a vendor/product creator.

CB Site Builder is an easy to use drag and drop style interface that allows you to build a wide variety of site, such as:

  • Membership sites
  • eBooks
  • New product pages
  • Sales pages
  • Thank you pages
  • And product funnels.

Take a look at the dashboard below:

What is Clickbank University photo of their Site Builder


Dashboard for Clickbank University Site Builder

  • Also Clickbank University (CBU) offers a nice bonus of free hosting for unlimited product pages, with the Clickbank Site Builder, as well as your own free domain name.

In less than 10 minutes you can have your own product page built

You can also upload eBooks right into you product page using the Site Builder.

Then CB University will teach you how to download you eBook right into the Clickbank Marketplace, where other affiliate marketers can promote  your eBook for you.

The only downside we can see with this style of website builder is if you ever want to leave the Clickbank University program, you might be out of luck trying to change hosting and may loose your various website pages.

But hey, if you’ve gotten that far in the process with your digital product, then you’ve got the skills to go out and do it on your own.

And if you’re making enough money from your CB product, and it’s paying for your CB Membership, plus making you some positive cash flow, you’d just keep it, right?

Who wouldn’t.

Class: Here you’ll find the live and prerecorded Webinars that are much more extensive in duration of over an hour long. Currently they are expanding these videos and there is only one video available to watch.

Vendors: This section is for product creators. You will find an 8 week course loaded with information dedicated to help you create your first digital product.

Advanced: We couldn’t review this page in some copyright reasons.

But it seems to be a continuation of building traffic, advanced selling strategies, split testing and conversions, social media, and paid advertising.

Affiliates: 19 short video courses that focus mostly on building a squeeze page and capturing emails. Not very extensive training and in our opinion, very incomplete.

Talks: Again, this is pretty limited with 5 personal interviews of successful entrepreneurs who have already made it using Clickbank, not Clickbank University. They give you advise and motivational information to help you along you path with CBU.

Inside Clickbank University 2.0 Members Area


Inside CBU 2.0, you’ll see there are a few tabs. In order to get access to all the lessons, you have to fill out a form and request it. Otherwise, the lessons are drip-fed on a schedule. The main training is going to be the “vendor” training.

You’ll learn how to create a customer avatar, set up a landing/sales page and funnel, getting your product on Clickbank, then scaling your business. Each section of the training has several videos, and they range for 3-25 minutes long.

There’s a ton of content, so Clickbank University is worth the price if your are creating your first product and trying to learn how to sell it online!


You’ll also have access to the Clickbank University Forum, where you can get in contact with other members, and exchange ideas. The forum portion of the program has improved dramatically in the past 3 years. 


Pros and Cons of Clickbank University

The Good

  • Lessons are great for newbies, anyone new to creating their first informational product
  • high quality videos to be honest, very easy to understand
  • they have their own site builders where the hosting is free, and you can build affiliate sites using the clickbank platform (you still have to purchase the domain name) Similar to Weebly builder but has done for you landing page templates that can save you tons of itme trying to design your own.
  • Forum & Webinar is available for members to provide personal support

The Bad

  • A bit disappointed by the lack of advanced affiliate marketing training.
  • Decent forum where people are providing support for each other but it doesn’t feel as personable as other private facebook groups that we are in including the one for our lead generation program
  • You can go through weeks 1-3 immediately but to unlock further training, you have to submit a ticket which is bit annoying. We feel like some of us that are more versed in online marketing, can breeze through the training much faster
  • We listened to few of their webinars and did not discover much new information at all, in fact much of it was focused on simply signing people up on Clickbank or promoting the University to others for a commission, it felt a bit unorganized.
  • Just learning about how to create info products and how to set up landing pages doesn’t guarantee success as clearly seen by so many products on Clickbank that hardly gets any sales. The program doesn’t do a good job on digging deeper into why some products succeed and why some fail.

Who Is Clickbank University For?

We can say that CB University is best suited for those of us who are looking at actually created our very own products to promote.

If you are already an expert in doing this then CB University won’t teach you anything new, but if you are a beginner or still in a learning phase than you will definitely get a lot out of it.

If you are primarily interested in affiliate marketing or internet marketing, then we are afraid this won’t be exactly what you are looking for as it is primarily focused on product creation.

However if you interested in full affliliate marketing training course then we suggest you John Crestani’s course. He is proven Multi-Millionaire Affiliate Marketer. 

>Check John Crestani’s Course Here<


Well, if you ask, We’d say that this program is definitely worth the money if you are an aspiring online entrepreneur who strive to create your own digital product.

And, if you want us to put a price on the program,  its worth $300.

So it’s worth to give it a try… 


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