1Tac Tactical Pen Review – Is It That Good?

Nowadays, it can be advantageous for you to have a tool for self defense should emergency situations arise.

If you are looking for one that is truly functional yet is not bulky at all to bring with you then the 1Tac Tactical Pen is the product that you might want to consider.

1Tac Tactical Pen

According to the official website; The 1Tac Tactical Pen is the World’s Finest Multi-Function Weatherproof Tactical Pen made from Lightweight, Durable Aircraft-Grade Aluminum.

The instrument Includes a Tungsten Steel Glass Break Tip, Removable Steel Blade, Easy-Writing, All-Weather Medium Point Ball Point Pen, Integrated 80 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight. Featuring Diamond-Cut Non-Slip Grip. As elegant in the boardroom as it is effective in the field.

The manufacturer claims that this product is truly useful and reliable despite its diminutive size. As the name goes, the 1 Tac Tactical Pen comes in the size of a standard pen, yet has a wealth of features that makes it great for self-defense use and other utility applications.

It features an ultra-bright LED flashlight, has a razor sharp stainless steel blade on one end for self defense and utility use and also has a forged tungsten tip that can be used to shatter glass easily.

The 1Tac Tactical Pen is also made of high quality durable materials and offers a non-slip grip as well for truly reliable use.

With all these features, the 1Tac Tactical Pen can still actually function as a regular ball-point pen. The manufacturer promises that this pen is truly useful whether you need to write something or are in an emergency situation.

The tactical pen has a weight of 1.23 oz. and a length of 5.90 inches. It has many effective & efficient properties that make writing simple and helpful to have.

The pen is made of a Tungsten Steel, glass break tip, a removable steel blade, all-weather medium point ballpoint pen and an integrated 80-lumen bright LED flashlight.

Its rugged matte black finish is similar to aircraft-grade aluminum, giving it a polished, professional look. The anodized matte finish features a diamond-cut non-slip grip diamond threaded, non-slip handle to combat impact force.

With this firm grip, you can ensure a secure grip in any dangerous situation without the pen slipping off the palm of your hands.

The Forged Tungsten glass breaker tip is incredibly strong and can shatter glass easily. With the ballpoint ink cartridge, you can write easily in nearly all weather conditions without the worry of the weather affecting your writing, especially in rainy seasons.

The pen also has an ultra-bright LED light of 80 Lumens LED with an easy on/off button which gives it a lamp life of up to 100,000 hours. You do not have to worry about your safety with the extra razor-sharp stainless steel blade.

The pocket clip is strong and durable and doesn’t break easily keeping the pen secured at all times. There is also a pocket clip for use as cap light that you can use for lighting.

When you buy the pen, you also get one ballpoint pen refill and two sets of batteries to last you for a while before refill.

What Is A Tactical Pen?

You can think of a tactical pen (or self defense pen) as a Kubotan disguised as a pen.

Like Kubatan’s, they are forged from hardened metal. The metal is stamped with small and tight friction grooves to improve grip.

The non-writing end of the pen incorporates a hardened tip. This tip is the primary weapon of the tactical pen.

It’s designed to penetrate and injure. It’s made to puncture and incapacitate. So a tactical pen is a pen made out of metal, with stamped grip grooves and a hardened tip.

Few products can offer you as much utility as the tactical pen.

Not only is it a mean weapon that can poke, prod, twist, and stab anyone dumb enough to get on the wrong side of it, but it is also one of man’s greatest inventions: the pen.

1Tac Tactical Pen Features

  1. (1) Aircraft Grade Aluminum Tactical Pen (Matte Black)
  2. (1) Integrated Tungsten Steel Glass Break Tip
  3. (1) Removable Razor Sharp Steel Blade (1.25”in length)
  4. (1) Ballpoint Pen
  5. (1) Replacement Ballpoint Pen
  6. (1) 80 Lumen LED Light
  7. (1) Integrated Steel Pocket Clip for use as Cap-Light
  8. (2) Sets LR936 Replacement Batteries
  9. Weight: 1.23 oz
  10. Dimensions: 5.90”in length


The pen offers you a smart way to write and at the same time provides you with the safety and convenience that you need.

With issues to do with safety precautions, this pen is the best option. It can turn from a stylish pen into a great defensive tool that can lower your risk of attack. You only need to search for targets and opportunities on your assailant, strike hard and fast.

You can defend yourself from your assailant and touch on various body parts such as the throat. Chest, ribs, groin, thigh, eyes, ear, nose, armpit among others.

Apply multiple attacks and strike severally on these parts to save yourself from harm.

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