Agoda Review – How Safe Is It? (Detailed Review)

Agoda is one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel booking platforms. Established in 2005, the start-up quickly expanded in Asia and was acquired in 2007 by Booking Holdings Inc. – the world’s largest seller of rooms online.

Agoda is headquartered in Singapore, with 53 offices in major cities across over 30 countries and over 3,700 staff worldwide. It provides a network of over 2 million accommodation properties, including apartments, villas, homes, and hotels backed by over 15 million real traveler reviews.

Agoda was a pioneer in non-hotel accommodation, offering villas and homes throughout the region from the very start.

Agoda is a hotel booking service owned by Booking Holdings, which also owns and If you’re strictly looking for hotels, this is one of the best services. It has good search features and offers secret deals with heavy discounts.

Like most of the booking services, Agoda lets you sort search results to find the lowest price or the most highly rated hotels for your target dates. You can also look at the secret deals that Agoda selects for you. These are highly discounted rates, sometimes as high as 4 percent, at hotels that remain anonymous until you book a stay. If you’re looking for the best deal, this is a good place to start.

You can filter your results, so only hotels that fall within a certain price range or have certain amenities are displayed within the results. This is also where you can remove certain types of accommodations, so if you’re not interested in hotels or resorts, you can exclude them from the search.

Agoda includes hostels and apartments in its results. If you’re traveling by yourself, a hostel is usually cheaper than a motel if you don’t mind sharing rooms with fellow travelers.

You can filter your results by neighborhood or use the map view to see where your hotel is and how far it is from landmarks and attractions. Agoda doesn’t include landmarks and attractions in its filters, which is something we found useful in other services.

Agoda has some features that are uncommon among these booking sites. One that stands out is the option to get emails if the price changes on a hotel you’re thinking about booking. This can help you get the best price if you’re planning a trip far enough in the future to price-watch. Agoda also has price matching, and will reimburse you the difference between what you pay and a lower price you find.

This is a good service for booking hotels, but not as useful for vacation planning as others we reviewed. You can search for flights through Agoda and it will aggregate results, though you’ll have to book through the carrier and not through Agoda. You can’t purchase a flight and hotel package through this service, something other services offer and can be a way to save on your travel.

Is Agoda Safe? Is It Reliable?

Agoda is realiable site for hotel bookings. Customer will not face any issues at time of check-in thanks to their business model. There business model ensures the hoteliers to keep track of inventory on their site.

Agoda uses a merchant model by taking upfront payment for the booking. This model makes hoteliers happy & payment is made upfront, which ensures sales. Agoda also makes hoteliers to be more involved by giving them more autonomy with price & inventory.

Why Use Agoda?

Whenever you travel to a new city or country, you must find a clean and safe place to sleep on your very first night. This is especially difficult if your flight arrives late at night and you suddenly find yourself in a brand new city after dark.

Agoda usually lists over 200+ places to stay depending on which city you are currently in. This not only saves you a lot of time, but let’s you compare similar rooms side by side. They also list all the amenties and key information you need to make an honest decision about a room.

How to Use Agoda?

Head over to Agoda and enter your current location, checkin date and number of guests.

Next, Agoda will show you a list of recommended rooms but I prefer to sort the results from lowest to highest price by clicking the “Price low to high” feature.

Why? Because you can sometimes find excellent rooms for up to 80% off. These hidden gems get buried in the recommended results but you will easily find them once you sort by price.

To further refine your results, use the sorting options on the left hand size to filter listings based on price, amenties, facilities, and property types. You can quickly search for hotels under $50 per night or find cheap hostels without going through every search result manually.

What Other People Say About Agoda?

Some people on internet complain about bad customer support or overcharging experiences.

Some people also liked the experience very much they had with Agoda. So decision is totally up to you at this point.

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