AppCoiner Review – Can You Really Make Money?

AppCoiner claims that you can earn money by reviewing and testing various mobile applications.

So the more reviews you pump out, the more money you earn.

Instead of working on the hour, you earn money by getting payed a compensation.

Appcoiner makes it seem fairly easy to write reviews as you do not have to do a whole lot of research on each application you test.

According to the website, these applications need testing and reviews in order to gain popularity and more users.

What is AppCoiner?

The AppCoiner program assists people in making money easily through mobile applications.

Basically, you will be testing these applications and there are countless apps out there waiting for some recognition.

You will be testing one app at a time and then provide a review for the app.

This way you will be helping to create some awareness about that app and this may lead to more downloads of that app.

The main aim of app makers is to get more and more people to download that app and you will be promoting that app.

You get some money for using, testing, and reviewing each app.

So, there is nothing to lose in this deal. The app developers, you and the makers of this program can all profit from this process, App Coiner brings you and the application developers together.

Where to Start?

There are nothing confusing or complex things, it’s an easy process but you must be a great reviewer for this to actually work. As it will be your reviews that will be generating some income for you, they have to be good.

There is a little one-time startup cost that you have to pay and this is the only payment you have to invest. According to the makers of this system, this cost is crucial as it is required to cover the costs of salaries, maintenance fees, website hosting, and other expenditure.

You must recognize that this system is a kind of affiliate marketing system. It is created for the marketing of App Coiner and the developers and their apps related to this system.

It is the same when these app developers hire people to work with them in order to test their apps, find flaws and then give back a feedback.

You will be doing the same!

Working With AppCoiner

The process of working with this program is a 3 step process, let me explain:

  • Choose an application to test from their app review database and test it on your tablet or phone.
  • Write your honest review of the app on the review website of AppCoiner.
  • The more apps you test and the more reviews you write, the more money you make!

Yes, of course, it will matter when you are an old reviewer, you will get preference and you will earn more. Moreover, each app pays differently for being tested. There will be a counter to inform you about the amount of money you made.

Write Reviews

You start by registering with them and creating your own account with this system. This is where you will get all the apps that you need to test and then write a review. Of course, you pay to get registered, but it’s just a one-time payment and there are most certainly no hidden costs.

With this registration, you become a member and get access to the member’s area with the log-in credentials that you will be receiving.

While writing the review, ensure that you give a thorough review explaining the working of the app and the look and feel in a gist. And DO NOT leave any omissions or mistakes. A review that has mistakes and is not accurate might get rejected. If your review is not accepted, you must compose a new one.

Get Paid

After registering, you get instant access to thousands of apps present in the app store for Android and Apple. Next, you will choose from a list of numerous applications, find an app of your choice and interest. Test as many as possible, compare them if possible so that you can reach a conclusion about which is the best app.

One good way to get through this process is by relying only on the applications made by well-known developers.

People who have vast experience in this field and the good developers of the app industry will make reliable & secure apps with no security issues. After you have located the app, click on the app and you will receive a link. You will make money with this link and as I told you earlier, this is an affiliate link.

Earn Commissions

Yes, you will make affiliate commissions. After writing the review, just wait for users to read the review you wrote. In case the review is convincing enough for the user to try this program, they will get the App coiner or download that app.

When somebody will use your link for either of this, you will make commissions.

This program is even better for people who have worked with affiliate links and marketing in the past. The best thing is that most people will be eligible to use this program. You will require a smart phone or a tablet, means an iPhone, Android, tablet or iPad can work.

What is better than getting paid to play games? Test gaming applications, everyone loves that irrespective of their age, the mind-boggling and action-packed games. Then, you need to tell people about the game and your gaming experience in order to earn money.

But be ready play a lot of different games in a single day in order to earn hundred dollars by the end of a day.


Well, it’s totally depends on you…

Although the support team of doesn’t pay you for writing review but they promote your review thought different ways and make sure your review reaches to maximum audience.

If you have resources and think you can promote your review then I suggest you to don’t invest your money in this system. Contact the developers of new Apps in Play Store or itune store and ask them if they arrange affiliate link for you so you can promote their app by writing review.

However, if you feel it is difficult for you to promote your review then I suggest you to join AppCoiner. The team behind this system has various resources and they invest money in promoting your review. Additionally, your $27 is an investment which is backed with 60-days money back guarantee.

This mean you’ve full 60 days to test this system and see if you can recover your investment in these two months or not.

Is Appcoiner Scam?

It’s not but making money solely depends on your own performance. It’s not like one of those get rich quick or make money by doing nothing things.

Like any business some people make money with Appcoiner some of them don’t. Just test it and see it for yourself.

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