Baby Sleep Miracle Review – How Can You Get Your Baby to Sleep Easily?

Babies do have the talent for timing. They can sleep all day even with all the blaring of the car horns, the loud noises of people in the house, and the TV.

Just when you are about to get some sleep, of course the baby cries.

Some babies are more difficult than others. They sleep in the daytime and would be full of energy at night. For the unlucky parents, they can say goodbye to having a good night’s rest. They watch over the baby in shifts and sleep alternately.

But it’s no way to go especially if you have work in the morning. Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of accidents behind the wheel and at work.

Baby Sleep Miracle uses studies of sleep and developmental psychology from Harvard University and Stanford University to provide you with 100% natural and safe ways to get your child to sleep quickly and effectively.

And as an exhausted parent, you’re ready to do just about anything to get your little one to go to bed so you can finally get some rest.

This program offers you a variety of helpful tips and techniques, bedtime routines and valuable information based on clinical studies that work. So, if you’re ready to finally catch up on some Z’s, here’s what you can expect from Baby Sleep Miracle.

What Is Baby Sleep Miracle?

The method was developed by Mary-Ann Schuler. Remember that name because you would be offering flowers at her alter after this Baby Sleep Miracle review. We will talk about the author later on but first an introduction.

There are a lot of fish wives’ tales on getting your infant to sleep. The most common is that you are under the mercy of your baby because you have no control over their sleeping patterns. They wake up when they want to and go to sleep when they want to.

Another misconception is that you force your baby to wake up during the day so they will sleep soundly at night.

However, this is unhealthy for the baby. For newborns, they need to be sleeping from 16-20 hours per day. At three months old, the number of sleep time drops to 15 hours. At 2 years old, the number of hours further goes down to 12.

These are some of the misconceptions that the Baby Sleep Miracle aims to correct. The book is based on extensive research but devoid of all the technical and medical jargon so it would be easier to understand for parents.

What You’ll Gain

One thing you will learn is that sleeping can be learned by babies. You can actually teach them this proven method so you don’t deprive yourself of sleep. The methods can be taught for newborns or for toddlers up to 5 years old.

For first time parents, a crying child is overwhelming, especially since the infant can’t yet verbalize what it wants. The baby will cry if it’s hungry, thirsty, uncomfortable, anxious, startled, sleepy, and the list goes on and on.

With this method, you will learn to answer all the questions surrounding your baby’s sleeping patterns.

Now, your baby won’t be a source of stress and you can play with it any time of the day without feeling dread or guilt.

The information and tips are laid down in simple terms. Even if the author is a psychologist by profession, she really made it a point to use only words that can be understood by everybody, and we appreciate that decision.

There are four chapters here, and each of those chapters has 16 sub-chapters. She explains the theory of it all before giving you the practical tips.

You will learn how to train the baby to sleep on its own, and you will learn how to look for red flags to determine if the baby is ready to sleep. You will also learn the primary emotion of the baby (anger, irritability, discomfort, separation anxiety) which leads to the tantrums.

The baby doesn’t yet know how to deal with the overstimulation of all its senses. Of course, it is the parents who will make sure the baby is calm at the outset.

However, the baby will be taught how to calm itself so it doesn’t need some external motivation to do so. You will learn how to read the clues as you experiment with the methods outlined in the book.

But the child will also look for clues as well to determine if it’s doing something right. If the parents will freak out on every little stress, the child will take that as a clue to also behave the same.

The author will then teach you how to show the child to be self-calm. In the same vein, you have a responsibility as a parent to avoid overstimulating your child. You have to time your responses with what your child can process.

If you are too aggressive, the baby will shut down and back away. You will then learn the optimum intensity of stimulation that your child will respond to.

Who Is The Creator of Baby Sleep Miracle?

The creator of Baby Sleep Miracle is Mary-Ann Schuler, a trained psychologist, and mother of two. She knows exactly what you’re going through because she was once there too which is what led her to finding the solutions provided to you in this program.

They are all based on her own personal experience as a mother, as well as sleep and developmental psychology from Harvard University and Stanford University.

Does the Baby Sleep Miracle Work?

Now for the crux of this Baby Sleep Miracle review: does the method work?

There’s a bit of a learning curve and you can expect some resistance on the part of your baby. This is to be expected. As long as you follow the instructions to the letter and keep at it, your baby will respond eventually. According to the author, the method already helped more than 17,000 parents all over the globe.

The experience of all those 17,000 couldn’t have been coincidental, right?

The Baby Sleep Miracle works because it goes back to the basics. You will understand why they cry and you will respond accordingly. Every time the baby cries and you address what it wants immediately, this shows the child that he or she doesn’t need to be stressed out—mom and dad are there.

How Much Does Baby Sleep Miracle Cost?

This product currently costs $37. This is a product that is supplied using the ClickBank platform, one that is well established in selling digital products.

The great thing about ClickBank is you know that you get a rock solid guarantee. On the order page they state you get a 60 day money back guarantee. This allows you to try the product without the stress of losing money if you are not happy with what you get in return.

And remember, even if the product author doesn’t issue the refund, you can contact ClickBank directly. Baby Sleep Miracle must be confident their product works if they offer such a guarantee!


Put simply, Baby Sleep Miracle finally allows you and your little one to sleep. It is a detailed system that teaches you effective bedtime routines, rules, and techniques based on your child’s specific age. It starts with infants and can be used right up until your child is 5-years old.

So, you don’t just receive sleep now. Baby Sleep Miracleprovides you with a comprehensive program that you can continue to use until your child finally figures out that sleep is a necessity and not worth throwing a tantrum over.

Add in the bonuses and you have everything you need to combat all types of “I don’t want to go to bed,” and “I can’t sleep” excuses.

Now, you do have two months to try the program with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you really have nothing to lose – just a whole lot to gain, simply by executing proper techniques based on sleep and developmental psychology from Harvard University and Stanford University.

So, if you’re ready to get the sleep you need while also giving your child a good night’s rest, this is a natural, effective and safe solution to doing just that. Just click the button below.

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