Bodyweight Burn Review – Does It Really Work or Just Hype?

Looking to create a healthy lifestyle with a killer body? Bodyweight Burn may be your answer. 

This twelve-week program promises to melt body fat, increase metabolism, and get you into the best shape of your life. All of this and you do not need to step a foot inside a gym. You heard that right! NO GYM MEMBERSHIP.

Bodyweight Burn, as you may have guessed from its title alone, uses your own bodyweight to create resistance for each exercise. 

You will be amazed at how effective this type of fitness program is, you may even decide to repeat the whole thing over and over.

Split into two, six-week phases, the program quickly builds momentum as your metabolism goes through the roof.

Who is Adam Steer?

The author of this book, Adam Steer is a fitness celebrity, a weight loss writer with numerous programs released. He is also a specialist who used to train in the weightlifting, bodybuilding fashion. He later switched from that to this kind of healthy fitness that is designed for all.

He then noticed that the gymnasts had very good bodies that were very fit. This was intriguing because you find that most of them have never touched a weight in their life. That got him interested. He has been travelling the world learning about that stuff.

Now he gives it to you. It is known as calisthenics and it has all that you need to be the fittest one.

What is The Bodyweight Burn Program All About?

This is ap program that has been programmed to make sure that you do not have to do those cumbersome exercises. You will find that this is more specific and more tuned than that. There is always an easier way for everyone to get fit and this is it.

The brief description of the things that you will find in the book is given here.

  1. Short Workouts– It has been discovered that prolonged workouts actually don’t help you that much unless you are training for endurance exercises. You will find that the workouts in this one will last just 21 minutes each day. You will never go beyond 30 minutes. You will work out 6 days a week and rest for the body to get back bounce.
  2. Increase in Metabolism– when you have a high metabolism, you will be able to acquire a certain quality. The higher the metabolism, the faster the body burns fats. This will happen even when you are asleep. You will find it to be very effective when compared to other kinds that you may find out there.
  3. Cortisol– When you are doing the running exercise, you will reach a point where they become useless and you actually start gaining fat. These treadmill exercises are not good in large quantities. You will interfere with cortisol levels and if they go high enough, you won’t be able to change anything.
  4. Insulin– This is a key hormone that regulates the blood sugar that you have. It will also affect the ability to store fat. You will be able to keep the insulin sensitivity high and that is how you get fat loss. The fat cells are converted to muscle and that is how you will achieve the rock body.

As you can see, the program is based on scientific findings that will help you know exactly what you are doing and that is how you will be able to get the body in the best shape as fast as you can.  There are two phases of the workout that will complete the whole set.

The Bodyweight Burn Phases

The entire program is built to last about 12 weeks in total. There are two phases and they will each take half of that time to complete. These phases will take you progressively from the baseline to the finish and that is how you will be able to win.

Cardioflow Workouts will start you off. This one helps kick the metabolism into the overdrive that you will need to burn the fat faster and effectively without trying too hard. It is an easy concept.

The rest will include: after burn workouts and metabolic muscle session workouts.

Who Is It Made For?

This program is perfect for busy people who don’t have a lot of free time!

Your age and current fitness level is not a factor for these fat burning exercises you can do at home. If you’re comfortable stretching, moving around, and your body is capable, jump into it. Also, this program will work for both male or females.

You’ll notice the videos show both women and men performing the exercises, so no one is excluded from this bodyweight circuit.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a “muscle building” program. 

You’ll burn fat and build a lean toned physique. It won’t cause any “bulking” on women and it won’t add a large amount of muscle on men. If your goal is big bodybuilder type muscle, you’re better off joining a gym and lifting weights.

This program is perfect for you if you want to lose some weight, improve your health, look great naked and feel more confident at the beach or in the boardroom.

The Workout Program

This is a 12-week workout and meal plan and the designed goal is to lose over 20 pounds of body fat in that short timeframe.

The 12 week program is broken into 2 phases. The first phase is the metabolic base phase. The second phase is the metabolic explosion phase.

Phase 1

The first six weeks (metabolic base) is designed to get your metabolism going and is a great bodyweight circuit. You will do the same schedule every week, with 6 mixed workouts, with one rest day. Having a higher resting metabolism will help you burn more calories throughout the day.

So how does this work you ask? A big misconception is that you’ll burn most of your calories during your workout. This isn’t the case. The rate of your resting metabolism is a key comoponet of weight loss.

Example – If your resting metabolism is 75 calories per hour, and we can boost it up to 100 calories, this is an extra 25 calories per hour. You might do an extra 30 minutes at the gym and only burn an additional 100- 200 calories (depending on the workout). The difference could be hundreds of calories per day. This boosted metabolism will help you build lean muscle and create definition in your body.

Phase 2

The second six weeks (metabolic explosion) – you’ll step it up a notch. This phase uses high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT has become very popular due to the overwhelming evidence to suggest how well it burns more calories in a short period of time.

This is great because after the first 6-week phase, your body will adapt and it will be time to adjust. You’ve probably heard of muscle confusion…

By making small changes whether it be a different weight, the number of repetitions, or different moves, will help your body to continue to lean down and build muscle. Similar to the metabolic phase, the second phase will continue to be 6 days a week with a rest day.

*Note for those starting to see changes and are eager to push it, don’t skip these rest days. Rest days are very crucial for recovery. These are the days when your body repairs itself and builds the muscles.

The Workouts

The workouts are split between cardio and bodyweight circuits. Most of you have either seen or participated in a few of these types of workouts. These include pushups, sit-ups, planks, jump squats, mountain climbers, running in place and much more. The workouts are set for 21 minutes with a few minutes for a warm up (recommended) and a cool down (great for preventing lactic acid build up).

This program can be done virtually anywhere. Since no equipment (except your body) is needed, they can be done at home, on business trips, vacations, or anywhere you feel the need.

Another note about the workouts is they’re functional workouts. The machines at the gym force your body to lift a certain way, or in a certain direction. This is good if you’re using these movements every day. Outside of the gym, you’ll rarely be picking up a weight that is tied to a dumbbell or barbell. These exercises are much more practical and functional in your everyday life.

Carb-Synch Diet

The diet developed for the Bodyweight Burn program is named the “Carb-Synch Diet” due to the fact that the carbohydrate requirements change each day depending on what type of workout you do.

There are a total of 5 different kind of diet days and are as follows: Low Carb, Moderate Carb, Good Carb, Back Load, and 24 hour fast.

The primary difference between the first three days (low, moderate, and good carb) is the portion size of carbs you are allowed to have.   Low carb days are what the name implies – low carb – while good carb days are less stringent and don’t have any portion controls on carbohydrates.

A back load day is where you will only consume your carbohydrates late in the afternoon, after you have already done your workout.  The purpose of this is so that the carbs are immediately taken up by your muscles for growth.

24 hour fast days are the most challenging out of all the carb-synch diet days.  For 24 hours you are encouraged not to consume anything but non calorie liquids. 

These days might be too hard for some to handle, so you are allowed to change them for low carb days.  You are also suggested to take a BCAA supplement to help minimize muscle loss on these days.

Regardless of which diet day it is or the amount of carbohydrates you are allowed to eat, you are advised never to overeat or stuff yourself.

You are allowed to cave in to your food desires about 10% of the time or about 2 meals per week.  Therefore, if pizza is calling your name, no problem.  Just make sure the meal doesn’t turn into an all day pig out.

Supplements are not required, but there are few that are strongly recommended: omega 3, BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid), and protein powder.  These will help your recovery time and help in muscle growth.


• You will have the workout videos and the PDF documents. When you combine these, you will have a killer workout that will take you through every step with ease and grace.

• The program has been simplified and made minimalist which means that is if you have access to the videos and the PDF eBook, you will be fine.

• There is also the element of the time that you will save seeing that you will be working out for 21 minutes only in a day.

• The program comes in the digital format which means that you will have easy access to it whenever you need to use it. That makes it convenient.

• As you will be using no gym equipment, it means that this program is way cheaper than most that you will find anywhere else.

• There is also the amazing 60 day 100% money back guarantee if the book and the videos fail to make an impact with you. You will find it extremely easy to take this on.


• There is a fasting day in the program and some people may find it hard to stick to. That is why you can be excused from it.


This is one of the best fitness guides that we have seen of recent. Adam Steer has taken the game to another level and you will find that there is nothing that you can’t do when you have this one.

You will find that you can get everything that you need easily and with no extra cost or difficult exercises that will tire you for no reason.

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